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20 of The Coolest Long Hairstyles for Older Men

As we age, it is often difficult to find a long hairstyle that matches our personalities and suits our changing bodies. Aging usually brings about not just a transformation in hair color but also a change in hair type. With thinning, balding and hair loss also being potential issues, some older men don’t know where to turn when it comes to maintaining their luscious locks.

long hairstyles for older men

For some, hair remains a source of personality and, in some cultures, virility. But, think about the chaos caused when Sansom had his hair chopped!

If you want to maintain long hair as you age but are worried about looking more like a yeti or an extra from Castaway, we have included 20 fabulous long hairstyles for older men to help inspire your maturing look.

Stylish Long Hairstyle Ideas for Old Men

So, if you are getting long in the tooth and want to remain long in the locks, then here are the top 20 long hairstyles for old men to inspire your next hairstyle.

1. Long White Comb Over

long grey hairstyle for older men

If your hair is still thick, voluminous and long, why wouldn’t you flaunt it? Comb it over and add some pomade or hair gel. This way, you will highlight the wavy texture of your hair. Wear your locks on your shoulders and style a medium beard with a moustache. 

2. Man Bun

long hair bun for older men

One of the coolest long hairstyles for old men is one involving a man bun and a long pointy beard. If you can mix these two, you will look years younger. It can be styled in just a few minutes by gathering all your hair in the back and tying it down with a hair elastic.

3. Waves

long thin hair for older men

If your hair is naturally blonde, you don’t have too much to worry about when your white strands start appearing. As you can see, the blend between the two nuances will look great. It will buy your time until you need to dye your hair for an even look completely.

4. Japanese Pony

long ponytail for older men

Japanese men have a whole tradition built around the ponytail. Powerful warriors like Samurai had this haircut during battle. For years, the hairdo never lost its popularity, and men adapted it to modern times. It is simple yet so versatile. 

5. Dreadlocks

older man with long dreads

A pointy beard will look beautiful with layered dreadlocks. Black men adored this type of hairstyle and compliment them greatly. To make the hairstyle more spectacular for older guys, style it with different lengths and sizes of the locks. 

6. One-Sided 

long straight hair for older men

A shoulder-length bob haircut will definitely compliment your beard. Slide the top to one side and keep the hair out of your face. It will help you mask the receding hairline. Besides your beard, you can also sport a long moustache that blends with it.

7. Comb Over

long dyed hair for older men

If you are not ready to give up your long tresses, and you don’t mind the signs of baldness and receding hairline, comb over your hair. Wear your wavy locks on your shoulders. It’s all about attitude and this long hairstyle for older men will definitely make you stand out!

8. White Bob

70 years old man with long hair

Remember Dumbledore from Harry Potter? Well, such a long beard will make you look just like him. Cut your white hair short, in a bob haircut to highlight that astonishing beard. Complete the look with the long moustache, and turn the ends upwards. 

9. Thin Pony

long hair with shaved sides for older men

As you grow older, your hair has less strength and becomes white and thinner. It also falls constantly. So don’t be intrigued when your ponytail becomes lighter and thinner day by day. However, to get that rebellious vibe, you can shave the sides and go for a goatee.

10. Curly Blonde Hair

older man with long curly hair

Once your hair loses its pigment, it will be best to choose a hair colour that it’s lighter, with silver and platinum reflexes. I will help you mask and better blend those white hair threads.

11. Debonair Hair

long hairstyles for older men

Long hair for older men has a very bad rap, and its versatility is often overlooked. A hairstyle like this can be coiffed to look very sophisticated and elegant or worn more relaxed with a messy texture to achieve that laid-back, rugged look.

The key to pulling off a style like this is to keep your hair in top condition and have layers cut into the shape to have plenty of body at the roots.

Pair up Your Long Hair with Short Beard

12. Low Key Laid-Back

hairstyles for older men with long hair

Even with a slightly receding hairline, you can find a style that will suit longer hair without looking like a badly aging Rockstar!

The hair lift at the roots and naturally curly hair detract from the thinning retreating of the hairline. Wearing the hair to the side also draws the eye away from any problem areas.

