Which Face Shapes Look Good With Short Hair

If you’ve been wearing a long or medium-length hairstyle all your life and feel as if the time has come for a change, don’t rush to the salon.

Sometimes rash hairstyle decisions can do more harm than good. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you have to consider the face type before going for any new hairstyle.

Whatever looks great on one person (especially if it’s a celebrity on a magazine cover) might look completely different on you!

face shape for women with short hair


Different Face Shapes & Hair Styling

face shape types for women

About 50% of women are not happy with their hairstyles after they get out of the stylist chair. You can prevent this problem by making research in advance.

1. Oval Face Type – Great Match!


If you have an oval face shape, don’t worry, any short haircut will look good on you. In fact, any haircut you choose will look good.


2. Heart Shape Face – Choose a Pixie


Pixies look good on oval, heart-shaped and square faces. They appear the most beautiful on girls with heart-shaped face types.  Just make sure not to add too much volume on top.


3. Long Faces – Make a Shaggy Lob


If you have a long face shape, allow yourself to enjoy a shaggy lob. This short hairstyle can make your face look more oval and give your head the volume it might be lacking.


4. Square Face – Pick a Bob with Bangs


A bob with bangs does a wonderful job making your square face look slightly rounder. If you have straight hair, you have great grounds for experiments. Girls with curly locks will need more maintenance.


5. Round face – Try Angled Bob


An angled bob can make your round face look slightly longer. If you add side-swept bangs, it’s a perfect hairstyle!

Medium Hairstyles for Women With Round Face


Suitable Short Hairstyles for Difference Face Shapes

1.Asymmetrical Bob – Oval Face

asymmetrical bob for oval face shape

An asymmetrical bob features longer hair up front and shorter hair in back. This smooth straight version of the angled bob is gorgeous on oval faces because of the way the left side falls over the forehead. 


2. Short Waves – Heart Shaped

short braids for heart shaped faces

For your heart shaped face, try this cute half updo for short hair featuring a braided bun and waves. With a heart shaped face, you can rock pretty much any half updo beautifully. With or without highlights, this is the hot girl look you have to try.


3. Short Undercut – Long Face

short undercut for women with long faces

Trying to distract from your long face? Try an edgy short undercut. With the amazing volume up top and the short faded sides, all the attention will be on the immense detail. And of course, to complete your look you’ll want bold eye makeup!


4. Long Pixie – Square Face with Glasses

short haircut for square face women with glasses

A long pixie has the tendency to round out a square shaped face. Try this straight style featuring a combination of short and long bangs, and long hair covering ears. To get front hair to curve inward on cheeks, hit hair with a blowdryer. 


5. Short Pigtails – Round Face

short pigtails for round shape faces

Avoid rounding out an already round face by rocking two pigtails on short hair. The bold deep red color and the diagonal part help make this traditionally childlike style more mature. 


6. Short Bangs – Oval Face

short bangs hairstyle for oval faces

A hairstyle that doesn’t have bangs can make an oval face seem even longer. So try straight bangs that stop shortly before eyebrows on a short straight bob. To dress this cut up, you can still pin back each side of the hair or do a messy low pony.


7. Short Corkscrew Cut – Heart Shaped

short cockscrew curls for heart shape face

Consider yourself lucky if you have a heart shaped face as it’s one of the prettiest shapes out there and it’s easy for you to rock many hairstyles, including this cute short hairdo with corkscrew curls.


8. Short Curly Bob – Long Face

short curly bob for women with long face shape

A long face shape needs a hairstyle that seemingly cuts length in half. This short curly bob stops at the chin and features a heavy part for extra volume. If your hair is naturally curly, just add in some leave-in conditioner for shine. Otherwise you can use a hair curling wand and seal with curl creme.


9. Highlighted Short Hair – Square Face

short hair with highlights for square face

If you have thick hair and like short length, try this straight bob with highlights. The top is full of height a side bang drapes across the forehead. When going out, use a hair clip to pin back the front section of hair.


10. Purple Pixie – Round Face

purple pixie for round faces

If you’re all about expressing your personality through your hairstyle, add this gorgeous shade of purple to a pixie! The faded sides and long side combed top work beautifully together. A slightly shorter hairline is that extra added detail.


11. Super Short – Oval Face

very short haircut for oval faces

Whether you have natural black hair or not, on a round face a super short haircut is bold, especially with a stunning color like turquoise or sea green. Color will be especially flattering on women with medium to dark skin tones.


12. Wavy Bob – Heart Shaped

wavy bob cut for heart shape face

As you already know, a heart shaped face can rock pretty much every haircut, including this short wavy bob. Just run your hands through instead of creating a formal center or off center part.


13. Short and Pink – Long Face

short pink haircut for long faces

If you’re not afraid to go super short, you need to try this buzzed cut with pretty in pink color for long faces. Hair is one length all over, so its maintenance is low!


14. Short Blondie –  Square Face

short grey haircut for square face shape

With short layers a cute hairstyle like this pixie is always possible. Use hairspray to get the touchable volume up top and maintain slightly shorter sides. You can use fingers instead of a comb to get this awesome texture.


15. Straight Bob – Round Face

short haircut for over 50 with round faces

Women over 50 with round faces should try a straight bob at least once! A soft side bang is incorporated here which makes your look flattering to bone structure. Be bold and rock your natural greying color using a heavy part for lift; you can also tease the crown. To emphasize grey or white hair, try adding in extra color for thicker streaks.


Now that you’ve studied which face shapes look good with short hair, you’re ready to make a decision. Browse some photos online to see how these hairstyles look with your face type. Good luck!

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