10 Damn Stylish High Blowout Haircuts for Men

Blowout hairstyle first became popular in the 1990s and the variations of it are appearing on the fashion scene ever since. Men’s high blowout haircuts are among the most fashionable hairstyles of the 21st century.

Instead of keeping the shaved part extremely low, modern men are not afraid of making it as high as possible. Eventually, they get a mix between a mohawk and a blowout.

This combination is truly impressive and can be a great way to make a statement. If you are looking for a special hairstyle but a mohawk is too far-fetched, consider a high blowout.


High Blowout Haircuts

High blowout haircuts for men are exactly what you need to spice up your life. If you are tired of simple taper fades, shags, bobs, military styles, and whatever haircuts the fashion world is throwing at you, the time has come to check out something different.

There is a good reason why the blowouts have been on the scene for over 30 years. They are fun and interesting and leave plenty of room for imagination. We came up with 10 simple ways to create a great high blowout hairstyle. Take advantage of one of them!

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1. Tapered fohawk blowout

taper fohawk blowout

Shaping up the top part of the high blowout is easy. All you have to do is to create proper contrast. The easiest and the most popular way to do it is to make a tapered fohawk. The top part is styled in the classic blowout way.


2. Wide mohawk blowout

mohawk blowout

Another bold way to create high blowout haircut is to make a mohawk. When the sides are completely shaved, it’s easy to shape the top part just the way you like. Just make sure to leave enough hair to do it.


3. Curly blowout

men's curly blowout haircut

The top part of the blowout will look especially stunning if you have curly hair. If you don’t, consider using a curling iron to make your blowout stand out of the crowd. The sides can be shaved or faded.


4. Ivy League blowout

high ivy league blowout haircut

You can easily create an Ivy League blowout by asking your hairstylist to keep the sides shaved or short. The width of the shaved part should exceed about 4 inches. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion.


5. High and simple

high blowout haircut

This short and easy to maintain high blowout is the choice of many black men who have a hard time dealing with their unruly hair. You can add some hair designs to make your modern blowout even more impressive.

Popular Low Blowout Haircuts


Asian Guy with High Blowout Hairstyle





high blowout haircuts for men


These men’s high blowout haircuts should give you a chance to experiment with your locks without going back in time. The more modern the approach to the old blowout is, the more impressive you will look.

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