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25 Sensational Gypsy Haircuts for Women

Before the shag, there was the gypsy hairstyle. Characterized by multiple long layers that move down the hair, this style is meant to evoke energy, spirituality, and freedom of traveling gypsies that play by their own rules.

A gypsy style is anything but neat, so choose this style to bring out your inner child or earthy side. This cut is suitable for hair, both super short and ultra-long.


Your Ideal Gypsy Haircuts and Styles

A carefree look isn’t just reserved for your typical long hair. Check out our 25 stunning gypsy haircuts and hairstyles for all different hair types below.

1. Long Gypsy Hair

long gypsy haircut

Say hello to a classic long gypsy haircut. With this style, hair reaches to at least your chest and beyond, yet much of the bulk is removed thanks to long, sexy layers. Feeling playful? Add charms and details like a headband with long feathers.


2. Full Gypsy Curls

curly gypsy hairstyle

When it comes to a curly gypsy hairstyle, the bigger, the better! Accentuate large ringlets with long, cascading curls cut into evenly placed layers. For a touch of flair, pin one side of the hair back over the ear.

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3. Short and Shaggy Gypsy Cut

short gypsy shag haircut

Not every babe craves long hair. This short gypsy shag haircut has as much movement as the longest cuts out there. To create this look, ask your stylist to cut short layers starting at the top of the head. The layers around your face should be cut so that the energy moves forward.


4. Gypsy Wedding Up-do

gypsy wedding hairstyle

So often we see polished styles for the big day that we forget about the beauty of a gypsy wedding hairstyle. Try tying up your beautiful dreadlocks and long, layered hair with a white ribbon or headband in a delicate fabric like lace or silk. This way, your hairstyle can shine but the focus remains on your lovely face.


5. Red Gypsy Hair

Irish red gypsy hairstyle

An Irish gypsy hairstyle is the perfect way to add a touch of romanticism to ginger and auburn locks. The tapered, layered cut brings curls to a point. Every red-haired gypsy knows that this style shows off personality and creamy white skin like no other.


6. Long Layers for Thick Hair

layered gypsy haircut for thick hair

If you’re simply looking for inspiration for your loads of hair, you’ve come to the right place. A layered gypsy haircut for thick hair will remove bulk, making hair fall more beautifully. Plus, you’ll be able to rock up-dos with ease.


7. Crotchet Gypsy Style

Want long locks fast? This gypsy crochet hairstyle lets you crochet braid long, layered pieces into your natural hair for the look that you desire. Add beads and darker strands to make lighter strands like platinum pop.


8. Twist-Back 

half up gypsy hairstyle

Bring out your inner Gypsy with a dreamy hairstyle. Incorporate a feather headband when twisting back the side locks for the charms to dangle at the back. The remaining loose waves are gathered in a low ponytail. Recreate the look with a soft blonde ombre and you will love it! 


9. Front Row Braids

gypsy hairstyle with braids

The simpler, the better! Roam around while keeping those long tresses on the loose. The front chunks are plaited on both sides of the face all the way to the end to keep the braids intact all day long without rubber bands. Add curls and hand-tousle them for a carefree appeal.


10. Loose Gypsy Curls

gypsy curls

Make a style statement by cutting the hair in V-shaped layers and adding loose curls. The middle-parted strands at the front are curled outward to frame the face while the remaining locks are teased and tousled for a ruffled look. Retro and chic!


11. Horizontal Plaits + Ombre

messy gypsy hairstyle

Messy is the new dressy! Give off Bohemian vibes with this funky hairdo defined by a dark brown to blonde gradient and rumpled curls. Top off by plaiting and twisting the strands on one side of the face and securing them diagonally on the opposite side covering a part of the forehead.


12. Shaggy Layers

layered gypsy haircut

Gypsy haircuts are all about jagged layers falling at uneven lengths creating a lot of movement on the head. Ask the hairstylist for a medium-length shag with side-swept bangs grazing the brows. Use some volumizing spray when styling the tresses and voila!


