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21 Best Low Maintenance Short Haircuts to Try in 2023

When we talk about taking care of our hair, two words that instantly come to mind are low and maintenance. Irrespective of what hair length you have, some hair days can indeed be a struggle, even for those who have short hair.

Having a high-maintenance hairstyle is not an ideal solution, and if you are looking for low-maintenance short haircuts, you are at the right place!


Easy Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles

As you go through our list, you will be amazed to see how just a few layers or a couple of snip snaps by your hairstylist can change your look and give you a beautiful short low maintenance haircut.

Whether you have straight, sleek hair, beautiful, beachy waves or short, curly hair, you will find the perfect low-maintenance short haircut for all these hair types and more. 

1. Short and Blunt Bangs

low maintenance short haircut with bangs

Bangs are always fun and when you couple it with a short bob with the ends neatly tucked in, you are all set for your all-important meeting at work or a fun night with your girls!

The best part is that it will take you just a couple of minutes to get those bangs in place and you are ready to go.


2. Blonde Flipped Out Bob

Low Maintenance Short Blonde Haircut for Women

If you are a fan of ‘messy hair, don’t care’, then you will love this messy flipped out bob. It requires little to very little maintenance and with just a couple of brush strokes, your messy yet stylish look is ready.

This short haircut goes well with all types of outfits and also gives off an edgy vibe to your overall look.


3. Afro Curl Bob

low maintenance short afro hair

Women with Afro hair often have to go to great lengths to maintain their curls. Here is a sophisticated Afro bob for thick hair that you can flaunt with minimal fuss.

This sleek look is a sure-shot way to grab attention and have all eyes on you. Just ensure you get regular trims done to keep the shape and style in place. 


4. Smart and Casual Short Hair

low maintenance short choppy haircut

If you are someone who loves absolutely no fuss yet wants to look smart and sharp within a few minutes, we recommend that you get this stylish yet casual low-maintenance short haircut.

Whether you are looking to go out for a casual evening or to an elegant party, you will definitely be the center of attraction.


5. Short Hair with Pink Ombre

low maintenance short layered haircut

This wavy bob with subtle layers of pink right from the roots to the tips gives off a very fun and cool vibe.

This short haircut is as low maintenance as it can get. Just run your fingers through those layers, give it a shake, and you are ready to hit the road.


6. The No-Nonsense Buzzcut

low maintenance very short haircut

A buzzcut is one of the easiest short haircuts that one can flaunt. In fact, you can easily get this haircut done at home by yourself.

This no-nonsense buzzcut looks clean and sophisticated and requires hardly any maintenance. It goes well with all hair textures and hair colors.


7. Baby Bangs for Dark Hair

low maintenance short straight haircut

Want to go for a futuristic look? Check out this stunning and modern look which gives off an edgy vibe. This short bob with baby bangs is easy to maintain and requires very little effort. This short haircut works well for those who have fine hair. 


8. Sleek Inverted Bob with Red Highlights

low maintenance short asymmetrical haircut

This red inverted sleek bob may look high maintenance, but it actually is quite easy to maintain. The red highlights add a lot of character to this hairstyle and if you want to flaunt a sophisticated short haircut, this is a great option.

You can even try and opt for some other color highlights, as per your personal preference.


9. Short Bob with Natural Waves

Low Maintenance Short Haircut for Older Women

Aging with grace has become the norm and flaunting the right haircut goes hand-in-hand with it.

Here is a lovely, low-maintenance look that you can try if you do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining and taking care of your hair. The natural waves give off a very soft and elegant look. 


10. Short Haircut with Soft Curls on Top

low maintenance short curly haircut

Women with curly hair who are not afraid to try new hairstyles should definitely try this edgy short haircut with soft curls on top.

The hair on the sides will be short and the hair on the top will be curly with lots of texture. This is one low-maintenance short hairstyle that is sure to glam you up.


11. Stylish Asymmetrical Bob for Thick Hair

Low Maintenance Short Side-swept Haircut

A stylish asymmetrical bob works well for all face shapes and it is a great way to stand out among all the other forms of short bobs.

In this hairstyle, the hair is cut shorter in the back and kept long in the front. It is an easy look to carry as well as maintain and it also allows you to try different types of styling options. 


12. Simple Chin Length Bob

Low Maintenance Short Haircut for girls

This is one of the easiest short hairstyles to carry off which requires absolutely minimal maintenance.

Though the hair length is short, you can try various styles with this simple chin-length bob and create some really cute and elegant up-dos even.


13. Modern and Sleek Shag

low maintenance short slick-back hair

A shag may look messy but it is a carefully styled hairstyle with several layers and textures. Once you get this modern and sleek shag haircut, you do not have to worry about maintaining it as it requires very little effort. It looks uber edgy and is one of the best modern short haircuts for young women.


14. Edgy Side Shave

low maintenance short hair with undercut

Women who love experimenting with their hairstyles will definitely love to try this dramatic and edgy side shave haircut. This is one of the coolest low-maintenance short haircuts which can be customized however you want.

You can experiment with the level of shave and the length of your hair. You can even add some highlights to add some extra jazz to the haircut.


15. White Blonde Pixie 

low maintenance short grey hair

A pixie haircut is one of the most popular short haircuts which requires little to very little maintenance.

You can either keep the edges sleek and straight or use a round brush to get a softer appearance. This look includes a lot of texture and layers which gives off a very feminine look.


16. Short Layered Wavy Bob

low maintenance short wedding hairstyle

If you want a simple and easy to maintain short haircut, you can try this short layered wavy bob which can be easily upgraded to a stylish and elegant hairstyle with some classy hair accessories. Here is an example of a beautiful hairstyle that you can try for any intimate event.


17. Mid-Partition Styled Back Hair

low maintenance short hairstyle

Wondering if a low-maintenance haircut will be boring? Well, here is a hairstyle which proves that even short haircuts can be extremely funky and stylish.

All you need to do is just create a mid-partition, make a small braid on each side and just style the hair backward, and you are ready to go!


18. Short and Messy Blonde Shag with Highlights

Low Maintenance Short Messy Haircut

For women who do not want to spend more than a couple of minutes styling their hair every day, a messy blonde shag is the perfect low-maintenance short haircut.

You can play around with this hairstyle and style it any way you want. You can even add some colorful highlights on the edges to hype up the look.


19. Dark Curly Pixie Haircut

low maintenance short haircut to rock

If you have very curly hair and are looking for a low-maintenance short hairstyle then you should try this curly pixie haircut.

This look adds a ton of volume to your curly hair and it looks perfect for any occasion – be it formal or casual. Also, this cute and stylish curly pixie haircut is suitable for all face shapes.


20. Layered Flipped Out Waves

low maintenance short vintage haircut

Women over the age of 40 who are looking for a short low maintenance hairstyle should try out this layered flipped out wavy haircut.

It looks really elegant and sophisticated. A couple of brush strokes and your hair will be in place without any fuss or mess.


21. Short and Straight Asymmetric with Deep Side Partition 

low maintenance short pixie

If elegance, style, and low maintenance is what you are looking for, then we recommend this beautiful hairstyle with a deep side partition.

This beautiful haircut will always look elegant and never shabby. Just run your fingers through your hair to maintain the deep partition and you are good to go. This haircut is not only easy to maintain but also gives off an air of confidence!