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30 Coolest Juice Haircuts & How to Style

Your hairstyle can make or break your personality. For curly hair, making a good hairstyle was difficult like hell due to hardness and roughness.

However, the presence of juice haircuts solves this issue and let black men style their hair with class and impression. Tupac introduced this amazing hairstyle in 1992 but the charisma of the hairstyle did not end.

Here are some exciting and coolest juice haircuts which will definitely help to maintain the swag and awesomeness of your personality.


1. High Top Fade

high taper fade

This amazing Tupac Juice Haircut is one of the most sought-after haircuts among men. This haircut gives you a classy look because the hair is both long from the crown, short from the sides and properly maintained.

Your barber needs to stay calm and attentive because this style is a bit difficult to make. If sides are not evenly cut, it can lead to a disaster.


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2. Low Juice Haircut

low tupac juice haircut

Ever got to come across the movie named “Juice”? We hope you have and the guy named Tupac was seen in this movie having the same hairstyle. The only difference we can observe is that in the movie, the hero was having the cut which was a bit high at the crown. The square forehead lining gives it an amazing look and the perfectly curved trimmed line elevates the entire haircut.

For this haircut, your barber needs to be pretty good at handling the razor trim and the curve as well. Rest of it will come out by itself.


3. The Classic Fade Juice Cut with Curved Line

Fade Juice Cut

If your face is a rectangular facade, this is the best haircut for you because it portrays the best facial features of a person having a great jawline. For an onlooker, it diverts the attention right from your head to your face.

For this hairstyle, you need to have thick hair and a wide forehead. Don’t let your barber cut off your crown too much because it will disrupt the whole style.


4. Tapered Fade and Afro

taper fade with juice cut

The Tapered textured cut gives you a promising look when you are in the mood of showing off your sharp and elegant side. The afro is aligned properly with the tapered texture at perfect angles.

Tell your barber to remain precise while cutting the edges of the forehead. Every angle should be properly cut.

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5. Flat Top Juice Fade

flat top juice cut

This Juice haircut is another best one for those with even facades. The sides are cut proportionately with chunks of hair left to give a rather solid look. The rest of the elegance is maintained by the flathead which looks perfect with the thin scruff. This cut resembles some of the most military cuts where the brats are made to make perfectly trimmed sides. The front of the forehead looks quite vibrant and wide. The overall appearance is also improved for those having uneven foreheads.

Your barber needs to take ample care while cutting the sides and making it even with the flat crown. With the best barber in town, there is nothing to worry about.


6. Low Flat Top

Low Flat Top

The charm and elegance of this style just speak for itself. If you bear no taste for the long and fancy afro hair, you can manage your hair in a way to portray your manly elegance and style by cutting off the sides properly. This is the best Tupac Haircut because it gives a delicate look to every face and maintains the dimensions of every corner of your head.


How to Style:

Your directions in this amazing Tupac Juice haircut matter a lot. Your barber should know that he must have to cut short the crown and trim the sides properly.

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7. Classic Tupac Juice Fade

Classic Juice Fade

If you want a rather added exquisiteness and uniqueness while maintaining the overall look of your face, the classic style is your choice to have. This is more like a casual haircut in which you don’t even need to comb your hair. If you are a lazy student who always gets late for class, this haircut is for you because it will be adjusted just with the tampering of your hands.


How to Style:

In this style, your barber almost knows everything except for the beard style you want to have. Make it clear as which one do you want and sit back. The slight scruffy mustaches also give the entire appearance a more casual, classy and vibrant look. Mostly, tell your barber to make you a Dutch beard because it matches perfectly with your whole visage.


8. Black Faded Flat Top

Black Faded Flat Top

The amazing resultant look that you get after getting yourself an amazing flat top haircut speaks for itself. It actually originated from the Afro-American culture but now has promulgated to almost every part of America.


How to Style:

Your barber must be aware of the thin channeling which is the real essence of this haircut.


9. Low Cut Fade with Tram line

Low Cut Fade with Tram line

The best Tupac haircut you can have while maintaining the best features of your head is due to the tramline. This style looks amazing when it comes to showing off your slightly short hair and a thick bushy beard. You can also taper the beard and hair as well.


How to Style:

The only important thing in this cut is the tramline. Your barber must know of it clearly to give you hair an amazing look.


10. Sharp Edged Low Fade

Get a smooth and placid look with the low cut and make the haircut appealing with the help of shape edges. The curved line adds value to your style and gives you an outstanding look. Sharp cuts make the haircut attractive for both teens and youngsters. The usefulness and uniqueness make it one of the best and the most demanded hairstyles.

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How to Style:

It’s a popular hairstyle and almost every barber knows about it. Edges require great precision and it’s better to get services of a professional hairstylist if you don’t want to get the complete detailing of the haircut.