13. Shoulder Length Silver-Fox

shoulder length hairstyle for older men

If you have always worn your hair long and are concerned about your style options as you become older, this is an excellent example of older men’s long hair being sported in more twilight years.

This thin hair is cropped at the shoulders to prevent it from looking too heavy and lank, and a scant beard or casual goatee is a very stylish touch.

14. Longer Topped Lad

hairstyle with longer top for older men

Long hair doesn’t always have to mean a flourish of lengthy locks. If you find that your hair is thinning with age or balding at the crown, then a crop like this will work wonders to boost your locks and boost your confidence.

Having a more tapered cut around the back of the head and offsetting it with a longer top is a great way to have still a very gentlemanly but longer style – without looking too conventional or boring.

Wearing the top brushed back in a floppy relaxed manner can cover up any thinning patches for old men without looking too structured or styled.

15. Natural And Native

old men's long natural hairstyle

Curly chopped hair is a fantastic way for framing an otherwise very angular or long face. By wearing the hair off part, it can give the impression of added volume. Keep curls tamed with a light styling product so that they don’t succumb to frizz but don’t over-styled, or it’ll destroy the air of casual style.

If you decide to pair this older men’s long hair look with a beard, keep it neatly trimmed to avoid looking too much like a bushman!

16. The Handsome Sansom

As hair turns grey or white, it can change the texture and become very wiry. You can use this to your advantage when having long hair by embracing this new-found texture and using it to your advantage with a cut that enhances volume.

You can also pull this versatile look back into a low ponytail or bun. For added volume, keep the hair squeaky clean, so there is plenty lift at the roots.

17. Pulled Back Hairstyle with Head Band

If you are lucky enough to have speckles of salt and pepper coloring in your hair, it’d be foolish not to embrace it! Pick a style that enhances this dappled hair color which often looks excellent with additional layers, thick sideburns, or a beard. Don’t shy away from adding quirky accessories such as a hairband, bandana, or hat if your personality suits.

Being an old man doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t embrace your idiosyncrasies! For example, if you opt to style your hair pulled back with a hairband, you could try having the ends thinned out so it sits better when styled.

18. Long Hair Don’t Care

hairstyle for older men who have long hair

A slightly messy texture can look wonderfully mellow and relaxed on the long hair of an older man. The bed-head style is a timeless look, youngsters often rock that, but just because you may be ‘over the hill’ it doesn’t mean you have to be over trendy styles.

The key to pulling off this look is to avoid excessive weight caused by length. So, ensure that you have regular trims to add layers and keep the much-needed volume.

19. Fitty Over Fifty

hairstyles for over 50 year old men

As hair whitens at old age, it can appear as though it is looking thinner. Keeping the top longer and using the front part to frame the face, it helps give the illusion of added body and helps hide any troublesome thinning patches.

20. Stress-Free Braids

long hairstyle with braids for older men

With braids being one of the most versatile styles for men – getting older doesn’t mean that you should go for a full-on chop. On the contrary, braids are a great way to protect long hair for old men, give it a rest from daily stresses, and therefore is a perfect option for anyone struggling with the changes in texture that age brings.


Let’s discuss some of the most commonly asked questions about long hairstyles for older men.

What is the suitable hair length for older men?

Many older men choose to grow their hair after retirement. No one length is considered the best length for older men. It is more about what hair length fits your face shape. If you have thick hair, you can rock any length at any age. 

Can 70-year-old men have long hair?

Yes, 70-year-olds with luscious locks are great candidates for long hair past middle age. As long as the hair is thick, keeps its volume, and is not thinning, long hair is a good choice for men who want to change their look from the mainstream. 

Does long hair make old men look older?

If long hair is not properly taken care of with regular washing, trims, and hair treatments, it can make you look older due to dehydration and texture. If older men with receding hairlines or thinning hair try to grow their hair out, it can make them look older. 

Is it bad for older men to have long hair?

No! Older men can rock long hair just as well as short hairstyles. It is not bad for older men to have long hair. When older men try to grow long hair, but their hair is beginning to thin or fall out, then it might not be the best choice. 

Short or long hair: which one is best for older guys?

For older guys with thick hair, short and long haircuts are flattering. If an older guy has thinning hair, the long hairstyle might not be the best choice.