41 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

When you have a special occasion coming up, it’s hard not to get lost in a big variety of hairstyles. There are so many wedding hairstyles for medium length hair that choosing one is tougher than finding someone to marry.

Most of them are pretty complicated and can be created by a professional hairstylist. Others can be done at home. Some require different beautiful accessories, others look perfect all on their own. The benefit of medium length hair is that you can create virtually any hairstyle for a wedding or any other special occasion.


Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Every bride is overwhelmed with the amount of work and preparations that need to be done before that special day. We prepared a simple do’s and don’ts checklist to help keep your hair worries to a minimum.



  • Get a fresh haircut one week before the wedding and not one day before. Hair needs some time to settle.
  • Arrange for a hair trial in advance so you can make changes to what the stylist has to offer. Or even change the stylist.
  • Bring photos to show your hairstylist. Remember hairstylists are not psychic. They can’t read your mind. Take a few photos to choose from.
  • Take the accessories with you to the hair trial. This means you have to buy or rent them in advance.
  • Be ready for the hairstyle not to be 100% perfect. Stylists are people too and your hair is far from perfect material (most of the time). Be patient and explain your idea in detail.
  • Go for a hair treatment a week or two before the wedding. Deep conditioning can prep your hair for the big day.
  • Allow enough time for the hair styling on your wedding day. Add a half an hour for unexpected problems.



  • Make drastic color changes right before the wedding. It’s always hard to predict what a dyeing session may do to your hair.
  • Take more than 5 photos with you to the stylist. You’ll only waste yours and their time.
  • Look for hairstyles for long and short hair. You need medium length wedding hairstyles. Don’t become one of those people who want an impossible hairstyle and get mad about the impossibility to do it. Save your time and avoid tears.
  • Listen to too many opinions. If you like a hairstyle, discuss it with one person other than the stylist. Let it be the person you trust the most.
  • Be too obsessive about the wedding hair. It’s far from being the most important thing in your life.


Brides With Medium Length Hair – Try These Hairstyles

When you have to pick that perfect wedding hairstyle for medium hair, you need to be ready to make some changes. Some women don’t realize that their hairstyle is somewhat outdated and need some freshening up. Your wedding is a wonderful occasion to make some changes to your image. Just don’t try too hard or the groom may be too surprised to see you. Don’t go for radical color changes but a fresh haircut is always a great idea.


1. Bride hair with curls

curly with Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

This is a wonderful choice for women with medium-length bobs. The stylist will curl your locks and arrange them into a beautiful hairstyle by using bobby pins and hairspray. You get the appearance of an intricate design.


2. Medium curly hairstyle for wedding

Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length curly Hair

Curls are an important part of every wedding hairstyle for medium length hair since they allow you to create an appearance of extra volume. Neatly arranged curls make it look as if you have a large bun in the back.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair


3. Wild medium hairstyle for bride

 women glamorous wedding hairstyle for medium length hair

Medium-length hair allows the brides and their hairstylists to take the imagination far and beyond. If you take a look at this photo, you can see a complicated and glamorous style, which is created with just a few thin strands.


4. Wear it down

wedding hairstyle for medium length hair for girl

Your wedding hairstyle often doesn’t depend on the length of your hair but of the overall style you choose for yourself. Sometimes, it’s smart to just leave your locks down and decorate them with a nice tiara or other jewelry.


5. Bright approach

young girl wedding hairstyle for medium length hair

You are planning a white dress, white shoes, and diamonds. Why not diversify all this whiteness by a bright hair color? While drastic color changes are not recommended, some brides ignore the rule and get stunning results. Are you ready to risk it?

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