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Top 26 Curtain Bangs for Medium Hair to Try in 2024

Curtain bangs look stunning with shoulder-length hair. They’re one of the most iconic 70s hairstyles that have made a strong comeback this year.

Imagine a flirty face-framing fringe parted down in the middle and elongating gradually on both sides of the face, softening its features. That’s exactly what we’re talking about today.

And while fringe bangs are super versatile in the sense of suiting all face shapes and hair types, they are a smart choice to spice up your shoulder-length tresses. Go through the following list of curtain bangs for medium hair to get some inspiration.

Medium-Length Curtain Bangs You’ll Fall for

Medium-length locks combine the versatility of short hair with the styling options of long tresses. And so do these curtain bangs!

1. Color-Split Curtains

medium straight hair with curtain bangs

Simply stated, curtain bangs are snipped at an angle to fall as layers, elongating on both sides of the face.

Make sure your new bangs gets noticed from a distance by dying the front in the most vibrant orange shade available, and enjoy your color-split mane with style.

2. Choppy Bottleneck Bob

medium wavy hair with curtain bangs

The bottleneck bob is undoubtedly the best option for those thinking of getting curtain bangs for medium hair.

The result is face-framing swoops that create a bottle’s neck silhouette, making the face appear instantly slimmer. Finish off with blunt layers and loose waves for a carefree vibe. 

3. Classic Bun with Long Bangs

top knot with curtain bangs for medium hair

Bun with bangs is a classic hairstyle. But instead of going for the usual thick blunt bangs, switch them with a long sleek bangs parted in the center.

Long curtains help elongate short round faces creating the illusion of an oval outline.

4. Face-Framing Layers

medium hair with curtain bangs for older women

Ladies getting on in years can add volume to their thinning tresses by opting for a handful of layers particularly at the front.

Choose a medium length for the bangs to avoid them from dragging down the face and throw in some highlights for a subtle sun-kissed glow. Voila!

5. Rainbow Shag

medium length colored hair with curtain bangs

Eye-popping, isn’t it? Make use of your naturally wavy hair texture by experimenting with layers that start short at the top and elongate toward the back of the neck.

Choose all of your favorite colors to bring the entire rainbow on the head and see jaws drop along your way.

6. Ravishing Red Money Pieces + Highlights

medium hair highlights with curtain bangs

Say goodbye to those long boring tresses by chopping them off into a shoulder-grazing bob full of bouncy layers.

Couple it with bangs and set your look on fire with red highlights against a black base and some luxurious money pieces at the front.

7. Curly Glory

medium curly hair with curtain bangs

Natural curls are a true blessing when looked after correctly. Make use of those bouncy coils to soften the harsh angles of your face.

When getting curtain bangs avoid pulling the strands while snipping as they’ll shrink upon leaving. Finish off with a layered Deva haircut.

8. Brigitte Bardot Bangs

curtain bangs for medium black hair

Bardot bangs are short and more dramatic and voluminous as compared to the usual curtain bangs.

The middle parting is also less obvious and is a must-try for ladies who prefer more movement around the face. Couple the bangs with a shoulder-length shag and voila!

9. Barely-There Fringe

choppy medium hair with curtain bangs

Try barely-there curtain bangs for shoulder-length hair if you’re reluctant to get a bangs at first. The trick lies in snipping off a few strands to fall on both sides of the face.

The resulting effect, though subtle, will still be noticeable along with a freshly chopped ombre mane.

10. Straight Sleek Lob

curtain bangs for medium straight hair

Show off those straight sleek tresses with a basic yet super stylish blunt cut grazing the shoulders that’s perfect to sharpen those soft facial features.

Balance it out with a curtain bangs to avoid a flat look and you’ll definitely love the results.

11. Vibrant Disconnection

curtain bangs for medium thick hair

Although bangs are well-known for their seamless blending with the remaining hair, you can make them stand out by keeping them significantly shorter than the remaining mane.

Amp up the disconnection with a vibrant hair color at the front and you won’t regret it!

12. 70s Romantic Feathering

medium blonde hair with curtain bangs

Feathered layers are another 70s trend that has re-emerged stronger than ever before and is also perfect to accompany your curtain bangs.

Such a haircut creates volume in thin hair while removing the bulk from thick locks making it a safe choice to experiment with.

