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25 Iconic Taper Haircuts for Black Men [2024]

Choosing and getting the right taper haircut for black men can be a bit of a job. Getting the right style for the right hair type and according to the right length and texture may leave you dazzled at what to do with your hair.

Plus, there are so many cool styles to choose from that selecting just one seems a daunting task in itself.

Worry not for we have you backed up with the best hairstyles to choose from and each with its specifications of length, texture, and other nitty-gritty details so that you find yourself at ease of making the right choice.

So don’t hold back and select the right style for yourself today!

How to Do Taper Hairstyles for Black Men

How to Do Taper Hairstyles for Black men

Getting a tapered hairstyle may seem like a daunting task at home but not an impossible one. Though we do recommend you go to a professional to get one, if you are up for an experiment then do give it a try.

All you need is the right tools, a steady hand, and of course 2 mirrors. Once supplied with the equipment, clippers, and scissors, start by washing, drying, and combing the hair.

Start with the top and decide the length and then come to the sides and the bottom and decide the amount of fade you will want. And that gets you done!

Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Taper Haircuts for Black Men

Following is a list of hairstyles focusing on the tapered haircuts for black men and merging them with some other styles to give you a unique cool look this season.

1. Taper Fade with Bun

A taper haircut looks gorgeous on black men who want to style a top bun. Shortly trim the laterals and the back and go for an ear fade. Make sure you beautifully delimit the longer pieces from the crown from the shaved laterals. 

2. Caramel Thin Dreads

Black Men's Dreads with Taper Fade

Are you tired of dull hairstyles? Try this unique cut and dreadlocks for a look that commands attention. Define the edges with a razor and dye the locks into a caramel nuance.

If you have a round face, a beard that highlights the jawline and covers the double chin will make your face look slimmer. 

3. Temple Fade

Taper Haircut with Curly Top

Why not emphasize those curls with a hairstyle that adds value to that gorgeous texture? Keep a long pointy beard and shave the sideburns and taper the temples to create a disconnection between the hairstyle and the facial hair. 

4. Low Side Fade

black men's voluminous tapered haircut

Low temple fades will help you draw all the attention to the crown hair.  If your hair is coarse and very dense, you might want to consider styling it with a sponge. Rub it on the tips, using circular movements. 

5. White Hair

White Afro Taper Haircut

If you want a distinctive look, you definitely need to try this gorgeous hairstyle for curly hair. Go for a tapered bald fade on the sides and use bleach to enlighten your hair. Opt for white hair color, and create a contrast with the beard. Use a special powder to make it look that full and black. 

6. Short Waves

Tapered 360 Waves for Black Guys

Short wavy buzz cuts are probably the best way to keep your hair tamed all the time. One of the perks of the buzz cut is its low maintenance.

There’s no need for daily styling. If you want that wet look, just add some pomade to your hand and transfer it to the hair. 

7. Multiple Braids

Cornrow Braids with tapered side

For this exquisite hairdo, choose a short trim for the sides, back, and a small section of the forehead. On the laterals, create cornrows that go towards the top. Here they will meet in a larger braid fed in by these knits. 

8. Short Mohawk

Mohawks are also quite popular hairstyles for black African men. Following the hairline, making the mohawk look wide.

The hair doesn’t have to be too long and styled up like the regular mohawks. Choose a length that you’re comfortable with. 

9. Messy Afro Hair

Blowout Curls with Taper Haircut

Coarse hair can be quite a struggle for any black man. However, tapered hairstyles will add value to your locks.

Pull off a high fade on the sides and keep the crown voluminous and with an unkempt look. As for the beard, simply highlight the jawline.

10. Waves for Receding Hairline

When you have a receding hairline, one of the perfect hairstyles for you will be a buzz cut. If you keep the hair short and add a pomade, you will obtain that wavy wet texture. Go for a temple fade and the short disconnected beard.

11. Nike Cut

Flat top taper haircut for black men

Box cuts are ideal for men with coarse hair. See a barber with experience in styling black men’s hair. If you want to keep it fancy, ask for the Nike sign on one side and color it white. Also, when you have dark hair, you can build contrast with a white hair layer, just like the one above. 

12. Twisted Braids

black men's taper haircut with twist

One of the greatest ideas for black men is a taper haircut. To draw attention to the top, go for a short trim on the sides and back.

