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30 Gorgeous Long Curtain Bangs You’ll Want to Try

It’s never too late to get bangs! And with long curtain bangs popping up everywhere, these types of bangs are the safest option to begin with.

The characteristic feature of this sophisticated 70s hairstyle is the middle parting with the strands snipped short at an angle to elongate on both sides of the face, much like drapes on a window.

Curtain bangs are ideal for achieving drama with little commitment, while the result is a seamless, flowy face frame that creates a soft look.

So if you’re searching for curtain bangs for long hair ideas, we’ve got the best options compiled below!

Long Curtain Bangs for a Fresh Makeover

Curtain bangs are as versatile as any type of bangs can be and the following long curtain bangs hairstyles will show you how.

1. Short and Wispy

long blonde curtain bangs

Banged beauties can transform their thick blunt bangs into a wispy fringe by growing out the strands and snipping them at an equal angle on both sides.

A few vertical snips help achieve that feathery texture while a casual half updo will never disappoint.

2. Romantic Updo

bun hair with long curtain bangs

Recreate this groovy yet elegant updo to steal the show at any formal event. Gather those long tresses in a folded bow-like bun on the top of the head and fix your roses securely in place.

Curl away the left-out fringe and finish off with soft sultry makeup.

3. Boho-Chic Face Frame

wavy hair with long curtain bangs

Little changes go a long way when it comes to hairstyles. Give yourself a good style shake-up by opting for highlights, curtain bangs, and plenty of bouncy layers.

Put on a metallic headpiece to enjoy a bohemian appeal for a while.

4. Cute Pigtails with Bangs

long curtain bangs for little girls

Curtain bangs for long hair are perfect to frame the face when all those long luscious locks are tucked away neatly, especially for young girls.

Even a simple hairdo like these pigtail braids with shorter strands highlighting the eyes will appear cuter than ever before!

5. Messy Chignon

celebrity with long curtain bangs

This long and messy curtain bangs look fabulous on Kirsten Dunst! Look on fleek even on the busiest days with a tousled bun resting above the nape.

Pull some chunks loose around the crown allowing your fringe to settle on its own.

6. No-Tie Side Plait

long curtain bangs for women over 50

Bangs are suitable to hide your forehead wrinkles when getting on in years. And while there’s no problem with getting a usual wispy fringe, an angled side-swept one will highlight your best features.

Leave that side braid untied for a natural earthy appeal. 

7. Elegant Halo Braid

braided hair with long curtain bangs

Make sure your fresh fringe gets noticed from a distance while looking like a goddess at the same time. Try a halo braid by creating two Dutch or French-style knits and wrapping them around the head.

The resulting soft face frame is sure to turn around several heads.

8. Choppy Waves, Icy Ombre

long curtain bangs for asian women

Experiment with a new hair color when getting curtain bangs for long hair because why not?

Get a frosted look this winter with an icy silver to metallic blue ombre, chopped-up layers, and some sexy loose waves. Blending is the key to a seamless finish!

9. Retro-Glam Half-Up Bouffant

half up hair with long curtain bangs

Fringe bangs are a timeless 70s hair trend and can be used to create one of the most iconic hairstyles for a change.

That’s right, look like a supermodel from the past with a super bumpy half-up bouffant updo. Go a little dramatic and you won’t regret it!

10. Sleek Straight Lob

long curtain bangs for straight hair

Ladies with straight locks can keep it simple yet stylish with a blunt-cut lob grazing the shoulders.

Cut the bangs significantly short for a sharp disconnection or incorporate soft wispy layers for a more blended-in look. Highlights will help achieve a sun-kissed finish.

11. Classic Bun with Curtain Bangs

long curtain bangs for wedding

Here’s a dreamy look for all the beauties getting married soon. Transform yourself into a queen with an elegant low bun and curled-up long curtain bangs with a tiara on top.

Now get ready to drop jaws while walking down the aisle with those bright red lips and a big smile!

12. Minimalist Headband Hairstyle

long curtain bangs with headband

Go retro this season to relive those good old days. Opt for choppy curtain bangs with long layers and put on a scarf folded into a chic headband.

Complete the look with matching earrings, winged eyes, and nude lips. Gorgeous!

13. Luxurious Money Pieces

long curtain bangs with highlights

Ladies who wish to refresh their look without letting go of their hair length can experiment with curtain bangs for long hair without second thoughts.

Go a step ahead and lighten the layered strands around the face to contrast sharply against your remaining dark tresses. Unique, isn’t it?

14. Trendy Low Ponytail

ponytail with long curtain bangs

Low ponytails have made a strong come-back thanks to all the models and actresses sporting them these days.

Try a multi-textured hairdo by coupling a curly low pony with sleek straight curtain bangs. Tousle all the hair at the front and there you go!

