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35 Best Grey Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Styling grey hair is not the most challenging task in the world. If you are a woman over 50, style your grey hair how you want. All you need to do is explore and experiment to see what works for you.

Grey Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Grey hair is part of life. So, if you’re 50 years old or even older, you may want not to consider dying as many older women do. If you are such a bold and stylish old woman – salute to you and explore the below hairstyles for women over 50 with greyed hair.

1. Long Wavy Hair

long wavy grey hair for women over 50

Getting older and having grey hair does not necessarily mean you have to keep it short. Long and wavy grey hair looks sexy and fabulous. This hairstyle frames your face perfectly and is ideal for women with an oval face shape. Let’s not forget that this type of long hairstyle for above 50 requires minimum styling effort.

2. Medium Length Locks for Over 50

medium length hairstyle for women over 50

You can style grey hair at any length you want, and there are no rules here. Let’s take this medium-length style as an example. Gray locks in this women’s over 50 haircuts give more volume and bounciness that exude the rejuvenating effect. Plus, locks are always adorable regardless of a woman’s age. Don’t you agree?

3. Sleek Side Part Bob

women over 50 with grey bob haircut

Are you a fan of sophisticated and practical styles? We’ve got you covered! Here is a practical yet sophisticated grey hairstyle for women over 50 you can easily pull off. Just keep your hair short and straight, but for extra volume and texture, you may opt for layers.

4. Short and Face-Framing

short grey hairstyle for women over 50

The right choice of hairstyle can make older women appear younger without making too much effort to make it happen. This short hairstyle is a beautiful example.

It is styled to frame the face without making hair get in your way, which would be impractical. This also is one of the short hairstyles for over 50 women with gray hair that are the easiest to maintain.

5. Elegant Deep Parting

long grey bob for women over 50

Here’s another fantastic way to style medium-length grey hair for over 50. It’s easy; keep your hair straight and sleek. To introduce more volume and playfulness, create a deep parting, i.e., ensure most of your hair is combed (or brushed) to one side. If you’re not a fan of dramatic parting, a subtle kind can do the trick too.

6. Layered Medium Hair

medium grey hairstyle for women over 50

This hairstyle resembles a shag and is a perfect choice for those women over 50 with grey hair who want a stylish cut that creates fabulous framing. So build layers and keep the hair reaching the shoulder line, slightly overcoming it. 

7. Casual Pony

grey ponytail for women over 50

Medium hair is a great way to keep your mane easy to manage and with plenty of styling choices. Go for a simple ponytail when you’re busy doing chores or want a low-maintenance hairdo. If your front pieces are too short, secure them with bobby pins. 

8. Salt and Pepper Curls

messy grey hair for women over 50

Sometimes curly hair can be a blessing, especially when you adopt a short bob haircut. This practice will make your ringlets tighter and bouncier and look like you purposely highlighted them with white pieces. Create bangs that you’ll swap to one side and carelessly place on the forehead. 

9. Grey Pixie

side part grey hairstyle for women over 50

A medium traditional pixie haircut is perfect for older women who crave a hairstyle that is low maintenance. Create a side part and toss those bangs on one side. Maintain longer sideburns and keep them in front of the ears. Layer the hair to build more volume. 

10. Gray Bob

thick grey hairstyle for women over 50

As an older woman over 50 with grey hair, you can try a short, slightly layered bob haircut that is a little bit longer in the back. Make it look somehow messy and build more volume for the bangs area. 

11. Pale Indigo Pixie

grey spiky hair for over 50 women

As you get older, your hair gets whiter and starts falling. To better mask the fallout, opt for a short pixie and use a pale mauve toner to spice things out a little. To make it look flawless, use a rotative brush to straighten your short bangs and give them more volume. 

12. Shoulder Straight Cut

grey hair with headband for over 50

Get a long straight bob hairstyle if your hair has a freezy aspect. Use a scarf and place it on your head, creating a knot in the back. It will keep your front pieces away from your forehead, revealing your face. 

