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8 Goatee Styles for Men Who Hate The Mustache

Goatee styles with a mustache or without a mustache come under the most popular and trendy masculine look. A goatee is basically a small beard on the chin area, which is pointed, that resembles the goat’s chin a lot. That’s why it is named as goatee style.

goatee styles without mustache

This is an alternative as well as an incredible way of growing beard. Some of the goatee styles give a mature look to men and some give a funky look. You can choose whatever you want to look alike.

Here, we will explore the best types of goatee without a mustache. It is for those guys who want a neat and clean cheeks area but love the beard also.


How to Get a Goatee Style

how to style a goatee beard

Through its name, the Goatee style seems to be the easiest one. But in reality, it does not as easy as its name represents.  It needs some professional skills.

  • You have to wait for one week or more to get an ideal beard size. For the beard trimming, use a trimmer of 3 to 5 mm size.
  • Through this trimmer, create an outline around the chin and lip area for a perfect result.
  • Now, trim the beard into a triangle or round shape according to the desired type of goatee style. Trim the hair against the hair growth for a neat trimming.
  • Now, shave the entire facial hairs from the cheeks, jawline, upper lips and neck areas to achieve a final look.
  • Apply an after shaver on the shaved areas to reduce the pain of rash, if any.

You can also blonde the goatee if you want a cooler look. In order to maintain the goatee style, you have to trim the beard and shave the side areas around the goatee, at least two or three times a week. You can do variations with the goatee style, whenever you want.

Watch The Following Video to Know About How to Style Goatee Beard


Famous Goatee Beard without Mustache

We’ve listed down goatee beard styles without mustache that are popular among men. Peruse these classic goatees to customize your facial hairstyles!

1. Classic Goatee without a Mustache

Classic Goatee without a Mustache

As, the name of style indicates, that it is the classy goatee without mustache. A classic goatee is ideal for round face men. It includes the trimmed, neat beard below the lower lip while the cheeks are shaved completely.


2. Goatee with Chin Strap and without a Mustache

goatee chin strip without beard

Chinstrap goatee without mustache is one of the popular styles. It is ideal for oblong, round and triangle face shape. In this goatee style, a thin strap facial hair is extended on the jawlines, connecting to the goatee beard. It looks remarkable with the buzz cut hairstyle.


3. Norse Skipper Goatee without a Mustache

goatee beard styles without mustache

It is just like a chin puff style but, it is thicker and longer than it. It is ideal for the round face shape. The best part of this goatee style is that it looks good on any face shape.

To attain this look, the cheeks are shaved completely, while the beard is grown larger than the chin. You can combine this look with a side fringe haircut for a cooler look.


4. Petite Goatee without Mustache

popular goatee beard styles without mustache

This goatee style includes a triangular beard on the center of the chin. It is ideal for men with square shape. The facial hairs on sides are shaven completely, while the central portion of the goatee gives a stylish look.


5. Soul Patch Goatee Style

soul patch goatee without beard

Soul patch goatee is basically a small patch of facial hair below the lower lip and slightly above the chin. It is also referred to as a jazz dot. It includes no facial hair except eyebrows and a small patch of beard above the chin.

This goatee style without mustache suits perfectly on the bald head. Soul patch goatee is ideal for a round face. The size of the beard is very small, but its effect on the overall look of men is very powerful.


6. Full/Long Goatee without a Mustache

Long Goatee without a Mustache

The full goatee style is mainly for thick bearded men. It is ideal for men with round face shape because longer thick beard makes the round face look a bit oblong. The mustache is shaved completely which makes the thick beard more prominent.

It can be worn on any outfit, whether it’s casual or formal, it looks awesome on both attires.


7. Goat Patch without a Mustache

Goat Patch without a Mustache

This goatee without mustache style is also referred to as a chin puff. It is ideal for round or wide faces because it makes the round face to look a bit longer. In this goatee style, the entire beard is shaven completely, leaving a small portion of it in the triangle or rectangular shape.

It resembles a lot to the chin hair of goat that’s why it is called a goat patch.


8. Blonde Goatee without a Mustache

Blonde Goatee without a Mustache

If you want to add a funky factor to your goatee style, then you can blonde the beard and hair as well. It is suitable for any age group, depending on their interests, likes or dislikes. You can blonde the hair in whatever shade you want.

We recommend you to always apply gel or moisturizer on your beard and hair for a glossy blonde appearance. It will add an extra charm to your personality. It suits perfectly on a bald head, as shown in the image.


So, you have learned the cool and modest variations of goatee without a mustache. It is true that all these aforementioned styles need a lot of maintenance but, are surely worth trying.

Many celebrities have worn this goatee style in different movies and on various occasions. If you want to stand out in the crowd then, you can also try these stylish goatees without mustache avatars for a change.