21 Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

There are many benefits to having medium hair, including its manageability and versatility. It’s a common option for black women because it has just enough length to pull off cute updos or low styles, but not too long that it’ll get annoying or frustrating to deal with.


Black Hairstyles for Medium Hair

If you’re a black woman wanting a fresh option for your daily look, you’ll be happy to know you can pull off many hairstyles, whether your hair type is curly or straight or just somewhere in between. Here are 21 awesome medium length hairstyles for black women!

1. Medium Curly Hairstyle for Black Women

A medium hairstyle is a manageable length and will help you take control of curly hair. With a side part or layers, you can add volume and create shape easily. You can adjust the hair length shorter or longer according to your taste.


2. Black Medium Wavy Hair

Style wavy hair with a side part and let it go wild. Whether you leave your natural color or add in blonde ombre, this is a sophisticated style you can wear to work or out with friends on weekends.


3. Medium Length Straight Hairstyle

Feathered side bangs give a medium straight hairstyle a cute touch of framing for the face. Layer the hair for easy built-in style that won’t hold you up in the mornings.


4. Medium Black Hair with Bangs

This shaggy medium hairstyle with bangs is perfect for curly hair. To make sure you get your desired length of fringe, have your stylist cut them when they’re dry and keep the length long for glamor. This black hairstyle is also good for older women above 50.


5. Medium Hair Braids for Black Hair

For black women, medium box braids are always a good idea. The protective hairstyle lasts weeks at a time and can be dressed up with beads and pulled into a cute half updo for quick style.


6. Twists for Black Medium Hair

Twist braids are a gorgeous alternative to traditional braids. Each strand of hair is twisted before being twisted in with another strand, making for a cute eye-catching look.


7. Medium Black Ponytail

Slick back hair into a medium high ponytail that’ll show off your shiny straight locks. Or, if you have bangs, leave a few wavy strands to softly frame your face. Check these ponytails ideal for black women.


8. Thick Medium Hair for Black Women

Thick hair is something most women covet. Make everyone jealous by leaving your thick locks loose and free-flowing on a medium hairstyle. A hair oil will seal cuticles to ensure you’re frizz-free and your curls are lusciously healthy.


9. Updo for Medium Black Hair

Paired with a dress or your weekend outfit, a bushy ponytail is the perfect complement. Smooth baby hairs to get that neat, put-together look.


10. Medium Black Hair Bun

A bun that sits at the crown of the head can be wrapped up with a colorful elastic band or coiled and kept in place with a piece of your own hair. A bold red lip completes this elegant look.


11. Black Medium Hair with Highlights

Light blonde or caramel highlights are the best choice for color if you have dark skin. They’ll complement dark hair and give waves a sun-kissed glow.


12. Black Medium Ombre

Caramel ombre hair color will bring new life to a medium wavy or curly haircut. The color matches darker skin tones and complements black hair beautifully. You can also try black hairstyles with short & curly hair.


13. Messy

The bedhead look is always in and you can rock it with your curly medium length hair. To achieve this style, use your fingers when adding any product to avoid a too perfect look.


14. Medium Length Weave

A weave not only adds quick style that lasts for weeks, but the color is versatile. A beautiful light blonde will brighten up your complexion and give you summery vibes.


15. Should Length Wedding Hairstyle for Black Women

For your special day, a style that feels romantic is a must. This bun updo for medium hair with loose tendrils can be decorated with a rhinestone headband or barrette.


16. Black Women With Medium Blonde Hair

Going blonde is a must-try for any woman wanting a new perspective. Whether it’s platinum or a dark blonde, let the color shape up your straight hair.


17. Black Space Buns

Instead of a ponytail, try out two space buns for fun! Wrap them up tight or leave them loose for a relaxed vibe. You can smooth baby hairs or leave a few pieces of hair loose.


18. Curly Mohawk

A thick curly hairstyle becomes super edgy when shaped into a mohawk. Tiny braids at the sides will make you feel girly while the rest of the style is punk-rock. These braided buns are also a good option if you have a bit longer hair.


19. Bantu Knots for Medium Hair

Bantu knots can be small or medium-sized and work well with a number of hair textures. Place them strategically around your head and then wrap them in metallic or gold elastic complete with beads.


20. Shoulder Length Middle Part

For that wake up and go hairstyle, all you need is a center part to finish off a loose wavy or straight look. Keep frizz away with a hair oil so you stay stunning all day long.


21. Medium Side Part

When your goal is to add volume and shape, a side part is your best friend. The further over the part, the more volume you’ll get. Large waves will complete the sophisticated style.

Black hairstyles for medium hair are nothing short of stylish. Try them all and find out which one looks best with your face shape and fits in with your desired maintenance level. To be trending in your group of friends, you can’t go wrong with one of the above hairstyles.