Section the remaining crown hair and style twisted braids that you can pin in a ponytail on top of the head.

13. Temple Fade With Razored Line

Black Men's High Taper Haircut with Beard

For this hairstyle, you will need to define the edges of your beard and the forehead amazingly. Trim the crown hair shortly and create a disconnection between the beard and the cut. Do it using a taper fade. 

14. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Tapered Fade for Black Men

The first style on the list is the buzz cut taper fade for black men is an all-time classic. This style with its neat cuts and line screams elegance and class and makes it a top favorite among black men.

However, this hairstyle requires a frequent visit to the barber to keep the lines and cuts neat and edgy. But when it comes to styling the barely-there hair needs no effort at all!

15. Tapered Curly Haircut

black guy with taper fade curly haircut

The next style on the list is a perfect mix of a low fade and longer curls. The fade gives a  neat and gradient look towards the sides and the back, blending perfectly with the mass of long blowout curls on top.

Men looking to show off their long curls should totally try out this taper haircut black men’s style to look super cool and at the same time trendy with the fade on the sides and the nape. The style is easy to manage and doesn’t require styling, as the natural outlook is already perfect.

16. Low Skin Fade

skin taper fade haircut for black men

A high skin taper is another hot hairstyle on the list for black men. This style demands a relatively high fade than those discussed earlier and the short cropped top mass.

It’s perfect for men opting for neat lines and short lengths. It is pretty similar to the tapered crew cut owing to its short length.

17. High Top Fade with Part

black guy with low taper fade haircut

Another black men’s haircuts with taper fade prefer longer lengths on the top. This hairstyle has a great deal of versatility to it. It can be changed according to your liking.

With the addition of fade ranging between low and medium, it allows you to add a lineup too to the style, further enhancing the look.

The long length on the top allows you to try out different styles there and add textures to it, in our case the twists will do great if given attention.

18. Afro Top with Tapered Undercut

taper haircut for afro hair

Similar to the style discussed earlier, this one does not require a long length at the top so it is suited for those who prefer a shorter length.

You get to play a lot with the lines in this case. Try out different trends and patterns of your choice.

However, the distinguishing feature is the hard part, which makes the style elegant even with the lineups there. 

This taper haircut for black men requires high maintenance and patience, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort.

19. Caesar Cut

Why not add waves to the taper too? This tapered hairstyle for black men adds the twist of waves along with the fade part.

You can opt for the amount of fade you desire, and as for the waves, you will have to have patience. The waves add dimension to the hairstyle and make a bold style statement.

It will also require maintenance and frequent visit to the barer to keep the waves in shape. Black men opting for bold styles should give this style a try.

20. Tapered Fade Haircut

Super popular in the 90s, this haircut has come back into the trends with a bang. The black men’s tapered cut frames the face and the haircut suits all face and hair types.

One can add further texture by applying gel or wax. Enjoy this retro look with a twist owing to the high fade.

21. Low Bald Fade Haircut

black guy with low bald taper fade haircut

A low bald just adds to the classy feeling one has. This taper hairstyle is a pure example from the classics and is recommended for the professional black men out there. Nothing too flashy just a neat subtle taper ending in a clean bald.

22. Extreme Tapered Blowout

A funky style on the list. The high fade frames the face leaving a blowout top mass in the center. It offers a great contrast between the fade and the top curls and is perfect for young teens to carry on.

23. Curly Afro Hair with Long Top

Using a razor to mark a subtle step, this style is unique and quite different from the others. The taper haircut black men idea speaks of confidence and boldness and is perfect for younger people to show off an attitude.

24. Textured Low Fade

textured taper haircut for black guys

Textured fade is a personal favorite on the list. This black men taper fade haircut is cool and gives off an aura of confidence and charm. The style is characterized by a concentrated fade that’s low at the temples and the nape of the neck.

The fade frames the face and leaves plenty of hair on the top to play and style with. You can improvise in the style the way you like, fade out at the sideburns, for example.

25. Curly High Top Fade

black men taper haircut

A timeless, classic style on the list is the high top but with fade. This taper haircut is ideal for black men with all hair types and does not require some special texture.

But you will need sufficient length on the top to make the style true in its essence. Some expert taper will be required both at the front and the back to maintain the classic style.

This brings us to an end to the list of tapered hairstyles for black men. Try them out experiment with these styles to find your unique look and showcase your personal style.