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How to Style Soul Patch Like a PRO: 15 Variations to Try

Men who are looking for a new way to spice up their facial hair without a lot of work need to consider the soul patch beard. Facial hair trends are always changing, leaving many men wondering what they can do to make sure that they not only look great but also feel confident in how they have styled their facial hair.

These men need to strongly consider the patch. One of the main reasons why men opt for this fun facial hair is because it is eye-catching and a great way to show women that you care about how you look, but that you aren’t too worried and overwhelmed with your appearance.

The soul patch doesn’t require a lot of upkeep but is a fun and fast way for men to change their look in a hurry.


What Is a Soul Patch?

Soul Patch Beard

A soul patch, at its core, is simply a small patch of hair that is worn directly underneath the bottom lip. It can be incredibly small or larger than the width of a thumb. Since it can be styled in so many ways and shapes and left thick or thinner, this patch is an incredibly personal type of facial hair.

It’s very common to see patches paired with other facial hair, which often detracts from the way that they look or makes some people forget that they are their own style that can be worn alone. While wearing them with mustaches, mutton chops, and even chin straps is very popular, that wasn’t always the case.

In fact, it was very common, when soul patch beard styles were first popular, for them to be worn on their own. This made quite a statement and shoved them firmly into the limelight. Men who want to stand apart due to their facial hair will want to consider wearing their patch without any other facial hair to tone it down.


Is the Soul Patch Beard Right for Me?

The great thing about wearing this type of beard is that as long as a man is confident enough, he can pull it off. Unfortunately, soul patches are not nearly as popular as they were in the past, which means that some people may be surprised at a man’s choice to wear this style.

However, as long as a man is unafraid of other’s opinions and wants to express himself via his facial hair, then he can easily do so with a soul patch bearded look. Men who are afraid of the commitment of a patch will want to pair it with additional facial hair to help tone down its bold look.

Other men, however, who crave versatility or simply want to try something new with their facial hair, will fully embrace the patch and how it looks on their face.


How to Style a Soul Patch Beard

How to Style a Soul Patch Beard

Correct styling is key to making sure that a patch looks great, no matter if it is worn on its own or as part of other facial hair. One of the most popular options is to add this patch beard with a mustache or anchor beard under the chin. Using the patch as a part of fuller and thicker facial hair will help it to easily blend in without making it the main focus.

Men who can easily grow a longer beard will love the way that patches look with full and thick beards. A small patch of hair directly underneath the lower lip looks exceptional, especially when paired with a full beard, and a basic mustache. Trimming the area between the patch and the beard is important to ensure full definition.

Finally, men who want to try their hand at wearing just soul patches will need to pull out the razor for daily trims. This look is bold and sure to attract a lot of attention, which is why the hair must be perfectly maintained at all times. This is a more boyish look, although simply pairing it with a small mustache can help make the man wearing it look much older.


DIY: Can You Style a Soul Patch at Home?

Men who want to style their facial hair in the comfort of their own home often worry about whether or not they can easily do this, especially when trying out a new style. The great thing about the soul patch beard is that it is incredibly easy to style, even without a lot of experience.

Since each man will want to choose a different width for their patch, it’s a good idea to be willing to experiment with trimming the patch to the right size and shape. Men do need to remember, however, that once they start cutting in the sides that they can only continue to shape the patch smaller.

Growing the patch back out will take some time. Some men who are nervous about styling this look, especially when they are going to pair it with other facial hair, may want to have a professional help them the first time. This will then make regular maintenance at home much easier.

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how to trim soul patch beard

There are very few worries that men will run into when they want to try out a patch, but one thing that all men must consider is that they need to spend time keeping their patch trimmed and clean.

This tiny area of hair can quickly start to grow out of control, easily morphing into a different style. With regular trims, however, as well as careful trimming of the rest of the facial hair, a soul patch can be a welcome addition to any style.

When worn alone, it can make men look much younger than they are, but simply adding additional facial hair to the style will help to make men look and feel more mature.



how to maintain soul patch beard

Every patch, no matter how long or short it is, will require regular maintenance to look its best and to prevent it from growing out of shape and looking too messy. The thing that men need to remember is that they all have the beard growing at different speeds.

Generally speaking, however, the soul patch beard will require trimming a few times a week to help it keep its shape. This is key no matter if the patch is worn on its own or if it is worn with other facial hair.

Clearly defined lines, as well as hair that doesn’t try to connect the beard and mustache, is key to making sure that patches are pulling their weight and improving appearance. Every man can choose his own width and length, but committing to the size and appearance of a patch is key to making sure that it looks its best.


Trendy Soul Patch Beard Styles

Check out these unique soul patch styles that you can try this year.

1. Short Beard

short soul patch beard

This is an understated soul patch, which helps the beard look great paired with longer hair. Rather than competing with the fuller hair on top of the head for interest, the shorter and trimmed patch is complementary.

This patch needs to be kept neatly trimmed and combed so that it doesn’t look out of control or out of place with a sleeker hairstyle.


