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Top 7 Diane Keaton Hairstyles to Copy

Diane Keaton is a well-known American actress who has worked in various movies. She is quite popular because of her hairstyles that make her look younger than she is. Her fans of every age group love to get inspired by her hairstyles. She is the epitome of grace and beauty in the Hollywood industry.

She is the type of woman who doesn’t let her age define her and we adore her for this. For most of her life, she was seen with bob or shoulder-length hair. At 77, she is still as beautiful as ever with her signature hairstyles.

Best of Diane Keaton Hairstyles

Hairstyles are a reflection of one’s personality and fashion sense. Let’s look at below Diane Keaton’s hairstyles because who knows one of those might be perfect for you.

1. Layered Hairdo

Diane Keaton Layered Hairstyle

This has always been Diane’s signature hairstyle ever since she started aging. Posing on the red carpet for one of her movie premieres, her sandy blonde hair nicely complemented her cream-colored dress.

Her sultry layered haircut has always been a part of her personality that she flaunts every time she gets a chance. The slight part at the top of her head is giving her hair a flowy look.

2. Platinum Blonde Hair

Diane Keaton With Blonde Hair

The best thing about platinum blonde hair is that it is always in fashion. As Diane Keaton started having gray hair, she turned towards dyeing her hair platinum for various reasons.

Some reasons include that platinum blonde hair suits her the best, she looks younger and that one can never go wrong with platinum blonde hair. Her layered haircut is also making her platinum blonde hair appear nicer.

3. Diane’s Favorite Hairstyle

Diane Keaton Hair

Diane Keaton stuns in one of her favorite hairstyles. As Diane is getting older, her hair is also turning gray but she isn’t letting it define her. Sometimes she is seen with dyed hair, but other times she doesn’t worry too much if the signs of aging are visible in her hair.

To stay young, you have to be content from within and we have observed that Diane doesn’t care about aging. The shoulder length grey hairstyle of Diane is quite popular among women of Diane’s age. And we can see exactly why– it makes women look young and stylish!

4. Silver Beauty

Diane Keaton With Silver Grey Hair

Apart from getting blonde, Diane Keaton also loves to go all gray without any problems. We can see her grown gray bob haircut that looks so pretty on her and is making her fans admit her beauty. If you are an older woman who does not want to dye her hair, try this hairstyle and let your silver stands shine in the sun.

5. Bangs Hairstyle

Diane Keaton Hairstyle With Bangs
Tuko News/Pinterest

In this photo, Diane Keaton can be seen showing off her bangs with her shoulder-length hair. Her hair is turning gray but she doesn’t seem quite bothered by it. Diane Keaton is an inspiration for women who want their gray hair to make them feel good.

Even though her hair appears to be thin, she is still carrying those bangs like no other. Diane Keaton loves her hair in bangs and if you want to look like her, get those bangs now!

6. Neck Length Bob

Diane Keaton Bob Hairstyle

Let’s talk about young Diane Keaton who was always on point with her hairstyles. In the hairstyle featured in this picture, we can see her long bangs put nicely on the sides of her face. Her dirty blonde hair highlights her layered haircut slightly curled from the ends.

If you are confused about what hairstyle to get, we suggest that you try this Diane Keaton hairstyle as it is perfect for younger as well as older women. This hairstyle isn’t just for blondes as it will look equally alluring on brunettes too.

7. Blonde Bob

Diane Keaton Bob With Bangs

This younger version of Diane Keaton has a perfect bob cut with bangs. The dirty blonde hair looks perfect with her complexion and the bangs make her look younger than she actually is in this photo.

To achieve this perfect bob, you should blow dry your hair with a hair-rolling brush. Part your hair from the middle and let your bob outshine everyone!

Now that you have seen Diane Keaton looking her best in these hairstyles, you should also consider cutting your hair into layers. Dye your hair if you want or let them be natural. Just make sure that you are happy in whatever hairstyle you are getting as this will help you in boosting your confidence.