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Top 12 John Cena Haircuts We Love

When it comes to John Cena haircuts, it seems as if there isn’t much to copy. However, even short hairstyles offer a fantastic variety that any man can take advantage of. Many fans around the world respect John Cena for his achievements.

Besides being a famous wrestler, he also purses and acting career, loves rapping and works as a television personality. Such celebrities often become the best object to copy.

John Cena has a number of stylists who come up with the best haircuts to suit him. Since most of you don’t have the same opportunity, you can settle for copying the style.

How to Make a Buzz Haircut

One of the most popular John Cena haircuts is the buzz hairstyle. The name comes from the buzzing sound the clipper makes when creating such a hairstyle. The buzz cut is fairly easy and takes just a few minutes to accomplish.

john cena haircut 2017-18

Before getting a buzz hairstyle, most stylists recommend you to literally inspect your head. If you never enjoyed a short hairstyle before you might find a few unpleasant things that you don’t want to uncover. Some men have bumps on their heads that make the short hairstyle look asymmetrical.

Others have big ears that stick out even farther once the short haircut is made. Meanwhile, some guys have ugly scars that they don’t want to unveil. So a thorough inspection before the cut is in order. So how do you make a buzz haircut?

1. Buy the Tools

If you are ready to give yourself or a friend a buzz haircut, you need to buy the proper tools. You need a hand-held mirror, clippers, and a vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess.

2. Ponder the Length

Not all buzz haircuts are created equal. They can be of different lengths. Depending on how close to military-style you want to achieve, choose between the clipper attachments.

#3 and #4 are long enough to hide the skin, while #2 can give you a very short buzz. Always start with longer attachments. You can correct the length later on.

3. Wash and Dry

Wash and dry your hair. Make sure that the hair is fully dry, otherwise, it will get tangled up and prevent the clipper from doing a precise job.

4. Cut the Top

Start clipping your hair from the top. Move from front to back. Make sure the motion is straight. Keep looking in the mirror to keep your hand in the right place.

5. Check the sides

The military or buzz haircut should always be shorter on the sides than it is on the top. So if you used #4 attachment to do the top, use # 3 or #2 for the sides.

Use a straight hand motion to move the clippers from the bottom to the top and make sure to carefully cut around the ears.

6. Look Back

Once the top and the sides are done, take a handheld mirror to check the back. Use the same motion and attachment as you did for the side cutting.

You might not be able to do the back carefully. If you are not satisfied with the results, ask a friend for some help.

7. Maintain the buzz

The best part about the buzz cut is that it doesn’t require any morning maintenance. You get up, you smooth your hair with your hands, and you go. However, buzz cuts have a tendency to grow very fast.

So you need to touch up your buzz every 1 to 3 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth. That’s why it makes sense to learn how to do it on your own.

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John Cena Haircut – Try Undercut

An undercut is another popular John Cena haircut. The secret to his simple undercut is easy. You can make it as fast as the buzz or military cut. All you have to do is select a place where the top part of your undercut will start.

You can use the clippers with the longest attachment to cut the top and #2 to shape the sides. If you decide to shave the sides and leave the top longer, you can create a stunning mohawk.

Coolest John Cena Haircuts

When you take a close look at John Cena haircuts, you can easily see how they can suit most of the men out there. So no matter if you have long curly or short thin hair, a professional hairdresser can make you a haircut similar to John Cena’s without any trouble.

Since John Cena is into sports, he needs to have a short hairstyle in order to reduce the haircare hassle. So if you are a follower or just want to look sleek and fresh, consider the below haircuts for your next image change.

1. Short Slick Back

John Cena Haircut in 2020

John Cena’s haircuts have often been very short, bristly, and focused on undercuts. Here he has grown it out an even length and brushed it back. It’s the perfect simple look for guys who go to formal events often.

2. Dark Side Parted Locks

John Cena Haircut in 2018

A side part can make you look quite the dapper gentleman, as you can see in John’s cut above. There’s a nice side part, so of one side has more volume than the other as it sweeps over.

It’s short on the sides and a little longer on top and there’s no sign of his usual fade or undercut.

3. Bristly Undercut

John Cena Haircut in 2017

Just a few years ago John Cena was almost always seen rocking some kind of undercut. The sides are very even, and the undercut starts high up on them.

On top of his head there are some nice bristles he can run his hands through and style into spikes when needed.

4. Dapper Side Sweep

Side Part Haircut By John Cena

Guys who like their hair a little longer than John’s usual cuts will enjoy the length of this one. The hair has a side part and sweeps to the side, appearing very soft. Opt for a light brown color to make you look highly approachable.

5. Gentle Quiff

John Cena Hairstyle

Here’s what’s possibly one of the longest looks John Cena has ever worn. The front is styled up into a quiff that connects nicely to the slickly groomed sides that brush back. There are a few highlights in the front to break up the darkness of the tresses. 

6. Short and Soft

Short Haircut By John Cena

Cena is most known for his shorter looks, but this is a much softer version of some of the styles he’s worn at this length. There’s enough hair to form some bangs and there’s no fade on the sides. This makes it very low maintenance.

7. Messy Middle Part

Haircut By John Cena

Cena has a very interesting hairline that always makes him look like he has a middle part. Here he’s embraced it by styling the very front of his hairline to each side of his part. The rest of the hair is messy.

8. Stylish Undercut

John Cena Undercut Hairstyle

This stylish John Cena haircut can make you look and feel priceless both in the office and in the gym. Consider keeping the top a little longer to create the bangs if needed.

9. Striking Mohawk

John Cena Mohawk Haircuts

This John Cena haircut is easily achieved by keeping the sides shaved and cutting the top with the #3 or #4 clipper attachment. Over a couple of weeks this simple mohawk can turn into a stylish undercut without any effort on your part.

10. Office look

John Cena formal look Haircuts

If you are not a wrestler and need to take part in various important meetings, you need a stylish hairstyle. An office look is as easily created as a buzz hairstyle. All you need to do is use longer attachments.

11. Taper Fade

Taper Fade haircut for John Cena

This John Cena haircut is a bit more complicated since it involves a fading technique. You can achieve it on your own or ask for the help of a hairstylist. Make it in the salon first and then maintain it on your own.

12. Add a beard

John Cena Haircuts with beard

A beard can be a wonderful addition to any John Cena haircuts you can come up with. Take a look at how this chin curtain complements the respectable appearance of this celebrity.

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When choosing the best John Cena haircut, get ready for a striking and easy-to-make style that can make you look fierce, smart, and respectable at the same time.