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15 Flattering Bottleneck Bobs to Try in 2024

The bottleneck bob is this year’s one of the biggest hair trends. It is, in fact, the redefinition and union of two timeless hairstyles; retro curtain bangs and the classy bob.

The ‘bottleneck’ refers to a layered face-framing fringe that starts short in the middle, much like a bottle’s neck, and elongates towards the sides of the face, mimicking the bottle’s body, to merge ultimately with the remaining hair.

This modern haircut can be customized according to your face shape making it appear either broad or slim while bringing all the attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Time for some inspiration!

Bottleneck Bob Haircuts

Bottleneck bob cuts are soft and lack any sharp or blunt angles, unlike their traditional versions.

1. Lucy Hale’s Balayage Bob

celebrity inspired bottleneck bob cut

Lucy Hale is one of the first celebrities to debut the bottleneck bob haircut. She went for a neck-length blunt chop to conceal her protruding mandibles and paired it with gentle curtain fringes.

A blonde balayage with chocolate brown roots adds further glow to the face.

2. Soft and Curly Bottleneck

dark brown bottleneck bob

Bob cuts go with all hair textures whether straight, wavy, or curly. Accent your soft facial features with medium-length fringe bangs and plenty of layering at the back.

Use a round brush and blow-dryer to style the front and apply a suitable curl-defining leave-in conditioner to keep those god-gifted curls bouncing.

3. Bardot Bangs with Shadow Roots

shaggy bottleneck bob

Bardot bangs are similar to curtain bangs but have a less prominent middle parting and are also shorter in length with the central strands falling midway on the forehead.

Try them with a platinum blonde long bob and shadow roots to end up with a chic hairstyle that is low maintenance too!

4. Razored Shag

razored bottleneck bob

Talking of a relaxed hairdo, what can be more easy-going than a razored shag?

Keep the hair below the chin to avoid your oblong face from appearing too long with a handful of choppy layers and wispy ends. Make your bottleneck bangs look piece-y by pinching the strands using styling wax on the fingers.

5. Thin Hair, Don’t Care

bottleneck bob for fine hair


Short haircuts, when done right, make even the thinnest mane appear healthy and thick. Spread the bangs evenly to hide a broad forehead with short layers.

The soft wheat blonde shade with dark eyebrows is a must-try for sure.

6. Chopped-Up Blunt Bob

bottleneck bob for older women

Refresh a choppy lob or bob with a layered middle-parted fringe to frame the face and you’ll end up with a totally new look.

Opt for a straight cut with choppy layers to get a blunt texture and set it on fire with messy beach waves.

7. Parisian Version

short bottleneck bob

Add a romantic Parisian touch to your bottleneck bob haircut by snipping the strands at chin length or even a little above.

Likewise, go for cropped Bardot bangs to round off the face. Avoid a blunt look and add layers to prevent your face from appearing too big.

8. Messy Bottleneck Lob

curly bottleneck long bob

If your face lies more on the longer side then a short bob is definitely not for you. But a lob surely is!

Maintain a messy appeal by going for wispy razor-cut layers that gently brush the shoulders with fringe bangs. Tease and tousle the strands using your hands and done!

9. Sharp Disconnection

rihanna with bottleneck bob haircut

The bottleneck bob hairstyle features short bangs that elongate to blend into the sides without any prominent separation. However, ladies who wish for an edgy appeal can experiment with a sharp disconnection.

Keep your center-parted angled fringe significantly shorter than your choppy bob much like what Rihanna did here.

10. Funky Pink Dip-Dye

bottleneck pink balayage bob

Make sure your bottleneck bob stands out from others by adding a touch of any of your favorite yet unusual hair colors.

Recreate this vibrant dip-dyed look by bleaching and immersing your ends into a rich rose pink color. No need to visit your hair colorist for months!

11. Classy Curtains with Flicked Ends

layered bottleneck bob

Curtain fringes haven’t disappointed since the 70s and probably never will. They are the least risky bangs to try and go with all face shapes.

Maintain yours at ear length with a long bob and opt for a good blowout to flick the ends while adding further volume and bounce to your layers.

12. Feathered Front Graduation

bottleneck bob

Focus all the attention on the front by getting the bangs cut at an angle and snipping all the way to the ends to achieve a front-layered bottleneck bob cut.

Feather the ends and curl or flip them away from the face for a retro appeal.

13. Straight Cut + Barely-There Bangs

wavy bottleneck bob

Ladies who aren’t sure about getting bangs can still get the ‘bottleneck’ look with their long fringe.

Go for a long choppy blunt bob, add waves, and pinch the front strands on the forehead using some styling product to achieve a soft V-shaped space much like the original curtain bangs.

14. Glorious Middle Part

bottleneck bob for thin hair

If you haven’t tried a middle parting before then you should definitely give it a shot with fringe bangs and a bob. A center part flatters all face shapes creating the illusion of perfect symmetry.

Lighten down the strands midway to the ends to get a natural ombre look.

15. Heavily Layered Bottleneck Cut

blonde bottleneck bob

Make jaws drop this season with metallic gray roots and white-blonde ends. Experiment with a slightly graduated short bob with plenty of texturizing layers that contrast prominently against those smooth bangs at the front.

Flare out your softly angled front strands, removing the middle part, to enjoy blunt bangs for a change.

Bottleneck bob haircuts put your face on full display. But these hairstyles, just as any other hairdo, require significant maintenance.

Coming towards the styling, get your hands on a barrel brush and a blow-dryer before going for the chop to achieve a bouncy fluffy mane that you will definitely fall in love with!