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How to Pick the Right Neckline For Your Haircut, According to Hairdressers

Picking the right neckline for your haircut is an essential part of the haircutting process and can make all the difference in the result. Necklines should not only be flattering to your features but also suit your hair texture and desired haircut style.

Let’s get into more detail about haircut neckline types to help you decide which is best for you.

Types of Necklines

Types of Hair Neckline
Types of Hair Necklines

When deciding on a haircut neckline, hairdressers typically use three main types: the blocked, rounded, and tapered neckline.

Each style has its unique look, benefits, and considerations when choosing what will look best on you. Haircut neckline types offer a way to add structure and shape to haircut styles and complement the shape of your face.

Blocked Neckline

Blocked Neckline
Blocked Neckline

A blocked/squared neckline haircut usually involves straight lines along the back of the haircut that create a sharp, square shape. This haircut neckline is perfect for those who desire structure and definition and is often considered a professional and clean look.

Best for: It is important to consider your neck shape before committing to this haircut. If you have a slim neck, a blocked neckline haircut can look great as it will make it appear wider. If you naturally have a thicker neck, this haircut may not be the most flattering as it will accentuate that feature.

Best-matching haircuts: This cut is versatile, and you can wear it professionally and casually. The type of neckline is suitable for any short haircut on a man depending on the look they are going for. Women can use it for short cuts like bobs and pixie cuts.

Pros: It is excellent for those looking for a classic haircut that you can easily style with minimal effort.

Cons: Blocked neckline upkeep can be a bit labor-intensive as it requires frequent trims to keep the edges clean. If you do not have the time to devote to haircut upkeep, this haircut might not be for you.

Rounded Neckline

Rounded Neckline
Rounded Neckline

A rounded neckline is similar to a blocked neckline haircut but offers a softer option. Rather than straight and clean lines, this haircut involves curved edges that form an arc-like shape, making it a good choice for those who do not want an overly structured haircut.

The rounded hair neckline is an excellent option if you want a professional look but do not necessarily want it to be overly defined. It gives off a classy and clean look while still being a bit subtle.

Best for: For those with a slim neck, a rounded haircut is a great option as it shows a little more skin on the sides, making the neck appear wider. This neckline is also great for those looking to add volume and movement, as the rounded shape adds softness to the haircut.

Best-matching haircuts: This neckline blends well with many short hairstyles, from buzzed to longer wavy or curly hair flows that show off your locks. It works wonderfully with wavy hair and layered cuts as it adds extra movement.

Pros: This neckline requires less maintenance than a blocked haircut because the edges don’t need to be kept so straight and sharp.

Cons: Some men consider a rounded neckline too feminine before deciding on this cut.

Tapered Neckline

Tapered Neckline
Tapered Neckline

A tapered neckline haircut is a more natural-looking haircut that fades down into the neckline with no noticeable lines or edges. This is, of course, the most casual neckline haircut. It looks and feels effortless, although it is still stylish, and you can clean it up nicely.

Best for: This is an excellent option for people with crooked or uneven necklines due to hair loss. A tapered neckline also helps to disguise an irregular neckline that you cannot cut into a blocked or rounded cut.

It will follow the natural growth patterns of your hair, but your hairdresser can tailor it to blend into the skin or leave a little more length for those who desire this. A tapered haircut is also great for anyone with thick hair as it can help to remove some of the bulk.

Best-matching haircuts: You can opt for a tapered neckline with any short haircut ranging from a buzz cut to longer, flowy hair. Tapered necklines are usually customized depending on the haircut you choose and your neck shape, so it’s a very versatile style.

Pros: It is ideal for those looking for something a bit more low-maintenance. Unlike blocked and rounded necklines, tapered necklines do not require frequent trims, and the lines of the haircut will blend with new hair growth without drastically changing the look.

Cons: If you’re looking for a unique haircut that looks tidy and sophisticated right away, this may not be the best choice due to its casual look.

What is a Bad Neckline?

Bad Neckline
Bad Necklines

When it comes to haircut neckline types, there is no clear-cut answer as to what looks bad and what looks good. However, some haircuts are undeniably bad and can leave you feeling under-confident with your haircut.

Your Neckline Is Cut Too High

A haircut neckline cut too high can result in a head of hair that looks completely unbalanced. If your neck hairline is cut too high, it will draw attention to the area and make your neck appear longer and your head appears short. Also, like a receding hairline, a neckline cut too high is blatantly apparent.

