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8 Proven Ways to Give Curly Hair More Volume

Some of the items in almost every girl’s hair goals list are full, voluminous, and curly hair.

Unfortunately, achieving this hair type is easier said than done, especially if you lack the right tips and products. Putting extra effort into your hair will eventually lead you to the voluminous and curly hair you would love.

The usual hair care and maintenance tips alone are not the answer to giving curly hair volume. Instead, it would help if you went the extra mile in taking care of your hair.


How to Give Curly Hair More Volume

Here are some eight tips that you can add to your usual hair maintenance tips, which will help you add volume to your curly hair. If you’re considering a wavy look, learn to make curly hair wavy!

1. Consider How You Wash Your Hair

Washing Tip for Curly Hair

When adding volume to your hair, you may need to change how and how often you wash hair. Follow these steps for optimal result:

  • First, rinse the hair at most three times a week. Washing it too often may make it dry and less voluminous. Therefore, skip a day or two between washings to keep the hair clean without compromising its quality.
  • Carefully consider the products you use to wash your hair. Preferably, use sulfate-free shampoos since they do not cause frizziness and dryness. Confirm the ingredients of the shampoo you intend to buy to ensure that it is sulfate-free.
  • Curly and voluminous hair highly depends on the hydration of the hair. Therefore, invest in a quality moisturizing conditioner for curls that you use after rinsing off the shampoo. It is best to use a conditioner with oil as this helps prevent dryness and keep the hair moisturized.
  • In case you are not using a leave-in conditioner, avoid rinsing out all the conditioners. Instead, give the hair a brief rinse and eliminate the excess conditioner, leaving behind some conditioners for shinier and smoother hair.


2.  Drying The Hair

How you dry your hair also contributes to how voluminous the hair is. First, use a wide-toothed brush to detangle the curls after washing. When combing, start from the end up instead of the root down to prevent breakage.

With a small towel, squeeze your hair in sections starting from the bottom heading to the top. Repeat this process until you dry all parts of your hair. This will maintain the bouncy curls and keep the hair dry.

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3. Diffuse The Hair

Diffuse your Curly Hair to get volume

Diffusing is a technique that you can use on either adults’ or kids’ hair and is similar to blow-drying. It is one of the best solutions to how to give curly hair volume.

This practice involves using a blow dryer diffuser to diffuse airflow in the hair. It has advantages such as adding volume to hair boosting curly formations, maintaining hairstyle for longer, reduces frizz, and reduces dry time.

Diffusing is better for curly hair than air drying since it gives more volume than air drying does.

When diffusing your hair, tilt your head to about 45-degrees to ensure the curls are lifted off the scalp. If you are diffusing the roots, push the diffuser against your hair and lift it upwards. This helps give your roots added volume since you will unstick any hair that is on the scalp.


4. Use The Right Hair Products and Clarifying Shampoos

Although hair products are meant to take care of the curly hair, some of them end up causing more harm than good. If you are trying to add volume to your curly hair, avoid using any hair products containing ingredients that weigh down the hair when used in excess, thus reducing its volume.

Others may contain harmful minerals such as sulfate or silicones, among others that will negatively affect your hair.

Check the ingredients of any hair product before buying it to ensure that you purchase the right thing. Some of these products have minerals that deposit at the roots of the hair.

For you to effectively eliminate these hair minerals, you will need to use a clarifying shampoo. This clarifying shampoo helps add volume, keep the hair healthy and maintain beautiful curls.

Washing hair with clarifying shampoo is vital at least once a month and use deep conditioning treatment after washing with this shampoo to help the hair remain strong.


5. Root Clipping

If you have loose curls or thin hair, root clipping is an excellent technique to help you boost your hair volume. This is a method of using hair clips at the root to boost the height and volume of the hair.

Root clipping also helps add beautiful curls and can help round up the shape based on how many rows you clip. To get the best look from root clipping, you need to use the right clips and clip the hair at the right angle.


How Do You Root Clip Your Hair for The Best Results?

  • Apply a styling product – You can apply this styling product to either wet or dry hair. Mix the styling product with water and a conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. You then spray your hair evenly and thoroughly.
  • Create an O using a small section of the hair -Grab about one inch of the hair and use your arm to create an O around your head. You can then insert the clip on the O you created. Ensure that the mouth of the clip faces away from the roots.
  • Creating rows – Continue creating O using small sections of the hair until you complete the first row and proceed to another row. The more rows you create, the more volume your hair will have. Many rows will also help you achieve a more rounded shape for your hair.
  • Leave the clips for about 20 minutes – You can also remove the clips after the styling products are firm up. You can then carefully remove the clips taking care not to leave behind any clip marks. You can also use the clips at different spots if you do not have enough to clip all your hair simultaneously.

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6.  Separate Your Curls

Separating your curls will help the hair look more voluminous. To separate the curls, you first set the hair your style of choice. Apply some little oil on your fingers, and then separate the dry curls to your preferred volume.

Additionally, you can spray your hair instead of applying oil on your hands to separate the curls. It is also possible to use heating items to separate the curls. For instance, you can use a curly hair dryer by holding it above your head and blowing it directly down to your hair.

However, use these heating items to separate your curls only if the curls are tight. Otherwise, use your fingers to avoid straightening the curls.


7.  Get a Haircut

curly haircut

It is tricky to maintain long and voluminous hair at the same time. For this reason, if you intend to give more volume to your curly hair, consider trimming your hair. Get a professional who will carefully layer your curly hair while shaping your curls.

Additionally, a professional will advise on the best pattern, length, width, and density for your hair to achieve a curly and voluminous look. You will realize that trimming was all you had to do and get your hair to respond to all the effort that you put in place to add volume.


8.  Styling Your Hair

The style you use to set your hair determines how curly and voluminous it will look. As much as you need hair products to style your hair, remember to keep the products as light as possible.

You can use sea salt spray to hold your hair strands together without causing the damage that other crunchy products do.

You can apply volumizing foam as this will add volume and help you style your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner to wet your hair if you have not washed it to make styling easier.

This leave-in conditioner will also help prevent the hair from frizzing and revitalize your curls. Use a curling wand to curl hair, the straighter pieces of your hair.

Wrap the straight hair on the curling wand and hold it in this position for a while. Repeat the process and curl all the consecutive pieces of the hair. This will help better the shape of your curls and add volume to the head.


9.  Use Hot Rollers

use hot rollers on curly hair to get volume

Hot rollers serve the same role as curling irons and flat irons but have no unique technique for using them. You set them on your hair for about twenty minutes, and after you detach them, the hair is curly and more voluminous.

Hot rollers are a great option if your hair is dry and you do not have enough time to wash and moisturize it. You can use hair spray to moisturize the hair and set the rollers in the direction you intend to wave to the face.

Allow the rollers to cool before taking them out to make the volume last.


Wrapping Up

Having curly and voluminous hair is a dream come true for most ladies. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve this dream hair with a few changes to your usual hair care practices and adding to what you already have.

Follow the tips above and make your hair one of the things you are proudest of.