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Top 10 Hair Color Ideas For Men Over 50

Changing the hair color is easier than getting a stylish haircut. And if you are a man above 50, coloring your hair becomes obvious, as you may want to hide those pesky grays. However, most people struggle to choose the perfect shade to change their overall appearance.

So, if you have been considering changing your hair color but are confused about the desired shade, check the following men over 50 hair color ideas for different hair types. We are confident that you will surely get a couple of ideas.

Modern Hair Color Ideas for Men Above 50

If you are seeking to keep your natural look or go for a bright or bold shade, the following hair colors are ideal for guys over 50.

1. Bright Silver

silver hair color for men above 50

If your hair is greying and you want to camouflage in a natural way, why don’t you try a bright silver color?

Depending on your desired outcome, you may use parament or semi-permanent. While the permanent dye will stay about 8 weeks, the semi-permanent will last 6 weeks.

2. Dark Salt and Pepper

dark grey hair color for men above 50

This color style for men over 50 suits best to long hair. If half of your hair just started greying, you can style it with dark salt and pepper, which will allow your natural gray hairs to peek through.

3. Light Orange

pastel blue hair color for men above 50

The light orange-tinted hair looks good on a bright skin tone. Also, short hair with a receding hairline brings this color to perfection as it gives a thicker and fuller appearance.

4. Dark Brown

dark brown hair color for men above 50

As we know dark hair always symbolizes youth. So, if your hair started to become grey or whitish, you may try a dark brown shade all over your head for a youthful look and slow down your aging appearance.

5. Honey Blonde

long blonde hair for men above 50

This hair color is perfect for a white man with long hair, and it mixes warmth with elegance. Pair this with a long stubble beard and spectacle, and you will get a trendy style fit for any season.

6. Pastel Green

green hair for men above 50

Although many men think that pastel green is reserved for young men, you may try it in your 50s too! With whitish roots, the green on the edges will give you a funky appearance on your short hair.

7. White Blonde

short white blonde for men above 50

This specific man over 50 hair color will give you a natural look if they already have blonde or whitish hair. No one can guess whether you color your hair or not. But, keep in mind that if you have grey hair, you will need to bleach your hair before getting this shade.

8. Ashy Blue

ashy blue hair with undercut for men above 50

It is basically a blue shade with grey undertones. You can achieve this exact color by bleaching the hair first and then adding a light blue toner. It is great for men who want to reverse their age.


9. Faded Ginger 

dirty blonde hair for men above 50

Typically natural red hair slightly fades with age and you can accentuate it by giving some grey tone to the lower part of the hair. This will help to keep their natural pigment with a greying blend.

10. Pastel Blue

pastel blue hair color for men above 50

White men with blonde hair can easily try this color as it can uniquely pop against the skin tone. You will need a blue color with a white base to get this exact color.

It is normal that our hair loses its natural look with age. But, it gives us a chance to change our regular appearance and try something new. These hair colors will certainly give you a new fresh look, perhaps a fresh start.