15. Gorgeous Green Side Swoops

ombre hair with long curtain bangs

Ladies with cute chubby faces can try long curtain bangs to achieve a slimming effect. Get them feathered to match the bounce of your remaining long layers.

Go olive green without the worry of outgrowing it as the emerging roots will create a natural ombre that’s worth the wait!

16. Beachy French Twist Updo

updo with long curtain bangs

Sport a classic French twist updo with a chic twist this summer. Add beach waves to your long tresses and wrap them into a roll leaving the ends out to sway with the wind.

Curl the bangs inwards and top off with cute flowers.  

17. Color-Blocked Bob

short hair with long curtain bangs

Couple long fringe bangs with short hair for a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Ask the hairstylist for an angled bob that elongates towards the front.

Paint the front chunks in a bright magenta hue to flaunt the hottest money pieces with style. Remember to get beach waves too.

18. Bouncy Layers, Highlighted Chunks

hair highlights with long curtain bangs

Nothing can ever go wrong with a handful of layers no matter what the hair length and texture.

Get chin-length bangs to soften any harsh cuts of the face and lighten them down to pop against the remaining mane. A good hand-tousle is all you need afterward.

19. Vibrant Angled Shag

dyed hair with long curtain bangs

Bold is beautiful! Express your wild side with a graduated shag having the longest chunks dangling at the front. Pair it with Bardot bangs featuring a barely-there middle parting.

As for the hair color, the quirky combination of pink, green, and yellow is just everything!

20. Seamless Forward Graduation

long hair with curtain bangs

This hairstyle is by far the most perfect depiction of curtain bangs for long hair. Wispy layers are soft and add volume and movement to the hair like nothing else.

The seamless graduation and metallic violet hair color is just to die for!

21. Long Frosted Wolf Cut

long layered hair with curtain bangs

While the usual forward layers look flawless, lazy girls can opt for something more low maintenance with their fringe bangs i.e. the wolf cut.

It features short choppy layers on top that elongate and thin down towards the ends. The frosted lilac ombre effect is yet another thing worth trying.

22. Chic Parisian-Style Bob

short hair with long curtain bangs

The French bob is characterized by a chin-length chop with cropped bangs covering the brow. Replace the blunt bangs with softer curtain ones for a change and you’ll end up with a romantic mane that won’t go ignored.

A subtle wavy texture helps avoid a boring flat look.

23. Long Pastel Pink Curtains

long curtain bangs on medium hair

Give a basic long bob a chance if you’ve decided on getting curtain bangs for your long hair. Flip them away to fall over the remaining shoulder-grazing strands to maintain a prominent disconnection.

Celebrate your womanhood with a soft pastel pink all-over hair color and you’ll love it.

24. Curly Mess

long curtain bangs with layers

Curly beauties can show off their god-gifted hair texture with confidence by going for a heavily layered wolf cut. Keep on adding successive layers starting near the eyes till no more space is left.

Leave the rest to your curls and see the magic happen!

25. Highlights and Beach Waves

shoulder length hair with long curtain bangs

Going a little extra surely won’t hurt once you’re at the hair salon. Spice up your long bob with curtain bangs further with some sun-kissed delicate balayage highlights.

Finish off with soft beach waves and sea-salt hairspray. Sexy without a doubt!

26. Color-Split Bardot Bangs

long curtain bangs

Brigitte Bardot bangs are dramatic, thicker, and shorter as compared to the classic curtain bangs with an A-shaped center parting.

Try them with a shoulder-length shag with curls and a split red/black hair color or any other combination to get noticed from a distance.

27. Soft Glam

long curtain bangs for asian women

Here’s an inspiration for all the ladies looking for something soft, romantic, and feminine. This shoulder-length hairstyle gives strong Rachel Green vibes with layers hugging the face and neck in the most beautiful way.

You’ll need nothing more apart from a good blowout early in the morning.

28. Disconnected Curtains, Rapunzel Tresses

long curtain bangs for thick hair

Another example of how curtain bangs can work wonders for long hair. Though Rapunzel-like tresses are every woman’s dream come, they can appear boring if left un-styled.

Don’t skip adding curls midway to the tips to end up with the bounce you surely deserve. 

29. Pretty in Pink

bob haircut with long curtain bangs

The pink hair, don’t care trend is still going strong and is a must-try if you haven’t played around with it yet.

An angled bob, fringe bangs, and a bright bubble gum pink hair shade with hints of salmon pink in between will prove to be your best shot.

30. Feathered Texture + Caramel Gradient

long curtain bangs for round faces

Feather your entire mane to match the texture of your face-framing curtains and you won’t be able to hate it.

Get a U-shaped haircut with a dark brown to warm caramel color gradient and get ready to be stunned by the way your strands fall in place all by themselves.

Long or short, straight or curly, these curtain bangs for long hair are not going to disappoint you. Although they are known to be low-maintenance and easy to style, fringe bangs still require significant care and styling to avoid a flat look. But the effort’s worth it!