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45 Best Long Hairstyles & Cuts for Little Girls

If you have a little girl with long hair, we know how tempting it can be to put her hair up in the same old classic ponytail. However, when there are so many fun hairstyles available for little girls to rock these days, it would practically be a crime to not try them. From side ponytails with extensions to half updos with oversized bows, we’ve got a whole list of adorable styles for your little one to try. 


Little Girl With Long Hair – Things to Consider

When it comes to a new hairstyle for your little girl, consider the texture of her long hair. If it’s frizzy, you’ll want to regularly use a product to nix that.

You’ll also want to regularly use a leave-in conditioner, which will help with healthy locks and keep it shiny and free of tangles. Prep your bathroom with a few standby products, and you’ll be ready for whatever hairstyle she wants!


Long Hairstyle Trends for Little Girls

See for yourself how cute long hairstyles for little girls can be, then show this list to your favorite little one.

1. Little Girl with Long Cornrows

little girl with long cornrow

For little girls with thick hair, form five cornrows that flow from hairline to ends straight back. Secure each one with colorful hair ties so she can wear the rainbow!


2. Little Girl with Long Ponytails

little girl with long pigtails

Two low ponytails is one of the most classic looks when it comes to a little girl’s hairstyle. Form them behind the ears off to the side so they’ll easily drape adorably over her shoulders.


3. Long Blonde Hair for Little Girl

long blonde hair for little girl

Blonde hair on little girls is one of the cutest things. Show off the color in a wavy or curly ponytail that is off center so it falls over one shoulder.


4. Long Dreads for Little Girl

For a little girl with long natural black hair, dreads are a pretty way to contain those locks. Leave them down or wind them up in a cute mohawk or bun with loose pieces topped with beads.


5. Long Hair Bun for Little Girl

long hair bun for little girl

Long hair on little girls looks gorgeous wrapped up in a ballerina bun. To contain those locks, wind up the ponytail before wrapping it in the bun.


6. Long Hair Updo for Little Girl

long hair updo for little girl

Instead of leaving an updo for long hair in just a ponytail or bun, you can try this fun bow hairstyle. It’s perfect for formal occasions like weddings or school dances.


7. Long Hairstyle for Little Black Girl

long hairstyle for little black girl

Long braids are a great option for little girls with long hair. They keep the hair protected and stylish at the same time. Gather a section of the top into a side pony for a fun style.


8. Half Bun Updo

long hairstyles for little girls

Especially on little girls with long hair and bangs, a half updo that’s gathered in a half bun is super cute. It only takes a minute to make a ponytail and pull it halfway through for a stylish look.


9. Sectioned Ponytail

long bubble braid for little girls

If your little girl’s long hair tends to be unruly, try a medium height ponytail centered in the back of the head and sectioned off with colorful hair ties.


10. Little Girl with Long Afro Hair

long afro hair for little girls

I think we can all agree afro hair is gorgeous, right? So help your little girl rock her natural long hair by leaving it loose. Part it in the center and seal the hair with a leave-in conditioner.


11. Half Side Ponytail

half ponytail for little girl with long hair

Many little girls need a cute hairstyle that keeps their long hair out of their face. In that case, this adorable half ponytail secured at the side is a great choice she’ll love styling with a colorful hair tie.


12. Braid Extensions

long hair with extension for little girls

Temporary hair extensions are a cool option for little girls who love fun hair accessories. A traditional bun or ponytail becomes colorful instantly with the addition of hot pink braid extensions.


13. Side Bun with Cornrows

cornrows for little girl with long hair

For Black girls with long natural hair, show them the beauty of cornrows in a chic bun secured at one side. These tiny cornrows are subtly noticeable, but still add that special something. 


14. Two Ponytails

little girl with long hair

One ponytail in the top half of the hair is fine, but two is even cuter on little girls. You can leave them like this or braid their ends. With or without bangs, your little girl will be adorable in this style.


15. Oversized Bow

long hairstyle for little girls

When it comes to hair accessories, the classic hair bow shouldn’t be underestimated. Use it to tame your little girl’s long hair and add a pop of color. 


16. Space Buns for Long Blonde Hair

long hair space buns for little girls

Blonde hair is adorable as two space buns. Create two high ponytails first and then wrap the hair around the base. Don’t be afraid of leaving some strands loose for extra cuteness.


17. Long Hair Crown Braid

crown braid for little girls

A crown braid at any age is very boho. Your little girl will love how she feels like a flower child with her long hair wound up in a braid.


18. Micro Braided Half-Tie

This is a lovely hairdo for a little girl with long hair. It is composed of two subtle braids from two sides of the head, creating a half-tie at the back. Suitable for events like birthday party, this haircut can be matched with the cute white flock for a sexy look.

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19. Wispy Curly Bob

An effortless yet elegant long bob haircut for your little girl. A bob with subtle tresses to enhance your little darling’s cherubic face. Little girl curly bob is simple to style and maintain for your little one. Match it with your light summer dress and this will guarantee you an overloaded cuteness.