13. Medium-Length Swoops + Top Knot

half up medium hair with curtain bangs

Go for medium-length bangs to stay on the safer side as you can always snip further or grow them out in a shorter duration.

A top knot bun and light blonde highlights along with bright lips will help you achieve a contemporary look in no time.

14. Tousled Texture with Ombre

medium ombre hair with curtain bangs

Messy is sexy and so is this hairstyle! Let go of a distinct middle parting with wispy strands falling all across the forehead and eyes.

Recreate the careless look by asking for a chopped-up lob, beach waves, and a metallic blue gradient hair dye.

15. Flip-Worthy Sides

medium hair updo with curtain bangs

The best thing about curtain bangs for medium hair is being able to flip them with style all the time.

A messy updo with soft strands falling on the sides will lift up your features like nothing else and no one’s ever going to notice that wide forehead.

16. Center-Parted Messy Curls

medium layered hair with curtain bangs

These S-shaped tendrils covering the brow are just to die for! The hairstylist will follow the natural pattern of your curls/waves to cut at the right length.

Get a layered bob and use a good quality curl-defining product to keep those coils bouncing.

17. Funky Medium Dip-Dyed Mane

medium hair with curtain bangs for asian women

Turn around heads by rocking dip-dyed tresses once again. Choose any bright color of your liking and paint the tips only along with your curtain bangs to get a funky two-toned mane.

Maintain a distinct difference in hair length for a disconnected look.  

18. High Pony with Curtain Bangs

medium length half ponytail with curtain bangs

High ponytails never disappoint! Make your bangs the star of the show by gathering all the hair high up at the back of the head.

Use a heat-styling tool to style the strands at the front and there you go! Don’t forget the hoop earrings.

19. Long and Wispy

medium hair with headband with curtain bangs

Long curtain bangs with medium hair have a grace of their own. Cut off the strands somewhere below the chin with plenty of wispy layers to accompany them.

Use a barrel brush while blow-drying to achieve picture-perfect swoops. Enjoy a vintage appeal by putting on a silk scarf headband.

20. The Rachel

curtain bangs for medium layered hair

Plenty of shoulder-length layers, wispy tips, curtain bangs, and highlights are what define a classic Rachel Green haircut from the 90s.

If you’re high-maintenance and don’t mind your tresses hugging your face and neck all the time then this hairstyle is definitely for you!

21. Short Bottleneck Bangs, Tight Curls

long curtain bangs for medium hair

As much as curtain bangs flatter short chubby faces, they don’t look any less on oblong facial outlines.

Stay on the shorter side to avoid dragging down your slender face any further. Try ringlet curls to give off some strong 70s vibes with style.

22. Soft Curtain Bangs for Young Girls

medium balayage hair with curtain bangs

There’s no age limit when it comes to rocking bangs. Young girls can opt for layered bangs instead of the usual thick straight bangs to stand out from the rest.

A blunt lob with hints of red midway to the ends isn’t a bad idea too!

23. The Blunt Cut

medium blonde hair with curtain bangs

Blunt haircuts are still going strong. They have a luxurious appeal and make even the thinnest tresses appear strong and thick.

Get a medium-length chop with center-parted bangs falling anywhere between the eyes and chin. Basic but brilliant, isn’t it?

24. Picture-Perfect Blowout

medium hair with curtain bangs and money piece highlights

Those who wish for more bounce rather than a sleek look can opt for feathered layers at mid-length with curtain bangs of course.

Jazz up your style with midnight blue halo highlights and see the magic happen once you blow-dry your mane.

25. Long Curly Bob

medium wolf cut with curtain bangs

Take a break from regular hair styling by chopping off those curls in a long bob with an even shorter fringe framing the face.

Tease and tousle the strands with your fingers allowing them to settle naturally on their own and that’s pretty much it!

26. Wavy Wolf Cut

curtain bangs for medium hair

Lastly, this curtain bangs idea for medium hair is a true show-stopper. Get a wolf cut with short choppy layers at the crown that elongate and thin down toward the ends.  

That face-framing balayage won’t be ignored for sure. Finish off with soft sultry makeup for a romantic appeal.

If you say yes to any of these ideas featuring curtain bangs for medium hair keep in mind that they’ll fall flat unless styled appropriately every day. Curtain bangs are perfect to balance out your sharp facial outlines and grow out into the most perfect face-framing layers all by themselves.