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French Mustache: A Quick Guide to Style Like A BOSS

It was in the year 1585 when the word “mustache” or “moustache” was first used in a French book. Today, men from all across the globe have experimented with a number of dramatic mustaches and beard combinations.

What does a French Mustache Look Like?

french mustache

The French mustache is bushy and it has small points on each end. It’s referred to as the handlebar mustache or the spaghetti mustache. It is a type of mustache that is long and has upwardly curved extremities. Furthermore, as the word “handlebar” suggests, this type of mustache resembles that of a bicycle’s handlebars.

Will a French Mustache Suit My Face Shape?

The French mustache is a large family that rotates around different hairstyles. Lucky for you, it is customizable by taste. In addition, you can grow a French mustache and still have it suit your face shape.

french mustache styles

With that in mind, it is important to identify the different types of face shapes. Understand which one is yours and see why having a French mustache may affect how attention is drawn to your face.

The History of French Mustache

french mustache history

Throughout history, the mustache has become a fashion symbol for men. However, over the years, the simple rise and curl of a man’s mustache have never been that straightforward.

Social history shows that King James was proud of his thick French mustache. King Charles made the handlebar mustache and goatee combination iconic.

Over the years, Sir Anthony Van Dyk went out publicly with his jealousy for the monarch’s dapper mustaches. By the end of the 1800s, mustaches, beards, and goatees had come in and out of the lives of men.

How to Grow and Style a Classy French Mustache

Growing your French mustache takes commitment. In this guide, we show you how to properly grow and style your classy French mustache. It all starts with the proper mustache maintenance, which leads us to the first point: do not trim your mustache.

1. Do Not Trim Your Mustache

french mustache growing

No matter how tempting it is to trim your mustache – don’t.  Eventually, you can trim it if you desire to grow a full beard. However, French mustache maintenance indicates that you should stick with it simply by combing your facial hair.

2. Make It A Habit To Comb Your French Mustache

mustache comb

You may begin combing it once a day as soon as your mustache has reached a certain length. The proper way of combing it would be to part it into two while combing out from under your nose to the right and left respectively.

This will help your mustache grow out of the traditional facial hair fashion. A mustache comb will do the trick!

3. Make It A Habit To Wax Your French Mustache

french mustache maintenance

Over the years, men have experimented with various products to maintain their mustaches. For those growing a French mustache, leaving it as it is should not be made into a habit. Instead, as soon as you jump out of the shower, leave your mustache damp for a few minutes.

With your fingertips, have a small amount of mustache wax and apply it from the middle part of your lip up to the upper part of the edge.

Furthermore, you can use a comb to spread it down through the hair. Carefully work your way out to each end of the mustache. A wiry mustache entails that you need to make use of more wax.

4. Follow The “Twist And Shape” Procedure

french mustache

A French mustache is famous for its “twist and shape” procedure. Apply some wax at the end of your mustache and twist the ends of it with your fingers.

You must curl it inwards and upwards. Some would even make use of a pen as a means to wind the ends as tightly as possible.

5. Proper French Mustache Maintenance

french mustache maintenance

One thing is for sure, if you plan on having a French mustache, you would need the commitment to maintaining it. You have to have a daily schedule for washing it, combing it, waxing it, and curling it using the “twist and shape” approach.

French Mustache: With or Without A Beard?

A mustache is a type of facial hair grown above the upper lip. For most men, the mustache makes the beard. For some, it’s the other way around.

Nonetheless, having a clean face does not necessarily mean you must be shaven. It’s all about your grooming habits. Whether or not you commit to having a beard with your mustache, tending to it properly is the key to making it appear stylish.

On the other hand, deciding whether you should grow a beard as a complement to your French mustache is a process every man should go through. However, pairing your French mustache with an equally awesome beard is the way to go about it.

Exhibit A

french mustache with beard

A visual inspection clearly shows that a mustache is better with a beard.

Exhibit B

french mustache style with beard

Unless you are a 19th-century Mormon or an Amish man, you may want to stick with growing a beard with your French mustache.

Exhibit C

french mustache

Growing a beard presents several health benefits. Believe it or not, extensive scientific research shows that thick beards can block out 95% of the sun’s UV rays.

Exhibit D

A beard is considered a natural filter. Growing a mustache presents microscopic allergens, which can reduce various effects and conditions such as allergies and hay fever. With a beard, this protection drastically improves and is taken to a new level.

Among all the mustache styles, French mustaches were sported by many famous people. Check out below the three popular men who tried it.

1. Wyatt Earp

wyatt earp mustache

Considered one of the most famous handlebar mustaches of all time, Sheriff Wyatt Earp’s mustache stretches far up his mouth and down to his chin.

2. William Howard Taft

william howard taft mustache

American presidents surely know a thing or two about a mustache. William Howard Taft was known for how he styled his stocky frame with a French mustache.

Goatee Without Mustache

3. Roland Glen Fingers

Roland Glen Fingers mustache

Believe it or not, even men who play sports are attracted to the “twist and curl” approach. Roland Glen Fingers, or Rollie Fingers, is a retired professional baseball player from America who also sported the French mustache.

This only shows that having a beard or a mustache does not spell out “lazy.” Facial hair maintenance is critical to having a well-groomed attitude towards your French mustache. While many men would instead choose a different kind of mustache, a French mustache is one of those facial hairstyles that never really goes out of style.

So, How to Groom A French Mustache?

Grooming a French mustache is an art that combines traditional techniques with personal care routines to create a distinguished look. Here’s a streamlined approach to achieving and maintaining the iconic French mustache:

  1. Let It Grow: Initially, resist the urge to trim your mustache. Allow it to grow out fully to provide ample hair for shaping and styling​​.
  2. Daily Combing: Once your mustache reaches a significant length, start combing it daily. This trains the hairs to grow in the desired direction and aids in the natural parting essential for the French mustache style​​​​.
  3. Part and Wax: Use a dab of mustache wax to part your mustache down the middle. Waxing helps maintain the shape and keeps stray hairs in check, ensuring a neat appearance​​.
  4. Trim for Precision: Carefully trim any excess hairs that fall outside your desired French mustache shape to maintain a sharp and clean look​​​​.
  5. The Twist and Shape Technique: Apply wax to the tips of your mustache and use your fingers to twist and shape the ends upwards, creating the distinctive upward curve associated with the French mustache​​.
  6. Maintain and Nourish: Regularly wash your mustache using a gentle shampoo or a specialized beard wash to keep it clean. Regularly apply high-quality mustache wax to keep the hair soft, manageable, and easy to style​​​​.
  7. Establish a Routine: Develop a consistent grooming routine that includes combing, waxing, and the occasional trim to keep your mustache in top condition​​.
  8. Personalize Your Style: Consider your hair type and the specific French mustache style you aim for when grooming. Tailor your routine to suit your hair’s thickness and texture, and keep a reference image handy for precision styling​​​​.
  9. Seek Professional Help: For a refined look or on special occasions, don’t hesitate to visit a professional stylist to fine-tune your mustache, ensuring it perfectly complements your facial features and style​​.

The day you finally decide to grow a French mustache will be when you commit yourself to maintaining it well. Nonetheless, if by any chance you get to participate in an intense bare-knuckle boxing match, you’ll thank yourself for maintaining your French mustache.