20. Loose Curls with Headband

A simple curly haircut for your long haired little darling. Pamper your doll with loose curls and significant floral headband for an ultimate look. It is a simple hairstyle and ideal for events such as birthday parties.


21. Side Braided Hairdo

This fun and simple side braided haircut will upgrade your little girl’s quotient up a notch. It is effortless to create and makes sure your toddler keeps all the stray strands off her face.


22. Side Half-Tie with A Bow Clip

This is a fabulous and trendiest way to style your little darlings long hair. It is easy to create and maintain for your girl. The bow hair clip further accentuates the elegance. Besides, no tresses fall on her face.


23. Casual Curls with Pouf Half-Tie

Very unintentional and carefree, these cute long hairstyles for little girls are popular nowadays. The curls and the pouf enhance volume to the haircut, and the half-tie makes the cut a hassle-free. It gives your little girl an opportunity to play around without the worries of the hair getting messy.


24. Sleek High Ponytail for Little Girls

If your little doll likes no fuss, simple haircuts, then this hairstyle is a great inspiration for her. It is lustrous and super-fast to style haircut that will give her unfathomable confidence. It is an ideal haircut for summer afternoons.


25. Long Side Parted Waves

This is a bright and breezy hairstyle for your little princess! Who doesn’t like luscious curls? You can go for a subtly messy and blown out style for a more relaxed look. This is a suitable hairstyle for little girls with long hair.

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26. Elegant Curly Layers for Little Princess

If you want to pamper your little princess all proper and prim, this beautiful hairstyle will come in handy. With loose waves cascading from the top, this layered hairstyle is fantastic and reveals the little lady in your little doll.


27. Medium Casual Layers with Bangs

The saying that less is more holds very true for this typical hairdo. It is a standard layered hairstyle for the little girls with long hair. It conveys an unintentional street sophisticated vibe to your cute daughter. This haircut is an ideal example of how a haircut need not be intricate to make a statement.


More Long Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls

28. Long Hair with Curls

For those special holidays that require your little girl’s hair to be dressed up, just use a curling wand to add in soft waves. A fun headband will help make it more playful.


29. Side Part Ponytail

No matter the day, add a side part to long hair and gather locks in to a ponytail secured at medium height. This is an easy hairstyle taking only minutes.


30. Casual Updo for Long Hair

Low ponytails work great for long hair on little girls. Whether it’s a low bun or low ponytail, family and friends will still be able to see their soft tousled curls.


31. Braided Pigtails

Another hairstyle taking only minutes are two braided ponytails. Part the hair, create two ponytails at the back and braid almost to ends, securing with colorful hair ties.


32. High Pigtails

Pigtails can be worn at any height, but these high pigtails are secured directly at the sides of the head so they’re the first thing her friends will see.


33. Long Hair Messy Bun

Messy buns aren’t just for young women anymore! On a little girl with long hair, the style is adorable and perfect for those days when she’ll be outside playing.


34. Flowered Hairline for Long Hair

When you just need to keep your little girl’s long hair off her face, secure a few small sections of hair off the hairline with faux flower hair ties. Leave the rest of the hair loose.


35. Bow Updo

Another hairstyle great for fancy events, make a low or medium height ponytail with a bow design. Smooth it free of frizz and top with flowers.


36. Side Braid for Long Hair

Keep the hair picture-perfect for weddings and other occasions by braiding your little girl’s long hair into a side ponytail at the front of the head. Secure with a bow.


37. Long Hair with Curled Ends

Not much needs to be added to this long hairstyle for little girls except for the tight springy curls at the ends. She can wear this hairstyle down and feel like her girly self.


38. Wrapped Side Braid

For this long hair, start a braid at the hairline and continue it around to the side of the head, securing with a ribbon or pretty colorful bow.


39. Twisted Ponytail with Curls

On long hair, twist a few sections of hair starting at the hairline, then gather them in a ponytail accented with a tiny braid. This style has so much detail, it’s the ultimate look for long hair.


40. Box Braids for Long Hair

Little girls with long thick hair will love how box braids are so delicate and keep their locks out of their face. Clip the ends with flower barrettes instead of boring elastic bands.


41. Bow Half Updo for Long Hair

On this style, just take two sections of hair from either side of the head and secure in a small ponytail at the back of the head. Make this cute bow to let everyone know your little girl is a gift!


42. Braided Space Buns

To spice up space buns on long haired little girls, add braids to one side and leave the other plain. Wind them up in poofy buns accented with bright hair bows.


43. Long Hair Dutch Braids

Dutch braids for little girls with long hair are a super popular style. They take only minutes and leave hair pretty and wavy when unwoven at the end of the day.


44. Two Braids and Ponytail

Two thick braids decorate the sides of this little girl’s ponytail. The hair is secured low which makes long hair look even longer.


45. Flowered Long Hair with Waves

Finished off long hair with waves and top with a mix of twists and braids. You can even throw in a cute headband to keep hair off the face.


As you can see, hairstyles for little girls with long hair are endless. Show them to your favorite girl and let her pick which one she wants you to do first!