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11 Beautiful Ways to Style Lace Braids (2024 Trends)

Lace braids not only give any girl a princess look but can also be used to style gorgeous and practical hairdos like hairbands. Spirals or knits that crisscross, the ideas you can opt for are infinite and all you need to do to get them is use your imagination and learn how to braid.


Lace Braid

In the examples below, we are showing you some inspiring ideas to follow if you want to achieve a look that will not only make you feel like a glamorous diva but will also get you all the attention. After reading checking out the pictures, feel free to try your favorite lace braid, and tell us how it all went!

1. Lace Braided Ponytail

Lace Braided Ponytail

A lace braid that decorates the hairstyle is ideal for office, walks in a park, and all other sorts of activities. It keeps the bangs away from your forehead and also makes a ponytail look better than ever!

You should give it a try! Make a French braid on one side, starting the center of your head, and knit it until it reaches the pony.


2. Lace Braid Headband

Lace Braid Headband

Every girl loves braided headbands and you can easily take this whole hairstyle to a greater level by knitting two pieces. While one of the lace braids starts from the right, knit the second starting from the left side. As for the rest of your hair, let it fall in a cascade on your back.


3. Lace Braids for Black Women

Lace Braid For Black Women

Black women adore braids and certainly love the lace braids. To recreate the look above, start the first lace braid from one side and knit it to the other.

For the second one,  select a thick stand above your ear and start braiding. The rest of your hair will be gorgeously decorated! Pin the whole hairdo with a low rubber band.


4. Dutch Lace Braid

Dutch Lace Braid

Split the top hair into two sections, one in the back and one in front. Again, section the front part in two with a diagonal line. At the start of the line, braid a small lace knit that contours your face. At the end of the line, knit another braid that goes in the opposite direction.


5. Lace Braided Bun

Lace Braided Bun

Whenever you want your little princess to look spectacular, create a lace braid that goes around her head. Take the remaining hair and pin it into a gorgeous bun. When braiding, don’t forget to spare the bangs if you want a ravishing image for the young lady.


6. Lace Braid with Curls

Lace Braid with Curls

When you already have a gorgeous ombre curly hair, you are already getting a lot of attention. A lace braid that starts from one side of your forehead and goes to the other one, keeping the bangs in glorious knit, will undoubtedly give your whole mane a lot of value.


7. Double Lace Braided Updo

double lace braid hairstyles for women

Why do a single one, when you can opt for two? More is always better when it comes to braids. Unique updos are always welcomed because they can be the perfect hairstyle for events.

When you have extra time try recreating this mane. If you can, you will find it to be super-flattering for the office, a night out and for a party. The fact that it’s an updo means that it can get in hand when your hair is having a bad day.

Start with the frontal lace braid, then do the second one. Secure them and you can now officially put the hair up in a bun. Make it messy and chic.


8. Quadruple Lace Braids

lace braid hairstyles for long hair

Lace braids come in a pack of four as well. This stunning long hairstyle is a work of art.

It is perfect for women with long hair. That way, everyone will be able to see how detailed and beautiful the creation is.

Begin with the two lace braids on top. When you get to the middle, transform them into a single braid. After this you can continue with the other two. It’s much simpler than it looks.


9. Criss-Cross Mermaid Braids

Criss-Cross Lace Braid for Women

This one is quite a challenge. The lace braid hairstyle sure does look magical, but the biggest question is how to recreate it.

Since it’s a more complicated look, it would be great for a bridesmaid or the best friend of the bride.

Better ask help from a professional if you really want to copy this mane. It’s extremely hard to do it yourself. If you have a friend who is really good at braiding you can ask them.


10. Diagonal Lace Braid

Diagonal Lace Braid Hairstyles for Women

One of the most basic ways to flaunt the half-up half-down hairstyle with lace braids. Make it diagonal and everyone will be asking about your mane.

This hairdo works for all hair lengths and ages.

It can be really hard to do braids on yourself, but you might be able to try this one. Just move diagonally as you braid. That’s pretty much it.


11. Rounded Lace Braid

round lace braided bun

Watch out ladies, we just found the above fabulous lace braid and brought it to you. No worries, you don’t even have to do it yourself.

It’s perfect for long, medium and short hair. When you are going out and wearing a simple dress, this lace braided hairstyle will help you take it to a whole new level. It’s that good.

Try doing it yourself if you have the patience and time. If not you can ask one of your friends or schedule an appointment at the hairdresser.


How to Do Lace Braid

How to Do Lace Braids

The lace braids are very similar to French braids, with the only difference that you’re not adding hair from both sides. In this case, you’re only adding it from one. You’ll soon see how simple it is once we break it down for you. First, you have to decide where you want the braid to be.

Let’s say that it’s in the front and starts in the middle part, moving towards the ear. You will be adding hair only from the right side. Get a strand of hair and divide it into three parts. Start braiding by putting the right over the middle one, then the left as well.

During the next step, you will get the strand that is on the right but also gets more hair from the side. Put it again over the middle, then the leftover the right, without adding hair. Continue the same until you think you are done. You can do the lace braid wherever you want to. Such a flattering look for all ages!


So which of the eye-catching lace braid styles are you gonna pick? No matter which one you choose to wear it will make you stand out in the crowd for sure!