13. Side Swap

grey hair undercut for women over 50

Salt and pepper looks are something many young women would pay great money to get. And you can have it naturally! So style a short pixie haircut with a shaved side. Keep the bangs long and curly, and use a pomade to give them bounce and better definition. 

14. Top Rolled Bun

grey hair bun for women over 50

Want to go out for a run on the beach? We have the perfect hairstyle for you. It doesn’t matter if your hair is not fully gray or white because it will build a beautiful contrast when styling that top bun. Use a silky hair elastic to ensure you don’t damage your hair when pinning it up. 

15. Fancy Wavy Bob

grey bob for women over 50

When you’re getting a short bob haircut, you can do a few things if you want to look more modern. You can use a pink or strawberry blonde toner and curl your hair with a wand or a straightening iron. 

16. Top Pony

grey hair side ponytail for over 50
Instagram / whitehairwisdom

Gather all your hair in a top ponytail whenever you want to feel and look younger. Flip it to better channel your childish free spirit. You will be stripping off ages from your face, and you will raise your confidence.

17. Braided Bun 

Everybody loves parties, and everyone wants to look their best. So if it is your birthday or you are going to a party, you need a hairstyle that suits your personal style and age. Wave your hair before doing the back bun, and buy a nice set of bobby pins. You will use them to build your intricate construction and set each wave in its place.

18. Short Bob + Middle Part

grey hairstyle with glasses for over 50 women

If you were a blonde before white and grey strands started to appear, you can easily see that you don’t need to use hair dye because all nuances mix up gorgeously, resulting in a fabulous blend. When you have slightly wavy hair, you might consider getting a short bob haircut with a middle part and black rounded glasses that give you the modern hipster vibe.

19. Ultra Short

grey hairstyle for over 50 women

This is probably the most low-maintenance hairstyle for women over 50 with grey hair. Even if it is pretty short, it makes you look fancy, younger and modern. It doesn’t require any styling, and if you want a more glamorous vibe, add a little bit of makeup. It’s that simple, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

20. Modern Pixie 

short grey hairstyle for over 50 women

You must remember that age is just a number, and your personality and looks define you. So, if you have a childish spirit, you must find a matching hairstyle. Choose a short pixie with side-swept bangs. It will make you feel fresh and will cut down a few ages.

21. Half Up Half Down 

When washing your hair, ensure you include your hair care routine with nourishing products that provide all the nutrients needed. In time, this will make your hair feel softer and silkier. It will improve the aspect of your locks, and it will no longer look coarse when curling or straightening it.

22. White Wet Look

grey pixie for women over 50

If you don’t want care in the world in terms of hairstyles, embrace your white strands and cut your hair into a short pixie. You will only need to use pomade when styling it, and you will fall in love with that wet sexy look. The hairstyle is in trend and will make you feel younger so what are you waiting, give it a try.

23. Flower Chignon

grey updo for women over 50
Instagram / theupdogirl

As your hair starts losing its pigment, you might want to improve its appearance. You can do so by dyeing your hair with your regular color or by smoothing out the transition to grey hair. In this case, we recommend a professional colorist who will guide you through this journey and help you choose the proper hair dye or toner.

24. Messy Top Bun

half up grey hairstyle for women over 50
Instagram / fiftyandmemagazine

This messy wavy look will make you feel younger. For some older women, having full white hair can be quite a blessing because you can wear it just the way it is or transform it into your own canvas. To recreate this look, part your hair into two and use the crown section for a bun. 

25. Braided Back Bun

grey braided updo for over 50
Instagram / adriangbeauty

Back buns are so glamorous, no matter the age. And as an older woman, they will fabulously suit you and match your outfit. Come all your hair towards the back and style twists and knots that will add value to your gorgeous hairdo. This one is perfect for everyday errands, days spent at the office or even parties. 

