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10 Effective Ways to Remove Stubborn Blue Hair Dye

It was a fun fashion statement, but figuring out how to remove blue hair dye and get that blue tint to go away has presented a challenge.

Instead, each attempt has left you with various shades of faded blue and the frustration that you have no idea of how to get that once dazzling but now tattered blue out of your hair.

How to Get Rid of Blue Hair Dye

Various hair dyes create challenges when removing them. Some are more stubborn than others when it comes to eradicating them. Blue is a color that presents particular difficulties as its dark hues can attach to your strands more securely.

We have analyzed these challenges and have come up with the best ways to get rid of that blue tint in your hair.

1. Bleach Out

bleaching hair

For those who require speed, the fastest way to remove blue hair dye is by using bleach. Bleaching essentially strips the color out of your hair.  Yet, this is a tricky method.

While very effective in getting rid of the blue dye from your hair, bleach is a powerful chemical that can cause damage. The most effective way to perform this method is by having it done by a professional stylist who will know how long to leave in the chemical.

If you choose to do this on your own, do so with great care. Purchase a specialty shampoo and follow the instructions carefully. Use a timer, and make sure that you use gloves while handling the bleach. Having a friend to assist you in the process will also be quite helpful.

2. Take Your Time with Clarifying Shampoo

blue hair removal shampoo

If speed is not a concern, using a clarifying shampoo is an effective method. Clarifying shampoo is designed to remove residue left from dandruff shampoos and scalp build-up on your hair. It is a deeper cleaning than what your general maintenance shampoo provides and is an effective way to remove faded blue hair.

It is most effective with a semi-permanent dye and generally takes 10 to 15 washes to eradicate the color. It is important to lather your hair thoroughly and let it sit for a few minutes. Then rinse, condition, and towel dry for best results.

3. Dishwashing Liquid Can Do More than Plates

dishwashing liquid to remove blue hair color

Dishwashing liquid detergent is an acidic compound designed to remove grease and heavy oils from your dishes. Its chemical design also makes it surprisingly adept at removing the blue tint in hair.

The most effective method is to mix the dishwashing liquid with your shampoo. Then wet your hair with hot water and after it is thoroughly soaked, apply the detergent shampoo mixture. Let the mixture sit in your hair for ten minutes, then condition, rinse, and towel dry.

4. Wash Your Hair with Vitamin C

wash hair with vitamin c gel

The Vitamin C wash is effective with both permanent and semi-permanent dyes. To prepare your mixture, mix Vitamin C with your shampoo. A Vitamin C gel is more effective than the powders as gels do not clump and will dilute with greater ease into a liquid soap mixture.

Begin by mixing a generous amount of Vitamin C with your shampoo. Soak your hair in hot water, and then apply the mixture. Wrap your head with a towel or shower cap, and then let sit for one hour before rinsing.

5. Get Some Sun

fade blue hair

Sun exposure is the most natural of all the methods on this list. It also requires the most amount of patience as it will take a great deal of time.

Though it has proven to fade blue hair dye coloring, its success rate is varied. Factors such as your natural color and other hair treatment methods used before dying can impact its effectiveness.

The principle and how it is applied is simple. Essentially, it requires exposing your hair to sunlight for extended amounts of time over weeks. Taking long walks while leaving your head uncovered is generally the best way.

6. Color Removers

These come in two categories, color strippers, and color reducers, with the latter, recommended as it is less damaging to your hair. Color reducers can effectively remove blue hair dye without affecting your natural color.

Color reducers work by shrinking the color molecules that make up the hair dye. Once the molecules are reduced in size, they will easily wash out of your hair. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions explicitly to make certain you do not damage your hair.

7. Dandruff Shampoo Can Treat More than One Condition

It may come as a surprise, but dandruff shampoo is effective in removing blue hair color. Like clarifying shampoo, dandruff shampoo is denser and offers a deeper cleaning than your maintenance shampoo.

Dandruff shampoo is not for immediate removal needs. It will remove the color but requires several cleanings before it eventually removes the blue tint in hair, so it is no longer detectable. Yet if you don’t need a quick fix, this method will work well.

8. Bath Salts Can Treat More than Aches and Pains

bath salts to remove blue hair dye

Though generally used as a therapeutic, bath salts are made from a mix of minerals, including Epsom Salt and sodium bicarbonate. Of all the methods, this may be the most relaxing way to get rid of blue hair color.

Simply fill your bath with hot water, add a generous amount of bath salt and mix until they dissolve. Then soak your hair in the water as long as possible. The bath salts will draw the dye out of your hair.

9. Go With the Opposite

blue hair dye removal

Though removing the blue dye out of your hair is the goal, for many, it is about removing the appearance rather than simply removing the dye. If you are concerned more about appearance, then using the opposite color to remove the blue tint may be your best bet.

Using colors that are on the opposite side of the spectrum will result in a different overall color. It is essential to research how various colors, such as red or copper, will affect the final color before choosing this option.

10. Add Baking Soda to the Mix

Sometimes, adding one item to your blue hair dye removal arsenal can make all the difference. For those who were not entirely satisfied with the results after using a clarifying shampoo or dishwashing liquid, baking soda could be your answer.

First, create a one to one mixture of dishwashing liquid or clarifying shampoo to baking soda. Make sure that you mix well so there are no clumps. As before, soak your hair in hot water and then massage the mixture into your hair until you have a thick lather. Let it remain in your hair for ten minutes before rinsing.


Will vinegar remove blue hair dye?

No, but you can fade it with a mixture of a half cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with two cups of warm water. One to two times per week, apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it out.

How long does it take for blue dye to fade from hair?

If it’s permanent, it will begin to fade in 8 weeks, while temporary blue hair dye will begin to fade within a couple washes. It won’t fade completely without the help of bleach or another dye.

Is blue hair dye hard to remove?

No, you can easily use bleach to remove the color.

Do blue hair dyes fade to green?

Yes, blue hair dyes fade to green. You may see a lighter shade of blue first, though, or a mix of both.

Final Thought

It is essential to do your research when wanting to remove blue hair dye. The most effective methods are going to be ones that take all the factors into account. Remember, the goal is to figure out how to get the blue out of your hair without causing damage.

Ensure that you consider your natural color, hair texture, and applicable sensitivities before choosing how you will get rid of that faded blue hair.

Also, consider the speed at which you want to remove the blue tint from your hair. Once you assess your needs and characteristics, you will be able to choose the most effective method.

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