How Long Will It Take to Change Hair Color from Dark Brown to Blonde?

Most brunettes have always wondered what they might look like as a blonde. For those who have tried this monumental task and come out with orange hair, you know that the process isn’t as simple as a one and done dye job. It takes time and professional assistance to do it safely and without damaging the hair.


How Long Does it Take to Change Hair Color from Dark Brown to Blonde?

dark brown to blonde hair color

  • If your hair is virgin, meaning that it has never been dyed before, it will take one 3-5 hour session to strip the brown color and dye hair blonde.
  • It will take up to 2 to 3 sessions for coarse, curly, or particularly dark brown hair. You should wait a minimum of 4 weeks in between sessions to avoid damage to the hair. 
  • If you want a platinum hue, it make take a final session to safely reach this color without causing brittleness and dryness.


Transitioning hair from Dark Brown to Blonde

The process of lightening dark brown hair involves bleaching the hair in order to strip it of all color. It is only after the hair has been bleached that it can be processed to your desired hue of blonde. This is no easy task and involves adhering to several different tips in order to properly strip and dye hair so that it stays healthy. 

1. Consult a Professional Stylist

change hair color from dark brown to blonde

When taking your hair from dark brown to blonde, it’s always best to consult a professional. You should never take your hair from dark brown to a light color on your own, unless you want to deal with the aforementioned orange hair catastrophe.

Before you dye your hair, schedule an in-person consultation. Transforming hair to blonde involves more than simply looking at tones. Hair porousness, thickness, virginity, and overall texture will play a huge role in how long the process will take for you and how it should be done.


2. Exercise Patience

transitioning dark brown to blonde hair

The darker your hair, the more sessions it will take to transform your hair into your ideal blonde color. The darker your brunette, the longer you’ll have to wait. It may take 3 sessions or more to achieve locks that are healthy, so consider if you’re in it for the long haul before making the commitment.


3. Ask about a bonder

dark brown hair to blonde hair

A good colorist will mix in essential nutrients to the dye to protect and strengthen the hair. Oftentimes they will add in a protein or moisture treatment or use a hair bonder to maintain the integrity of every hair strand. Ask them what products they typically mix in and which ones you can use on yourself post-coloring.


4. Trust your stylist

transitioning hair from dark brown to blonde

Even if you’re willing to sit in the chair for 12 hours at one time to process brown hair to blonde, it’s typically not worth it. You may get the blonde that you crave that day, but it’s not worth it if hair turns out brittle and damaged.

Plus, this will make the hair color only fade faster. If your stylist recommends that you take this process gradually, it’s in your best interest to listen. 


As you can see, coloring dark brown hair to blonde is hardly a one-time thing. It will likely take 2 to 3 sessions to get your hair to the blonde that you desire without sacrificing the health of your hair. 

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