2. Short Emo Hair and a Small Patch

Dyed Hair with Small Soul Patch

There’s nothing like a patch to really help tie together a wilder look. Blue hair that is shaggy for men and spiked out in multiple directions really stands out when paired with these short facial hair.

What really makes it pop, however, are the neck tattoos. It’s a bold look for a man who is not afraid to be the center of attention and who doesn’t mind his facial hair standing out.


3. Paired with a Long Mustache

soul patch beard styles for men

Pairing a patch with a trimmed and updated blonde mustache is sure to attract a ton of attention, which is why this is such a popular look. The mustache extends out to the sides of the face and drops down a bit, adding movement and a fun style to the look.

When paired with the soul patch beard, it creates a fun focal point on the front of the face that is sure to attract attention.


4. Touching the Goatee

guy with soul patch beard

Patches don’t have to be completely separate from the rest of a man’s facial hair, as this look shows. Adding a little length to the patch so that it touches the beard helps connect this look and make it look intentional and cohesive.

Making sure that the connecting hair is really thin is key to preventing this from looking like an oversized and scruffy beard.

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5. Longer and Dyed Red

red soul patch beard

Adding a pop of color to a patch draws attention to this facial hair and is a fast way to make people look twice. This style is bright red and is also allowed to grow a bit longer so that the hair sticks out somewhat from the chin.

A completely shaved beard without mustache help to complete the look and allow the bright red color to really stand out on the face.


6. Soul Patch+ Chin Patch

soul patch beard for black men

If you’re looking for a clean, stylish look, go for a well-groomed soul patch with a little beard on the chin. To style this, shave your whole beard except the lower lip and chin area. Use a trimmer and scissors to shape your chin and lower lip patch.


7. Style with Lampshade Mustache

soul patch beard with mustache

To style your lower lip’s beard with a lampshade mustache, ensure it’s long enough to completely cover your upper lip. This look is achieved by shaving the hair on the chin and the cheek, leaving a small beard on the lower lip. Then trim the mustache to shape it up.


8. Paired with Goatee

soul patch beard with goatee

To start, allow your beard to grow out for a few days so that you have enough hair to work with. Then, use a comb to shape the lower lip area into a small triangle. Next, trim the goatee area into a U-shape. Finally, use a razor or trimmer to define the edges.


9. Solo Patch

long hair with soul patch beard

If you’re looking to add a little extra swagger to your style, try sporting a tiny soul patch beard. First, you’ll need to grow out your facial hair to at least a quarter inch in length. Once you’ve achieved the desired length, use a trimmer to shape the beard under the lower lip and shave the rest of the face.


10. Stubble Patch

stubble beard with soul patch

There’s something undeniably sexy about a man with a little stubble on his face. And styling with soul patch is cheery on top. To get the look, simply let your facial hair grow out for a few days until you have a thick layer of stubble. Then, use a beard trimmer to shape the beard leaving a small amount of hair below the lower lip.


11. Beard with Buzz Cut

A skinny vertical stripe is a fun and fresh take on the soul patch and a great way for a man to make it his own without having to dye it.

This skinnier look does a wonderful job of making men look like they have longer and slimmer faces, which is ideal for men who want to appear slimmer. It’s a bold look that isn’t very common, so it’s sure to attract attention and possibly even some questions.


12. Wider Under the Bottom Lip

soul patch beard for bald men

A patch doesn’t have to be very skinny, as they can look full and healthy when they are a bit wider underneath the bottom lip. This patch doesn’t extend all the way to the sides of the mouth but is wider than other patches, which gives it weight and helps it to stand out on the face.

It needs this extra weight since it is the only facial hair and since the men wearing this beard style is often bald.


13. Thin and Long with Mutton Chops

Bold hairstyles call for bold soul patches, and this is no exception. Tons of volume on the top of the head, as well as mutton chops on the face, make this vertical patch stand out.

The entire hairstyle with beard look requires a lot of grooming to look its best and to avoid looking too messy or unkempt, but the end result is worth it and looks very chic and trendy.


14. Taper Fade with Beard

soul patch beard for men

Shorter facial hair can look great as long as it is all trimmed on a regular basis. Here, a patch, mustache, and tapered beard are all kept a little shorter and darker, which is a wonderful contrast to a full head of bleached blonde hair.

The taper fade over the ear and the low definition of the beard contest really well with each other and make this a very interesting look.

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15. Tiny Patch with Chinstrap Beard

best soul patch beard styles for men

A very small soul patch under the lip is a great way to enhance a fuller beard on the chin without a lot of work. This beard look is great with a shaved head and a perfectly formed and trimmed mustache.

Men who have very thick hair can easily pull off this look without worrying about their hair looking too thin or messy, which makes it great for wearing to the office, out on weekends, or even to the gym.


Any man who has wondered about whether or not the patch is a good decision for him should now have the confidence that he needs to give this great facial hairstyle a try.

It’s a fun way to add some interest to the face and to make features pop and is generally low maintenance, making it a great option for busy men who don’t have a lot of time to worry about their facial hair. These 15 soul patch beard styles are all wonderful options for any man to choose when he wants to shake up his current style.