1970s Hairstyles for Men: Top 7 Styles

Finding the right hairstyle can be tricky for some men, but 1970s hairstyles are a great option for many reasons. They are fun, easy to take care of, and very casual. These top seven styles are all great options for any man looking to enjoy 70s hair and still look great.


Classic 70s Haircuts for Guys

We have shortlisted 7 of the most popular hairstyle ideas for men from the 70s. Have a look and get inspiration for yourself.

1. Men’s Shag

70s mens hairstyles

This natural messy hair look is a great option for any man who has a bit of curl in his hair and who doesn’t want to have to worry about trying to tame it.

The natural curl adds a lot of texture and volume to the style and prevents it from falling flat and looking boring. The hair can be grown out over the ears and easily covers the forehead.


2. Slick Back Hair

70s hairstyles for men

70s hair was sometimes very styled and in control, as this look shows. The hair is all gelled back from the face except for the bangs, which are allowed to be a bit longer and wavy to the side.

There’s plenty of volume and control, and the nape of the neck is cut shorter so that the look doesn’t appear too shaggy and out of control.


3. Mullet

70s hair

This look is perfect for men who are casual and who really don’t care a lot about their appearance. It’s incredibly relaxed, which is why it’s such a great option.

The bangs and the longer hair fringe surround the face without being overwhelming. Any natural curl is left alone and isn’t defined with product.


4. Longer with Bangs

70s hairstyles

Some of the most common 70s hairstyles for men were a bit longer and fell to the shoulders. This is an excellent example of the style, which has great bangs cut above the eyebrows to frame the face.

Men who choose this style need to make sure that their hair is thick enough to be worn in this way or it will fall flat and look uninspired.

Hottest Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair


5. Long and Straight

70s long haircuts

Probably the most simple of all 70s haircuts, this cut involves straight hair being allowed to grow a bit longer.

It looks great on men with long blonde hair who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the morning dealing with their hair and is very easy to style, as it only requires a quick brushing in the morning.

Keeping the ends trimmed, however, ensures that the style looks healthy.


6. Shorter and Curly

70s mens hairstyles

Not all hair in the 70s was long and untamed, as this shorter look shows. Men who have curly hair and who want to be able to show off and enjoy their curls will appreciate this simple look.

The hair is cut over the ears and off of the forehead, and curls are allowed to hang down around the face, breaking up any hard lines and softening the face.


7. Big Afro with a Center Part

70s hair trends for men

Men who have thick and naturally curly hair can easily wear this great style. While it does take a little more care than some other styles, it’s a very natural and relaxed option. The gorgeous curls are allowed to grow out, which gives them plenty of body and movement.

A strong middle part adds to the interest of this look and ensures that it looks like it came from the 70s and not like it is a more updated style.


70s hairstyles for men are a lot of fun, as can be seen by these seven options. They are sure to please and to make any man feel younger and more alive. Picking the right one can be tricky, but with great options to choose from, it’s easy for any man to make a good decision regarding his hair.

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