Not to mention, if you have any issues with growing your hair back, this could lead to an unfixable mistake.

You Neckline Is Cut Unevenly

Another haircut neckline mistake is when you or your hairdresser cut it unevenly. This could be in length, edges, or “lines” that curve. An uneven haircut can give off an unprofessional and messy look and may look like you tried to cut it yourself (maybe you did).

Your Preferred Neckline Cut Is Done Incorrectly

Things can go wrong with each, whether it be a blocked, rounded, or tapered neckline. Your hairdresser or barber may not be experienced in what you are asking for and may not be able to give you the haircut you were expecting.

Avoiding a Bad Haircut Neckline

Avoiding a bad neckline altogether and being proactive with your cut is always the best option. When going for a haircut, communicate clearly with your hairdresser or barber about what you are looking for.

Bring a photo or show them what you want and be specific about things you want to avoid, like taking too much length off the sides or cutting your hairline too high.

Additionally, be sure to ask your hairdresser to show you the haircut in progress so that you can make sure it looks exactly how you want.

Lastly, be honest. If you don’t like the haircut and it does not look how you asked for it, speak up. There is a chance they can fix it right on the spot.

If you do not feel comfortable getting it fixed with the same hairdresser, that is okay. Go to a different hairdresser or ask if someone else can fix it.

How To Fix a Bad Neckline

How To Fix a Bad Neckline

Fixing a bad neckline on your own can be tricky, and it is best to go and see a trusted professional hairdresser. If the hair is still long enough or the hairline is still low enough, getting it sorted by someone you can trust should always be your first option. In this case, it is a simple and quick fix.

If your haircut is uneven, you can take specific measures to try and fix it, such as using clippers or scissors to even it out at the salon or on your own if you know what you are doing.

If you want to correct it yourself, here are a few tips:

  • Use a hair-cutting razor or hair-cutting shears that make precise and clean cuts
  • Press lightly on the skin with your razor
  • Trim little by little and take your time, so you do not cut it too short and then have to wait for it to grow back out
  • Start with the back of the hairline and move up to the sides
  • Use a comb as a guide for an even haircut

Unfortunately, you cannot always fix haircut necklines immediately. If your haircut is done incorrectly or too short, you may need to wait until it grows more. However, you can take specific measures, such as using styling products to try and disguise it.

How To Pick The Right Neckline for Your Haircut

Ask an experienced hairdresser for advice. They are the experts and can help suggest a cut that suits you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get their opinions on the different styles you are considering.

As we mentioned, a blocked cut is a good option for those with naturally slim necks, as it will help your neck appear wider. If you already have a wide neck, you may want to opt for a tapered cut. The rounded neckline may be your best bet if you prefer something a little more subtle than a blocked cut but not as casual as a tapered cut.

Squared Vs. Tapered Neckline: What’s Better?

Squared Neckline Vs. Tapered Neckline
Squared Vs. Tapered Neckline

If you want to take the safe route, a tapered neckline is the most versatile haircut. This haircut is perfect for both long and short hair and can be tailored to your natural hairline and growth patterns. It is also easier to manage and looks better longer, so it does not require as many visits to the hairdresser.

If you prefer a clean-cut look, then a squared neckline is a good option. Just make sure you have the time to go to the salon often, or you can clean it up at home.

Square necklines work great on thin necks, conversely are not ideal for thicker necks. Tapered is, once again, versatile and customizable, so it can be matched with any neck shape.

Ultimately the haircut you choose should reflect your style and personality. Choosing the right haircut neckline is all about finding a cut you feel confident with that matches your lifestyle.

How To Maintain and Grow Out Your Neckline

Maintaining your hairline can be done on your own or by frequent trips to the hairdresser. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, use a trimmer rather than a clipper for cleanup.

A trimmer is designed to make a closer cut and is an excellent tool for upkeep. For obvious reasons, you should keep this line straight and as close to your natural hairline as possible.

To grow your hairline, consider investing in quality products such as shampoos or vitamins that help promote hair growth. Keep your hair healthy and hydrated using deep conditioners and heat styling products when needed. This will help avoid breakage.

Lastly, make sure the water you are washing your hair with is suitable for your hair. You can purchase a water filter from your local home improvement store to remove chlorine and other contaminants from your water. This will also help keep your hairline looking healthy.