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25 Prettiest Mermaid Braids That’ll Set You Apart

Mermaid braids are one of the cutest and most Instagram-friendly hairstyles out there. These romantic braids are suitable for both formal and casual events and occasions. They are powerful yet feminine, elegant yet edgy, and classy yet chic at the same time.

The best thing about mermaid braids is that you can style them in different ways. So dare to experiment and explore your creativity for a chic new look and super cute hairstyle. This post brings 25 cute ways to style a mermaid braid for inspiration.

How to Style A Mermaid Braid

 how to do mermaid braid

Not all mermaid braids are equal, and there are all sorts of styles worth exploring and trying out. The general concept is the same; it involves a fine French braid that incorporates delicate strands of hair in the plait as it elegantly flows down the back and one shoulder.

Mermaid tail braid is romantic and chic, but it also allows you to be edgy. To achieve edginess, you can use extensions for a bigger volume or different colors of strands to show off your wild side.

You can either make your braided mermaid hairstyle somewhat sleek and strict, or you can gently pull out a few sections of hair here and there for a messy and casual look. Then, use a high-quality finishing spray to secure your braid and make it last throughout the day.

Mermaid Braid Tutorial

How to Do Mermaid Braid on Short Hair

How to Do Mermaid Braid on Short Hair

There always comes the time when a girl with short hair wishes she could rock braids but believes it’s not possible because the length isn’t sufficient. Don’t worry, and you can have wonderful mermaid tail braids even if your hair is short.

Remember that mermaid braid is relaxed and looser than “classic” braids. If you have short hair choose the part where you can get the most hair, usually on one side, and start braiding.

You can either finish your braid and just let it down straight with the rest of your hair or twist it to the side to look like a hairpiece. If you want to have long braids, it’s practical to use extensions.

Cute Mermaid Braid Styles

1. Intricate Mermaid Braid

mermaid braids style for long hair

Start from the top using your bangs if you need to create a fabulous mermaid braids style out of your long hair. If you want the knits to get more volume, insert some blonde Jumbo hair. 

2. Jumbo Mermaid Rope Braids

two mermaid braids

Create a zig-zag middle part and use two packs of Jumbo hair. Style those two mermaid braids using the rope techniques, and make sure you wear proper makeup to suit your fabulous knits. 

3. Thin Box Braids

mermaid box braids

Mermaid box braids look mesmerizing, especially if they are thin. Mix black and red Jumbo hair as extensions to create that stunning effect. Once you are done, loosely braid your mane. 

4. Blonde Mermaid Hair

mermaid braids for wedding

Weddings are the best occasions for mermaid’s hair, and if you want a diaphane look, split your hair in two and start braiding each section. Once you reach the nape area, build a chunky fishtail braid that will make anyone admire your hairstyle. 

5. Mermaid Hairstyle for Black Girls

Use two packs of Jumbo hair to obtain two gorgeous mermaid braids that will look impressive on black hair. Pick nuances close to your natural hair color and decorate the knits with silver diamond jewelry. 

6. Messy Braid

Messy Mermaid Braid

Probably the easiest and the most popular way to style your mermaid braids is to make them a little bit messy. You achieve the effortlessly chic and romantic look as your braid flows beautifully down your back. Just make the regular braid and pull out a few strands here and there to create this gentle style.

7. Side Fishtail Braid

side mermaid braids for women

Side braids shape your face perfectly and accentuate all your lovely features. At the same time, they’re girly and chic. Mermaid side braids can easily match any outfit, event, and you name it. For extra volume, add a few extensions that will give you a dramatic look.

8. French Braided Bun

mermaid braid with a bun

Mermaid braided hairdos don’t always need to flow down your back or shoulder, although those are the styles we often see. Why not bun it up?

Create a braid like you usually would and pull it up in the bun, as shown in the photo below. A classy and sophisticated hairstyle is perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

9. Braid with Flowers

Mermaid tail Braids with Flowers

Mermaid braiding allows you to experiment with your hair but in a delicate manner, which is particularly useful for women who don’t like too edgy styles.

This take on a popular hairstyle requires a small, delicate fishtail braid and two braiding patterns in one. Use flower hairpieces or even real flowers to decorate your braid for a perfect spring hairdo.

10. Sleek Mermaid Tail

Sleek Mermaid Braid for Women

This hairstyle is a good choice if you’re looking for a sleek and more “uptight” mermaid braid. Sleek mermaid tail is the epitome of perfection and shows that these braids don’t always have to be messy or looser to look amazing.

This gorgeous hairstyle goes perfectly with summer dresses and winter cardigans, and you can wear them anytime you want.

11. Boho Braids

Boho Mermaid Braids

Are you into boho chic? If so, then you’ll want to combine boho-style braid. This hairstyle gives you double Dutch braids on each side of your head flowing down to form a perfect mermaid tail.

Show off your playful side and channel the vibe of liberation that only boho style offers and complete the look with mermaid tail braids for a potent effect.

12. Pull Through Braids

To add more volume to your braids, it’s always convenient to make multiple and create breathtaking styles. Not only are pull-through braids super cute, but they’re also easy to create and keep hair out of your face.

For a more dramatic look, use extensions that will add length to your hair and thus make mermaid braids even more noticeable.

