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10 Best Disconnected Quiff Hairstyles for the Dapper Dude

The disconnected quiff sounds suspect, more like a sex move than a hairstyle, but it’s definitely the latter. You can think of a quiff as a combination undercut and business cut, with a little flow and mohawk thrown in, possibly peppered with some spike.

In the UK, a quiff is a haircut that’s longer on the top and short on the sides—sounds familiar, right?

The difference is that, with a traditional quiff, cropped sides aren’t necessary; they just have to be shorter than the hair on top.

A disconnected quiff is altogether different. Just as the name implies, the quiff—the long hair on top—is somehow disconnected from the sides, which are close-cropped. It’s basically an undercut, but with a bit more charm.


Who Should Try a Disconnected Quiff?

Guys looking to have a little length on top while defining their facial features should try a disconnected quiff.

The closely cropped hair on the sides will ensure people’s focus on the center of your head goes right to your eyes, along with your other most notable features. A strong upper jaw will be easy to notice with so little hair around the face.

However, you’ll still have plenty of lengthy play with on top and style up into a quiff for your day-to-day activities.

The quiff can also be manipulated on more formal or party occasions so you can put it in different styles. The best thing about the quiff is its length, as you always have a little hair to play with mold in different ways.


Appealing Ideas for Styling a Disconnected Quiff

The disconnected quiff hairstyle stands apart from its Yankee counterpart in a few subtle but fundamental ways. There’s always a clean separation between the long hair and the edges, sometimes a shaved part and sometimes a clear delineation.

In buzzing the sides, there’s typically a fade involved, although it’s up to you to choose a subtle fade or a more distinct design.

Disconnected quiffs are usually designated by longer strands on top, but it’s an adaptable haircut, so that’s really up to you. Here’s some hair inspiration to give you a better idea of how a disconnected quiff hairstyle should look.

1. Side-Leaning Quiff

disconnected quiff haircut

Some quiffs are so long that they lean slightly to one side. Let yours fall to the side of your face that you’d like people’s eyes to be drawn to the most.

Make sure there’s a lot of volume that’s even from your hairline back to the crown of your head. The hair should generally cover the entire top of your head nicely.


2. Textured Blue Top

disconnected quiff hair with color

Guys wanting a unique disconnected quiff hairstyle should consider dying their hair bright color like blue. The sides will be so short that people can’t help but see your natural color.

If the natural shade is dark, then you’ll create a great contrasting haircut. Add some texture on top for best results.


3. Pompadour with Fade

disconnected quiff pompadour


Quiffs and pompadours often go hand-in-hand. The pompadour is a voluminous, rounded hairstyle that has the hair extremely neat without a flyway in sight. The volume should lessen as you get closer to your crown. On the sides, opt for a high fade.


4. Hard Part & Fade

disconnected quiff haircut with hard part


Here we see an example of two of the most popular hair trends, disconnected parts with a line shaved into them and fades.

The fade is incredibly gradual, so you see a perfect gradient as the hair gets thinner toward the ears. On top, there’s a lot of texture as long, thick hair sweeps over to one side.


5. Blue with Design

disconnected quiff haircut with design


Men seeking an edgier cut should pair hair dye with a design. The design should be incredibly distinct from the side but subtle from the front. Keep your hair soft and neatly groomed, looking its best.


6. Flawlessly Faded

disconnected Quiff Hairstyles for men

The back and sides of a disconnected quiff are as much a part of the haircut as the top hatch. Most guys go with a faint, subtle fade, but no matter how you buzz the sides, make sure the blending is perfect.


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7. Men’s Wavy Hair

Wavy Black Quiffs Hairstyle for Men

This tousled undercut is cute, practical, and takes little to no styling time. You should also note the sides—that fade is much more pronounced, making it an eye-catching detail that draws attention to the disconnect up top.


8. A Line in the Sand

side shave Quiff Hairstyle you favorite

Actually, this is a line in the scalp. It’s crisp, clean, and precise, plus it draws a clear separation between the back and sides of the head and the tousled tresses above. That’s another great thing about quiffs—neatness doesn’t count.

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9. A Spiked Quiff

spike with Quiff Hairstyle for young boy

No hairstyle is sexier or more bad-boy appealing than a spiked disconnected quiff. Spikes are de rigueur for bad boys, anyway.

Adding an undercut with a fire fade, bold brows, and flawless facial hair takes the whole thing to the next level. You’ve got to give the boy props for those eyelashes, too. Damn.


10. The Sophisticated Slick-Back

Mens cool Quiff Hairstyle

As you can see, it’s possible to take the quiff in a sophisticated direction, as well. A hairstyle like this is straight off the runway—or Wall Street. It’s versatile, particularly anytime you need to look fresh to death and dressed to impress.

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The disconnected quiff style frames the face, defines the facial features, and draws attention to the eyes. You can’t go wrong with this cut. So what do you say? Disconnect from your usual haircut and opt for a spiffy quiff—you’ll look terrific.