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Top 17 Hairstyles for 80-Year-Old Women Wearing Glasses

Wrinkles, sagging skin, thinning locks, and a pair of specs on the face are all part of climbing the ladder of aging. And when you’re 80 years old, while you might have spent years heat-styling your tresses, it’s the time when every woman prefers a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. A hairstyle that adds some youthfulness to the face and accentuates those glasses.

There are as many frames to experiment with as there are hairdos to try out. That’s the very reason why we have assembled the best hairstyles for 80-year-old women with glasses below to make things easier for you today!

Chic Hairstyles for 80-Year-Olds Who Wear Glasses

Opt for long haircuts or go short and sassy to enjoy your senior years in style. A fresh hair color would also be ideal to give yourself an eye-popping style shake-up. Here are some easy-to-maintain hairstyles for women over 80 wearing glasses.

1. Side-Swept Bixie

short bob for 80 year old woman with glasses

Experiment with a haircut that lies in between a bob and a pixie. The layers are cut at ear length to hug the face adding a little roundness to it to balance out the sagging skin near the chin.

A basic side parting with soft bangs are perfect to accompany your specs.

2. Classy Lob with Bangs

straight for 80 year old woman with glasses

Keep it elegant with a long bob, also known as the lob, with the strands grazing the shoulders.

Opt for wispy bangs to hide a wide forehead and its wrinkles while avoiding a suffocating look as in the case of a thick blunt fringe. The light dirty blonde hair color is a must-try too.

3. Deva Cut Curls

hairstyle for 80 year old black woman with glasses

Here’s a hairstyle for 80-year-old women with glasses and curly tresses. The technique involves cutting each individual coil when dry to fall exactly where intended around the face.

Ask for a rounded snip and push all the hair away from the eyes with an elastic hairband.

4. Relaxed Updo with Fringe

bangs for 80 year old woman with glasses

Keeping hair on the loose during hot summer days can become a little uncomfortable when getting on in years.

Recreate this relaxed hairdo using a simple claw clip leaving some chunks out around the specs for a carefree vibe. Finger-tousle your fringe at the front and there you go!  

5. Messy Elfin Haircut

hairstyle for 80 year old woman with fine hair and glasses

Breathe some life into those boring tresses with an edgy elfin haircut. Going short is the best way to make a thin mane appear much healthier and thicker.

Ask for plenty of short layers with soft baby bangs at the front and leave the rest to your natural hair texture.

6. Platinum Curly Crop

messy bob for 80 year old woman with glasses

Be the stylish grandma everyone wishes to become with a fresh clean platinum blonde all-over hair color.

Spice it up with a short layered bob and opt for a loose curly perm for an effective volume boost, chic round-framed glasses, and bright red lips to drop some jaws. The messier, the better!

7. Elegant Ponytail

ponytail for 80 year old woman with glasses

Ponytails are all-rounders and won’t disappoint no matter what the age and occasion.

Those who are lucky enough to have thick long tresses, when turning 80 or above, can gather them in a simple pony at the back. Match your lips with your frames for a unique look.

8. Layers for Thin Hair

red hair for 80 year old woman with glasses

Thin weak hair is a part of getting old. But the look of your tresses can be enhanced by opting for soft wispy layers falling anywhere between the chin and shoulders.

Couple it with a vibrant hair color while rectangular frames help create the illusion of width near the eye region.

9. Long Luscious Curls

long hairstyle for 80 year old woman with glasses

80 year-old women with glasses can copy this hairstyle idea right away especially those who don’t want to chop off their precious locks.

Go for loose wavy curls midway to the ends with a slightly off-center parting to steal the show at any formal event. Don’t forget your jewels!  

10. Choppy Bob

medium bob for 80 year old woman with glasses

Choppy layers produce blunt tips rather than wispy ones creating the illusion of thick hair.

Try a chopped-up bob with a blonde hair color and allow those greying roots to emerge with confidence for a two-toned appeal. Put on your specs and call it a day!

11. Headband Hairstyle

headband hairstyle for 80 year old woman with glasses

Headbands don’t look childish when coupled with the right hairstyle. They are, in fact, an ideal hair accessory to keep the strands away from the face. Try them with a short bob or an elegant hair bun.

Transparent frames are also a good choice as they won’t overshadow your face.

12. Pixie Shag

layered pixie cut for 80 year old woman with glasses

Take advantage of an outgrown pixie haircut by converting it into a short shag featuring a handful of layers that are fuller on the crown and feathery near the tips.

Finish off with side-swept bangs and a shiny grey hair color for a polished look.

13. Halo Braid Updo

crown braid for 80 year old woman with glasses

Halo braid updos appear magical, and royal, and are suitable to keep all the hair neatly tucked away.

Braid down the tresses and wrap them around the head to be secured with pins. You can also put on a synthetic braided headband paired with a low-lying bun for a similar outcome.

14. Short Round Bob

hairstyle for 80 year old Asian woman with glasses

Bobs make the best hairstyles for 80-year-old ladies with glasses, without a doubt.

Try a rounded one with minimal layers featuring short sides softly elongating towards the back. Choose round frames and add pins at the front for a cute finish.

15. Pompadour Pixie

short hairstyle for 80 year old woman with glasses

Enjoy your golden years with style by experimenting with a pixie haircut. Create a pompadour silhouette by keeping the top long and layered with smooth short sides.

Brush back all the hair during a good blowout to end up with a textured pouf that won’t be ignored.

16. Easy Brush-Back

haircut for 80 year old woman with glasses

An elegant short hairstyle for older ladies to show fashion sense. Talking about brushed-back hairstyles, here’s another one that can be tried on a usually layered bob. Make use of that god-gifted wavy hair texture and simply comb away all the strands when wet.

Opt for halo highlights that are placed mainly at the front to brighten up your face like nothing else.

17. Soft Mushroom Cut

bob haircut for 80 year old woman with glasses

Stand out from the rest with this unique hairstyle that’s a must-try for all 80-year-olds with glasses and thick hair.

Play around with a modern soft round mushroom haircut with those thick bangs elongating along the sides towards the back. Roll the ends inwards for a bouncy finish.

From classic bobs to edgy pixies, these hairstyles for 80-year-old women with glasses will surely help bring out your best features once coupled with suitably shaped spectacles. Just keep in mind your hair texture, density, and styling routine before making a final decision.