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10 Creative Box Braids with Beads You Should Try

Box braids are a great hairstyle for women with African textured hair, but they can be improved with lots of styling choices. Beads look fantastic with box braids, so they are a popular choice for women with this hair type.


Box Braids with Beads

Beads are a popular addition to braided hairstyles because there are lots of fantastic alternatives. There are plenty of different colors and textures of beads available to buy. It is even possible to buy beads with engraving. This allows women to express their individuality with every hairstyle.

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1. Jumbo Box Braids with Beads

If you love the look of thick hair, jumbo braids are the look for you. A hairstyle with braids that come past shoulders looks luscious and extra glam with various sized beads spaced apart along the strands.


2. Medium Box Braids with Beads

For the woman who likes a fuller look, these medium box braids will help you achieve that. To decorate the braids, add in contrasting beads in varying thicknesses and styles.


3. Box Braided Updo with Beads

To throw a different spin on wearing your box braids down, gather them up in a high ponytail or bun and let a few strands hang loose. Since your bangs are braided as well, add a gold or silver bead to the end of each one for sparkle.


4. Little Girl’s Box Braid Style with Beads

little girl's box braids style with beads

The way these box braids are formed on this little girl’s head creates a rectangular shape on the scalp. For girls with thick hair, try this style which forms thicker braids quicker and tops the ends off with colorful beads.


5. Blonde Box Braids with Beads

Bored with black braids? Platinum blonde or a medium blonde will brighten up your complexion and looks beautiful against dark skin. The ends are stacked with clear beads.


6. Long Box Braids with Beads at the End

When layered hair is braided, wooden beads will stand out even more if they’re at different levels.


7. Simple Metal Beads

Metallic beads are a really simple way to enhance a classic box braid hairstyle. Only add metal beads to a few box braids for a really clean and easy hairstyle.


8. Face Framing Bangs With Beads

Use colorful beads to frame your face. In order to put in a line of beads above your eyes, you should cut bangs into your hair. Add beads to your bangs.

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9. Sideswept Style

Give your beaded box braids an extra fashionable edge with a side swept hairstyle. Simply draw most of your hair over to one side so that it sits on the same side of your head.


10. Two-tone

Create an interesting new style by adding different colors and textures of hair to your box braids. Copper and brown colors go really well with black box braids with beads.


Although beads are a great way to change box braids, there are plenty of other ways to give your hairstyle an edge. Try some of our other classic hairstyle lists to see great choices for women.