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22 Optimum Hairstyles for Men with Big Ears

There are specific facial features that play an indirect role in choosing a hairstyle for men, and big ears are one of them.

This is because you can choose to draw or keep the attention away from big ears with the right hairstyles. And right hairstyle is all about balancing the look.

A well-chosen hairdo will redefine your confidence. You can show off your big ears without looking awkward or create an illusion so that the ears look smaller by hiding them with a proper haircut.

Haircuts and Hairstyles for Guys with Big Ears

Let’s find the perfect haircuts according to your desired looks with the following hairstyles for men with special features like big ears.

1. Comb Over

comb over hairstyle for men with big ears

Rock this hairstyle to show off your big ears and wide nose and it will turn these facial features into a style feature for you.

This style requires combing the hair at a slight angle using a fine-toothed comb. After that direct the hair upward and backward. It helps to draw the attention away from big ears towards the hairstyle.

2. Messy Perm

messy hairstyle for men with big ears

The long messy curly hair helps to hide the big ears. Adding perms to the hair gives a unique aesthetic look and the messiness shows a carefree and confident attitude.

3. Forward Sweep with Flyaway

fringe hairstyle for men with big ears

This hairstyle requires brushing the hair forward while some hair on the top escape and create a slightly tousled windswept appearance.

The forward movement can effectively distract any concerns about ear size. Pair a big round glasses over your ears with this hairstyle to complete the look.

4. Crew Cut

crew cut hairstyle for men with big ears

You will need to trim the hair very short on the sides and keep the top a bit longer than the sides. It gives a clean appearance with a professional look.

The crew cut makes the big ears more visible so only choose this hairstyle if you are confident about showing off your wide ears.

5. Ear Tucked Two Block

ear tuck hairstyle for men with big ears

This vintage look has longer hair on top allowing longer top layers to naturally fall over the ears and partially tucking behind the ears.

If you want a perfect balance between hiding your big ear with your hair vs. showing it off, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

6. High Top Sweep Over

high top hairstyle for men with big ears

This hairstyle requires keeping the top part of the hair longer and sweeping it upwards over to one side.

The faded sides and volume on top give a visual balance and draw attention upward and away from the ears themselves.

7. Brushed Back with Short Sides

hairstyle for men with big ears and receding hairline

You can get a classy and refined look by brushing the longer portion on top to the back while the short sides and back provide a neat contrast.

Try this hairstyle if you are proud of your large ears and not afraid to show it off.

8. Tousled Hair

tousled hairstyle for men with big ears

Combining the tousled and slightly roughened hair provided a manly appearance to the cute face. It is a great style for those looking to minimize the emphasis on their big ears.

9. Angled Brush

hairstyle for older men with big ears

This particular hairstyle looks good on those with salt and pepper hair, who want to embrace their natural greying hair.

Brushing the hair in an angled direction takes the attention from the ears and creates a balanced look.

10. Undercut for Men with Big Ears

undercut hairstyle for men with big ears

This hairstyle has closely cropped sides and back, creating a smooth contrast with 1.5-2 inches longer hair on top. Comb the top on one side to get a bit edgy look on the oval face.

11. Long Hair with Bun

long hairstyle for men with big ears

The long hair with glasses style is for bearded men with a triangle face shape. Tuck the hair behind the ears and let it hang down to show off the big ears.

Create a man bun at the back top to draw some attention to your hairstyle at the same time.

12. Braided Middle Part

braid hairstyle for black men with big ears

This is a fashion-forward braided hairstyle for African-American men. While the middle part adds symmetry to the face, the subtle braids help frame the ears by taking all the attention to the hair.

These braids partially cover the ears, so your hair won’t appear big with this hairstyle.

13. Long Mullet

Mullet hairstyle for men with big ears

This mullet haircut has a long part at the back while the sideburn area is kept shorter. You can sweep the top part to one side to blend it with the longer back.

You can also tuck the long hair behind the ear to get a more defined appearance.

14. Two Block Hairstyle

two block hairstyle for men with big ears

The two-block hairdo is a popular choice among Asian men, even those with long ears. It has layered sides and back contrasting with a longer top.

You will need to use hard-hold hair gel and then use your hands and fingers to get the textured finish.

15. Ear Tucked + Bangs + Sideburns

side burn hairstyle for men with big ears

This is a type of Rockabilly hairstyle that has ear-tucked locks, pointy bangs, and sideburns.

Popularized in the 50s, this particular style is for showing off your large ears as the ear-tucked style draws attention to them. The pointy bangs add an edgy and retro vibe to the overall appearance.

16. Ear Tucked Bob with Flyaway

bob hairstyle for men with big ears

This edgy appearance has a long hair that is parted slightly down the middle and then hung down to both sides while tucking behind the ear.

However, it might not be a fashionable flair but a subtle flyaway adds a touch of effortless charm.

17. Curly Top with Bangs

curly hairstyle for men with big ears

The naturally curly top and cascading bangs that gracefully fall over the forehead are good enough to take all the attention from facial features. The curly bang provides a stylish contrast to the textured top.

18. Middle Part on Thin Hair

middle parted hairstyle for men with big ears

You can sport this look if you have straight and thin hair. This clean and minimalist appearance requires parting the hair down the middle, which allows it to fall evenly on both sides. Hence all eyes will be on your hair and draw attention away from the ears.

19. Wide Curtain

razored hairstyle for men with big ears

This distinctive look has long hair that falls over the ears and hides them partially. What sets this particular hairdo apart is the longer back which complements the curtain effect.

20. Backward Swept Layered Hair

layered hairstyle for men with big ears

This hairdo has layered hair that is swept backward. It draws attention towards the upper portion and back of the head, effectively reducing the emphasis on the big ears.

This is a great option for men with considerable foreheads and can suit both formal and casual occasions.

21. Frizzy Look

frizzy hairstyle for men with big ears

To get this look, start by washing and conditioning your hair. After that use hair gel on your hair working it in from the roots to the tips.

Use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the gel to the entire hair. Next, use a hairdryer with a diffuser to enhance the frizz and volume.

22. Nerdy Side Sweep Over

Nerdy hairstyle for men with big ears

If you have medium to long hair you can apply pomade or hair wax on that and then comb over to the side.

The longer hair should cover the ear partially or tucked behind the ear. Adding spectacles will give a nerdy look.

Different hairstyles can give creative solutions to embrace the uniqueness of big ears. So, don’t be shy about trying these haircuts to find your ultimate look, and let your confidence shine.