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10 Coolest Dutch Beard Styles to Try in 2024

Dutch beard perfectly creates a balance between neatness and masculinity. Typically, this kind of facial hair has no mustache with clean cheeks.

The Amish beard also has no mustache. So, what makes the Dutch beard different than other beards? The difference is the Amish beard is unshaped and untrimmed; the Dutch beard is full, flared, and trimmed.

This article will help you transform your look with the Dutch beard and adapt the style to your beard type.

Trendy Dutch Beard Styles

Let’s jump into the Dutch beard styles that captured the hearts of men across the globe.

1. Dutch + Spade Beard

Dutch beard for round face

While the Dutch beard forms the foundation of well-groomed and full facial hair, the spade style incorporates a clean and polished appearance in the mustache area.

Combining a Dutch beard with a spade beard creates a unique and graceful look.

2. Rectangle Shaped Fine Beard

older guy with Dutch Beard

This Dutch beard has neatly lined facial hair along the sideburns, jawline, and chin. Eventually, it forms a rectangular outline, enhancing the face’s natural contours. Keep the beard medium in length for a polished appearance.

3. Medium Angled Dutch

Dutch beard for oval face

The defining feature of this beard is the deliberate angle from the sideburns to the jaw, and it adds a subtle asymmetrical appearance.

Apart from the medium length, you can also keep it short to get a refined look. And keep it longer for a rugged appearance.

4. Curly Dutch Beard

Dutch beard style for older men

This style looks especially great on men in their 60s with curly facial hair embracing natural curls and volume.

The long and thick facial hair makes curls flourish while creating a rugged yet alluring appearance. However, the shaved cheeks add an appealing, clean appearance.

5. Bushy Dutch beard

bushy Dutch beard

The extended beard starts below the sideburn to the jawline, and the chin gives a slightly wild and untamed appearance.

However, you may need minimal care to embrace the natural growth and thickness. You may apply some beard oil from time to time to keep the facial hair tangled-free.

6. Short Patchy Dutch

patchy Dutch beard

Well, this type of minimalistic Dutch beard is rare. It features a very short beard on the jawline and neck to ensure a polished appearance.

However, you will need regular grooming to maintain the patchy shape and sharp edge.

7. Messy Dutch Beard

Dutch beard style for men

This beard style has a boxed shape along the jawline and creates an angular appearance. It remains somewhat messy with a slightly unkempt and rugged vibe.

However, unlike a regular Dutch beard, this one has a soul patch connected to the chin.

8. Parallel Dutch Beard

Dutch beard style for men over 60

It is groomed to create a parallel shaped beard along the jawline that extends from the sideburns to the chin.

The even length all over the face gives a precise and well-defined appearance, making it great for a rectangular face shape.

9. Dutch Stubble

Dutch stubble beard

You may find it similar to a jawline beard. But, what sets this unique Dutch beard apart is the even length from the sideburn to throughout the beard. Keeps in moderate length, typically around 3-5 millimeters, creating a stubble effect.

10. Square Shaped Dutch

square shape Dutch beard

This style features a longer chin beard that shapes up a square outline and enhances the angularity of the face.

Although the chin beard is grown fuller, the sides are kept shorter. This Dutch beard is recommended for people with a baby face who want to achieve a rugged appearance.

Dutch beard provides masculinity and individuality in overall appearance. Whether you are looking for a classic look or an edgy appearance, it has styles for different face shapes and personal preferences.