13. Blonde Highlights

gypsy hairstyle with feathers

Liven up your boring long locks with highlights. Add streaks of caramel or honey blonde to stand against a darker base and finish off with loose waves. Not enough? Put on a funky headband with long vibrant feathers dangling along the length.


14. Messy Appeal

red gypsy hairstyle

Those blessed with fluffy curls can go for a romantic appeal by layering the strands individually to fall around the face flawlessly. The light ginger roots darken towards the tips creating a barely-there ombre effect. Give the hair a good head shake, put on some feather earrings, and get ready to rock!


15. Beach Waves

Bohemian Gypsy hairstyle

Shabby and sexy, that is what beach waves are! These versatile loose curls go perfectly with all hair lengths. Use a curler or straightener or avoid the heat by wrapping the damp strands around a hairband overnight. Complete the look with a cowboy hat, a bead necklace, and a guitar too if possible.


16. Dark to Light Gradient

gypy hairstyle with bangs

Make those piercing blue eyes stand out with this hair look. The ashy brown top transitions into a light blonde tinge while reaching the ends. Chop the mane into shaggy layers with side-parted bangs framing the face and add bouncy curls.


17. Auburn Locks

gypsy hairstyle for Asian girls

Ladies who wish for a gypsy hairstyle but want to keep it low-key can experiment with auburn tresses. The beautiful reddish brown hair shade is sure to attract some attention. Add loose waves, a bandana headband along the hairline, and another one with feathers swaying at the back. Simply wow!


18. Front Streaks

highlighted gypsy hairstyle

Don’t know what to do with all of that hair? Go for chunky blonde highlights to add a soft glow to the face and tousle the fluff on one side. Add colorful flowers and rock some stylish boho jewels to set the look on fire. Can’t get any easier!


19. Long and Loose

women's wavy gypsy hair

Look like a nomad by rocking dirty blonde locks with subtle babylights in between. Add curls and loosen them a bit by brushing the hair. Go for a zigzag middle part and dishevel the strands with your fingers for an undone appeal.


20. Platinum Love

gypsy blonde hairstyle

Platinum blonde is the lightest and probably the chicest shade of blonde. Turn around some heads by coupling this cool shade with dark roots and soft waves. Tousle the strands forward with a chic Panama hat on top and done!


21. Get Wild

gypsy hairstyle for women

Getting a little wild surely won’t hurt when it comes to styling your hair. Recreate this Romanichal hairstyle with a simple trick. Straighten the locks and add tight curls in between creating a hot mess. Finish off with dark eyes and red lips. Bold and beautiful!


22. Play with Pastels

Gypsy shag haircut

Pastel colors are soft, cool, and magical all at the same time. Experiment with pink, purple, and blue hues with a hint of platinum near the tips. Hand-tousle the short gypsy shag and sport a cute daisy headband at the front. Take a step ahead and color the brows too!


23. Deadly Dreads

gypsy style dreadlocks

Dreadlocks make the perfect gypsy hairstyle. Twist and tease the layered strands and use extensions to go as long as you want. Use wooden beads and hair strings to decorate the locs and set off the bold look with a stylish turban matching the outfit.


24. Braided Headband

straight gypsy haircut

Redheads can stand out from the crowd by layering their ginger locks in a sharp V shape. Keep the hair simply straight or add waves depending on the mood. This look is however incomplete without a synthetic braided hairband running across the forehead.  


25. Pinned Back Sides

gypsy wedding hairstyle

Gypsy brides who plan to stun everyone on their big day can check out this charming hairdo. The wavy tresses are left loose to sway with the wind while the side locks are pinned back with face-framing strands at the front. Finish off with feather earrings and a floral hairband. Tada!


Your best new gypsy hairstyle is right around the corner. Create movement and convey your laidback spirit with one of these gorgeous looks.