13. Arctic Mermaid

bluish mermaid braid hairstyles for Women

Channel your inner mermaid not just by braiding your hair but also by trying out the color of a “real” mermaid tail. This icy light blue color turns you into the Arctic queen of the sea.

Make one braid or two; however, you find it more practical. If you’re not willing to dye your hair, you can always opt for extensions or weave.

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14. Braided Loose Locks

Many mermaid braids we see involve plaiting or braiding whole hair into a unique hairstyle. But sometimes you want to switch things up a little bit, right?

Then, you should try out this lovely do. Form a braid, but use only a smaller portion of your hair. Let your braid flow naturally with the remainder of your luscious locks for a super chic and elegant look.

15. Redhead Mermaid

mermaid braid for red hair

Ariel was a redhead, and although she didn’t exactly wear a braid, you can do both. The shade of red seen on the photo below suits every skin tone. Red symbolizes fire and passion, while mermaid braid kind of tames it for an ideal combination of two seemingly entirely different effects. Try it out.

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16. Mermaid Hair Pieces

mermaid braids with hairpieces

Adding hairpieces can do the trick for girls and women who want to turn their mermaid braid hairstyle into something extraordinary. Use the volume and length of these braids to your advantage, and gently place some pretty hairpieces where you’d like.

You’ll add a dose of glamour into your hairstyle, especially when attending some special event such as a wedding or anniversary.

17. Purple Ombre Braid

mermaid braid hairstyles for women

Got a wild side and not afraid to show it? Then you’ll probably be into a purple braid. This hairstyle is ideal for girls who love to experiment with their hair and change colors to show how creative they are. Plus, this style will make you stand out in the crowd. Be unique, be different.

18. Burgundy and Blonde

red mermaid braid

One of the main characteristics of the mermaid braid is its looseness. It resembles a French braid but with more volume. To achieve that, pull off the edges a little bit and tie the braid to get the tail.

19. Feed-In Braid

mermaid fishtail braids

Use the top section of your hair and create a thin braid. Feed it in with new thick hairpieces as your hair falls on your back.

20. Double French Braid

dutch mermaid braids

If you are not into regular hairstyles, you are going to love this hairdo. Section the crown hair and build French braids for each part. Meet them in the back and combine them into a single braid. Pull off the edges for more volume. 

21. Braid for Wedding

mermaid braid with accessories

If you are preparing for the wedding, your hairstyle is as important as your dress and makeup. Combine a chunky braid with loose curls to gain bounce, dimension, and volume.

22. Hippy Braids

half up mermaid braids

If you dyed your hair in a blonde, gray ombre, mermaid braids are the best way to highlight your color hues and create a complex gorgeous blend between them. Use the top hair to build a fishtail braid and style two other braids next to the main one.

23. Fishtail Braid

mermaid braid

Simple yet stylish, this hairstyle resembles a mermaid tail. The fishtail knit should be tight and is a great look for the summer. 

24. Crown Braid

mermaid braids for women

When you have such a fine texture, it would look great to pull off a romantic look that features mermaid braids and the hair crown. Use the top hair to build a loose French braid that continues into a fishtail knit. Section two strands from your temples and knit them. Use these to style the crown. 

25. Intricate Fishtail Braid

mermaid braided hairstyle

Mermaid braids can be so edgy and intricate. This example features a combination of fishtail braids, regular French braids, and simple knits mixed into a complex construct. It will be hard for you to pull off this hairstyle at home because you will not have the control you need. Therefore, we recommend going to a hair salon for this hairdo. 

Unicorn Braid Vs. Dragon Braid

unicorn and dragon braids

Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles. But, a little bit of imagination and creativity is needed to transform your braid into something truly extraordinary. There are numerous braid types, including unicorn and dragon braid. But, are they the same thing? No, not really.

A unicorn braid is a thick straight braid in the middle of the hair parting. This semi-updo is particularly suitable for girls with oval face shapes, and you can style it in different ways ranging from messy to Mohawk.

On the other hand, dragon braid mimics the bumpy scales down the dragon’s spine, and they make you look like Daenerys Targaryen. Dragon braids are edgy, long, and amp up the volume.


Here are some questions you might have about mermaid braids:

What do mermaid braids look like?

Mermaid braids look similar to french braids. Most types of mermaid hairstyles tend to be loosely braided rather than tightly braided.

How much do mermaid braids cost?

There is no fixed price. Most hair salons and stylists charge between $40 and $100 for simple mermaid braids. The cost depends on the length of your hair, the size of the braids, and how complicated the braids are.

How long will mermaid braids usually last?

These will last anywhere from a few days up to a week. The tightness of the braids determines how long they will stay put. You might be able to stretch the time they’re in a little longer, but they won’t look as good as the first day.

Are mermaid braids and unicorn braids the same?

Unicorn braids are usually singular braids that start near the scalp line, in the middle of the top of your head. Their position is where they get their name from, as they remind people of a unicorn horn.

Mermaid braids, however, tend to focus on the length of the hair rather than the scalp.

What are mermaid waves?

Mermaid waves are similar to beach waves. However, the size and shape of the waves within the hair are what make them different. Beach waves have a messy look with non-uniform waves.

Mermaid waves are much more uniform and have the shape of an “s”. These waves have a sleeker, tighter look, while beach waves are messier and relaxed-looking.

Mermaid braid is one of the most romantic hairstyles ever. These inspiration ideas probably made you want to try this hairstyle, and you won’t regret it.