30 Coolest Juice Haircuts & How to Style

Your hairstyle can make or break your personality. For curly hair, making a good hairstyle was difficult like hell due to hardness and roughness.

However, the presence of juice haircuts solves this issue and let black men style their hair with class and impression. Tupac introduced this amazing hairstyle in 1992 but the charisma of the hairstyle did not end.

Here are some exciting and coolest juice haircuts which will definitely help to maintain the swag and awesomeness of your personality.


1. High Top Fade

high taper fade

This amazing Tupac Juice Haircut is one of the most sought-after haircuts among men. This haircut gives you a classy look because the hair is both long from the crown, short from the sides and properly maintained.

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How to Style:

Your barber needs to stay calm and attentive because this style is a bit difficult to make. If sides are not evenly cut, it can lead to a disaster.


2. Low Juice Haircut

low tupac juice haircut

Ever got to come across the movie named “Juice”? We hope you have and the guy named Tupac was seen in this movie having the same hairstyle. The only difference we can observe is that in the movie, the hero was having the cut which was a bit high at the crown. The square forehead lining gives it an amazing look and the perfectly curved trimmed line elevates the entire haircut.


How to Style:

For this haircut, your barber needs to be pretty good at handling the razor trim and the curve as well. Rest of it will come out by itself.


3. The Classic Fade Juice Cut with Curved Line

Fade Juice Cut

If your face is a rectangular facade, this is the best haircut for you because it portrays the best facial features of a person having a great jawline. For an onlooker, it diverts the attention right from your head to your face.


How to Style:

For this hairstyle, you need to have thick hair and a wide forehead. Don’t let your barber cut off your crown too much because it will disrupt the whole style.


4. Tapered Fade and Afro

taper fade with juice cut

The Tapered textured cut gives you a promising look when you are in the mood of showing off your sharp and elegant side. The afro is aligned properly with the tapered texture at perfect angles.


How to Style:

Tell your barber to remain precise while cutting the edges of the forehead. Every angle should be properly cut.

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5. Flat Top Juice Fade

flat top juice cut

This Juice haircut is another best one for those with even facades. The sides are cut proportionately with chunks of hair left to give a rather solid look. Rest of the elegance is maintained by the flat head which looks perfect with the thin scruff. This cut resembles some of the most military cuts where the brats are made to make perfectly trimmed sides. The front of the forehead looks quite vibrant and wide. The overall appearance is also improved for those having uneven foreheads.


How to Style:

Your barber needs to take ample care while cutting the sides and making it even with the flat crown. With the best barber in town, there is nothing to worry about.