26. Curly Locks

grey hairstyle for black women over 50

This is perfect for women over 50 that have curly hair. Make your grey hairstyle look cool by swapping the bangs to one side and shortly trimming the rest. Those remaining black strands will amazingly blend with the whites and greys. 

27. Long Hair with Bangs 

grey hair with bangs for over 50

If your hair is getting whiter day by day, that doesn’t mean it won’t look good. You will naturally have white highlights that beautifully blend with your previous hair colour. And if you’re not struggling with hair that is thin and starts to fall out, you can go for bangs and a layered long cut. 

28. Coarse White Hair

grey hairstyle for black women over 50

As a woman over 50, no matter how hard you delay the process, your hair will inevitably lose its pigment. And if you don’t want to waste time dying your hair too often, you should let it follow its natural whitening course and focus on getting cool modern haircuts.

29. Traditional Short Cut

short grey hairstyle for over 50 women

Pixie hairstyles are incredibly low-maintenance. It’s not always in your interest to dye your hair and cover those white threads. Instead, go get a hairdo that can be arranged each morning in just a few minutes. Dry your hair with a round brush and use a fixing spray to preserve the hairstyle. 

30. Lifted Finger Waves

grey hairstyle for over 50 women
Instagram / philipwigsandmakeup

This gray hairstyle for women over 50 might involve doing a perm. Firstly, you should get a stacked bob haircut and after create the curls. It will have a lot of volume and texture and you can comb it to the back, building that height. To make the hairstyle last, you will need a strong holding spray.

31. Timeless Style

Some hairstyles are trendy for a while, and then considered outdated. And yet, some hairstyles are always fashionable. The classic bob is one of those haircuts that will always be IN, and it’s a great opportunity to rock it. The best thing about this style is that it looks great on women of all ages.

Recommended Hairstyles

32. Short and Textured

women over 50 with short grey hair

Textured hairstyles give more volume to the fine and thin short hair, which comes handy because as we age, our hair becomes thinner. When you combine short and textured hair, you’ll get an amazing result – youthful and more voluminous hairstyles for grey hair over 50 women.

33. Super Short and Practical

This grey hairstyle is ideal for over 50 ladies who are all about practicality. Plus, this short pixie works on every face shape and hair texture. It’s especially ideal for above fifty women with short fine hair.

34. Curly Grey Hair

curly grey hairstyle for women over 50

Short and curly hair on women over 50 can bring more playfulness and youthfulness to your appearance. Plus, this gray hairstyle is chic and ideal for women with a unique sense of style.

35. Wavy Bob

wavy grey bob for women over 50

Women over 50 with grey hair are confident, sophisticated, and they want to show it off. That’s absolutely amazing. One way to make it happen is through this super chic wavy bob that will make you look like you’re an editor of a fashion magazine.

Maintenance Tips

Perhaps you have just begun going grey, or maybe you have a whole head of grey hair. Either way, there are a few things to consider. Read on for four things we think are the most important to maintain for grey hair over 50.

Keep the Grey Color Soft

If you have started going grey but are not fully there, keep the grey color soft, and do not be afraid to let your roots show.

Be Mindful of Length

Keep your hair a length that flatters your face. Consider consulting with your hairstylist on what length you should settle on. For grey hair, blunt cuts will harden your look. Long cuts that are untrimmed can make you look older, but long cuts that are well styled are gorgeous.

Consider Using a Toner

The toner will help your color look shinier and add warmth to your face. If you want to look youthful, consider using toner.

Get the Right Products

Buying a shampoo and conditioner that are great for greys is something you should consider for grey hair over 50. Greying hair can be more textured; use a hair care routine that will help combat this rough texture for a sleek look.

Hairstyles for grey hair over 50 are a perfect representation of women’s style, freedom, elegance, and casual chic vibe. Feel free to try out different styles to determine which one you like the most. Remember, a simple change in hairstyle can boost your confidence and bring out that glow that all women love.