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18 Blue Hairstyles for Men (2024 Hottest Trends)

Blue hairstyles are hot right now, with more and more men trading in their boring colors for something a little more fun and exciting.

Any man who wants a blue hair look needs to carefully consider the cut and style that will look best on him.


Coolest Blue Hair Color Ideas for Guys

Check out our funkiest blue hair looks that men who want an edgy look for this year can try without any doubt.

1. Midnight Blue Curls

midnight blue hair color for men

Midnight blue seems to be the perfect color for curly hair, giving a bold and vibrant look while making your curls pop. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little bit of edge to your look. Moreover, it will accentuate natural curls on men.


2. Long Hair with Undercut

men's long blue hair with undercut

An undercut can help to add texture and interest to long blue hair. To start, gather your hair into a man bun or a low ponytail. Secure it with some bobby pins or a hair tie. Next, take the sections on either side of your head and cut them short, about an inch below your scalp.


3. Pastel Mess

men's pastel blue hair

To give a messy look to your hair, blow dry it straight using a cool airbrush. However, avoid using too much heat, as this will cause your hair to become frizzy. Finish the look as it is with any kinks or waves.


4. Faded Side

blue hair color for men with receding hair

If your hairline is receding, fading sides can help to cover the bald spot. However, make sure the sides are trimmed evenly all around and avoid using too much product on top. In addition to that, coloring the top hair with blue color will make any man more prominent.


5. Pompadour

blue pompadour for men

Looking to update your look with a blue pompadour? Start by mixing up your hair color with a light blue hue. You can achieve this by using a lighter shampoo or conditioner or by mixing a few drops of blue dye into your regular hair color.


6. Short Afro

men with blue afro hair

Short afro hair is becoming more popular among African American men. You can change up your look by choosing different shades of blue and mixing them to create a unique look. You can also try wearing blue accessories to complete your look.


7. Disconnected Undercut

hairstyles for guys with blue hair

This is an icy and shocking look thanks to the use of both bold blue and white. The white tips perfectly accentuate the bold roots of this style, making it a look that is going to stand out in a crowd.

It’s not for the faint of heart and requires regular upkeep on for the blue roots.


8. Dark Blue with Black Beard

Dark Blue Hair with Black Beard

This dark blue hair looks great on men paired with the black beard. Since both of the colors are so bold and focused, this look is sure to attract attention.

It’s important to pay attention to the sideburns so that the blue and the black mix seamlessly and make the look appear cohesive.


9. Side Swept Undercut

blue hairstyles for men

Guys who want something that is easy to dye and style will really appreciate this blue hair look.

Since just the top of the hair is dyed blue and the sides are cut short, this look is easy to style in the morning and can easily be shaved off, if desired. It’s cute and effortless.


10. Midnight Blue and Short Cut

 men's midnight blue hair

What really makes this look stand out is the deep midnight blue hair color. Unlike brighter blues that will attract a lot of attention, this darker color almost looks black in some light.

This means that it is going to be less of a distraction and will still allow guys with blue hair to show off their favorite color.


11. Super Curly

short curly blue hair for men

Curls add a ton of volume, depth, and interest to men’s hairstyle, making it a welcoming change from straight blue hair.

The curls are dyed blue, while the shorter sides and black are left a natural dark black. This creates a fun contrast that most curly-haired men will appreciate, as it makes them look unique.


12. Man Bun with Beard

There’s no reason why men who have longer hair can’t dye their hair blue, although they will need to spend more time keeping up their style.

This man bun is a lot of fun and a great way to keep hair out of the face. A blue bun paired with a natural beard is a striking look on any bold man.


13. Dark Undercut with Beard

Some men want something that will be easy to take care of, which is why this blue haircut is such a great option.

The dark tapered undercut allows the longer blue hair on top to have a lot of movement, but still adds depth to the style. Keeping the undercut and beard the same color grounds the look.


14. Spiky Blue Mess

Not all blue hair has to be tamed, as this spiky fohawk look clearly shows. It’s a bit messy, which is a lot of fun for men who want hair color that will help them stand out in a crowd.

By using plenty of product to add movement and volume to the hair, men can achieve a unique look.


15. Undercut Fade with Blue Spikes

A fade makes the hair on top of the head really stand out. This fade is paired with a full and spiked top, which makes the look a lot of fun.

The bright blue color is bold and in your face, which means that it is sure to attract a lot of attention.


16. Aqua Blue Top with Bald Fade

Bright aqua blue is perfect hair color for the confident man, but can be overwhelming. Pairing this bold color with a high bald fade helps to even it out.

The fade goes well above the ear, and the longer hair on top has plenty of movement and volume thanks to the use of product.


17. Long Blue Locks with Dark Roots

long blue haircuts for guys

One of the easiest blue hairstyles for men is to simply grow hair out longer and then dye it blue.

This look doesn’t take a lot of effort and can easily be switched up by tucking the hair behind the ears or pulling it back from the face. Regularly touching up the roots is key.


18. Pompadour Fade

blue hair for men

A touch of blue at the front of this icy white pompadour is a lot of fun. The blue is just on the front of the style, which means that it can only be seen from certain angles. A great fade on the sides and back of the head helps to finish the look.


These fun blue hair colors and styles are great options for any man looking to improve the way he looks and how he feels about himself.