22 Unbeatable Long Box Braids to Explore

16. Lime Green Box Braids

long box braids

Want to explore colourful box braids in an understated way? At first glance these lime green box braids look blonde, and they will blend beautifully with natural hair that has been bleached out. This is a subtly unusual look that will keep people looking over and over again.


17. Box Braid Pleated Crown

Long Box Braid Hairstyles

Why not braid your braid? This show-stopping style pulls skinny box braided hair into a French pleat-style crown across one side of the head before letting the length hang in a natural and understated style.


18. Beaded Box Braid Bangs

Bangs with long box braid hairstyle

You don’t have to braid all of your hair to make an impact! Why not wear your natural hair long and loose and then add box braids to your bangs? This is a clever way to keep your bangs in place. For extra impact, why not add beads to your bangs to create an unusual style reminiscent of a modern Cleopatra!


19. Half-Up Bun Style Braids

Add a fashion-forward geometric style to your long box braids by pulling half of your hair into a twisted bun worn low across your forward. This is a surprisingly flattering style that is ideal for balancing a high forehead or shortening a longer face.


20. Long Box Braids with Bangs

Long Box Braid Hairstyles

Bangs are great for adding structure and definition to your hairstyle, and for framing your face. They are the ideal choice if you have a long or oval face, or if you want to shorten an exaggerated forehead. Just because you wear your hair in braids doesn’t mean you can’t also wear bangs, as this beautiful style shows.