11. Shaped Afro Fade

It’s another juice haircut that makes a dome shape and got popular after Will Smith. Volume at the top and sharp edges with cuts amaze every eye while you can bring more versatility in the style by dying some part of the top. Bleach and dye, both can be used if you want to change some texture of your hair.


How to Style:

Make sure that your barber can handle your hair in a great manner because the stiffness and thickness make it difficult for the inexperienced person to get desired results.


12. Flat Top with Artwork

Instead of getting a flat top haircut, prefer a flat top with artwork to maximize your appealing looks. The artwork should be neat and precise. Otherwise, it won’t hold what it is supposed to be. Art work converts an ordinary flat top into an extra ordinary flat top and gives you awe-inspiring feel.


How to Style:

Tell your hairstylist about the artwork you want on your head and ask him to give a trimmed look from the both sides and neatly carve the artwork.


13. Juice Fade with Print

tupac juice fade design

This Tupac juice haircut lets you combine print with sideburns by using different fades. Prefer a print as per your features and thickness of your hair. A professional and expert hairstylist can make different prints and designs and every style can give you amazing outlook.

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How to Style:

If you want to juice fade with print haircut then always prefer a barber who can use razor in different ways. Prints are the game of the use various levels of razors as only expert hands can make curves and edges.


14. Faded Half High Top

It’s another unique and awe-inspiring haircut that will turn every head. Unlike the full high top, half high top has one side smaller than the other side while there are tramline cuts throughout the smaller side. Fades and nonsymmetrical top give an amazing look.


How to Style:

It’s an easy haircut yet you should make aware to your hairstylist that keeps a balance at both sides. Half top should be larger and half should be smaller. Tramline cuts must be refined and have sharp edges.


15. The Geometric Cut

geometric tupac juice

The Geometric cut is a classic yet complicated haircut with a promising stunning look. The designs of both sides of the top are not same and have no symmetry at all. Accurate lines are used differentiate the both sides from each other.


How to Style:

It’s better to show the image of the desired hairstyle to your barber and if it’s not possible then ask him to make a geometric shape with fades and edges. Also, ask the barber to make sure the difference between both the sections remains equal.


16. Juice Fade with Complex Artwork

Modify the conventional juice haircut with amazing style by introducing complex artwork in it. You can make mesmerizing prints and fades on the sides of the head and trim the top a little bit.


How to Style:

The design is a combination of edges and refined lines. Good trimmers and razors are required to make perfect design and shape.


17. Juice Fade with Color

colorful tupac juice haircut

Bring some style in life and add colors in your tupac juice haircut. Always keep your skin color in mind while selecting a color for your fade. This is the best style for a bit round heads and it gives a square look to your head without losing the style factor. You can also get your hair dyed with any of the colors you seem to like.


How to Style:

Ask your barber to keep proportionality in the top and maintain the both sides properly. Use high quality dyes to color your half top and always use scissors for this hairstyle if you are doing it at home. If you want to dye your hair, ask your barber to leave a puff near the curved trim line because it will vanish away if the puff is dyed.


18. Half Juice Fade

Half juice fade is a combination of fades, tramlines, and unequal hair size at the both sides. A tramline separates two sides of hair while fade at both sides of the head adds value to the overall look.


How to Style:

Ask your hairstylist to keep one side short and other large. The larger side should give a round look while the tramline should be well defined. Clear edges magnify the appealing look of the hairstyle and the hairstylist should take care of it.

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19. Juice Fade with Long Curve Line

juice box haircut with design

The Fairly long curve is a distinguishing feature of this haircut. The curve line starts from the forehead and goes till the end of the scalp. Three to four curves are must part of this juice fade hairstyle while the remaining top has symmetrical shape and cuts.


How to Style:

Clear curved line is the actual feature of this hairstyle. Ask your barber to make more curves to make it prominent. Use a razor to make the precise and well-defined curve from the front of the head to the back end.


20. Ruff Hawk Fade

2pac juice haircut

It’s a combination of curls and fades that gives you eye-appealing look and stands you out from the crowd.

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How to Style:

Ask your hairstylist to maintain curls and don’t cut them too short. Also, the line should be cut very carefully!


juice haircut for men





black guy with juice haircut






juice haircut for short hair


In a nutshell, the 90’s heritage from Tupac is back and this is the time you need to get yourself a Juice haircut or a Tupac Juice haircut. You will always look stunning and amazing in these haircuts because the vintage collection is always unique for the reason that a style once loved by the ancestors or celebrities, becomes the trend to be followed by the upcoming generations.

In order to adopt the above-mentioned hairstyles, you just need to go through a proper guide like the content we upload to get the perfect match haircut for yourself. Stay tuned to our site and we will keep on uploading stuff that you really need to read.