50 Luscious Dark & Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for A Regal Look

6. Add some red


Adding some red-blonde on top will make your honey blonde hair color look especially amazing. This is another way to mix the blonde shades without looking unnatural. Enjoy the red!


7. Partial highlights


If you like to experiment with blonde hair colors, consider getting partial highlights. There are many ways to go about them. One of them is just dyeing your bangs. Give it a try!


8. Platinum blond


If you are ready to do some close hair maintenance, then this platinum blonde color is for you. It always looks bright and amazing. So you can dye your hair for a special occasion.


9. Add the red color


Honey blonde hair color can look very interesting when coupled with bright red on the bottom. This hair color mix will require some smart dyeing. Ask your hairstylist for help.

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10. In the middle

Joanna Halpin for Nasty Gal lookbook (November 2015) photo shoot

This is another way to go about adding some blonde to your dark hair. This partial highlighting technique doesn’t suit everyone. Be careful, you might not like the result.