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30 Modern Mullet Haircuts for Guys in 2024

You’ve heard about the mullet haircut, right? One of the most popular hairstyles of the 1980s came with its own tagline: business in the front, the party in the back! That describes the mullet to a tee, honestly. The style is almost always categorized by a neat, polished haircut in the front, around the face, that transitions into longer hair in the back.

During its heyday, the mullet was coveted ‘do for men, women, and children. The coolest mullet wearers had long, flowing locks in the back that reached their shoulder blades or lower, which hung in limp contrast to the exquisitely crafted wings of their bangs.

Modern mullet haircuts have none of the cheesiness of their predecessors, thank goodness. In fact, they’re having a moment right now that’s so big, that mullets might just trend again.

Modern Mullet Haircuts for Men

You have to find a balance between nostalgic irony, retro appreciation, and modern style. Stringy, straggly hair and blow-dried bangs simply won’t cut the mustard in 2024 unless you’re genuinely going for a vintage Billy Ray Cyrus vibe, and no one wants to do that.

If you need some ideas for growing a mullet, here are some stylish mullet haircuts for you:

1. Middle Part Mullet with Fringe

mullet for older men

While this haircut seems common, as it contains three elements fringe, middle part, and mullet. The top remains a bit longer and tapered short to the side. And for the mullet effect, the back is kept longer, but the hair barely touches the shoulder.

2. Straight Forward Sweep

male mullet for straight hair

This distinctive look for men features long hair on the back, shorter sides, and gently sweeps forward. It looks great on guys with straight, silky hair. The longer back adds flamboyance, and the fringy front gives a clean and neat appearance.

3. Dry Curls with Headband

curly mullet for men

The natural curls on dry hair can give you a mullet-like shape if you wear a headband. However, you don’t need to cut your hair to get this style. You will just need to keep the curls in the proper place on the top of your head and add a headband to secure the look.

4. Fluffy Mullet

wavy mullet for men

The wavy fluffy texture on the top provides a natural and effortless charm, while the trimmed sideburns give a polished appearance. Whether you want to go for a casual day out or a formal event, this hairstyle maintains a touch of refinement.

5. Vintage Natural

male mullet with glasses

The vintage mullet with long wavy back with a side sweep over reminds the golden era or rock n roll. It features a distinct blend of retro charm while tucking the hair to one side provides a polished appearance.

6. Asian Mullet

mullet haircut for Asian men

This haircut shows a combination of creativity and precision as the evenly trimmed short buzzed hair on top gives a playful touch. Further, the faded design on the temple creates a seamless transition.

7. Short Fro

afro mullet for men

Unlike the regular mullet style, the hair is not longer at the back. Instead, it maintains a voluminous short afro curls all around. It is a unique type that showcases a natural texture while still appearing as a mullet’s signature shorter sides.

8. Chopped Crop

90s mullet for men

This hairstyle is a perfect example of versatility and edginess. The sides and top are unevenly chopped, and it gives a rugged appearance for any man in their 40s. However, the real attraction lies in the thick and longer back.

9. Uneven Trimmed Side + Length From Crown

mullet with shaved side for men

This style has a thin tail starting from the crown of the head and hanging down on the back of the head. It requires trimming the sides shorter while leaving the top longer, but not in uniform length.

10. Bowl Shape

bowl mullet for men

This hairstyle merges the classic bowl cut with the edginess of mullet hair. It has a bowl-shaped cut on the top with evenly trimmed sides that falls just on the forehead. However, the slightly longer part on the back creates the signature mullet effect.

11. Ugly Mullet

ugly mullet for men

Apparently, this ‘ugly mullet’ challenges the conventional mullet cut. It features a longer length at the back, with the hair extending beyond the shoulder. Other parts of the hair remain unkempt to give asymmetrical shape, uneven layers, and intentionally messy texture.

12. Layers with Highlights

male mullet with highlights

The highlights can add a touch of vibrancy which can range from natural-looking shades to bold hues. Further, it accentuates the layers with the movement of your hair.

13. Spiky Mohawk Mullet

mohawk mullet for men

This hairstyle has a striking spiky mohawk strip down the center of the head, giving you a bold, fierce look. The sides are shaved close to the scalp, generating creative and dramatic contrast at the same time.

14. Brushed Back

long mullet for men

It contains faded sides on the temple and long back. The longer back extends down the shoulder and resembles a contemporary take on classic mullet. The hair on the top is brushed back and gives a polished and sleek look to any man.

15. Dreaded Mullet Tails

dreadlock mullet for men

This is an unconventional style with dreadlocks at the back and normal short hair on the front and top. The long coiled dreads add a sense of individuality while also creating a charming visual effect.

16. Designed Afro Mullet

mullet for black men

This mullet-like style has short but a few voluminous curls all around. Further, the sharp round lined design on the side makes a visually striking contrast against the afro texture.

17. Wavy Blonde Mullet

blonde mullet for men

This cool hairstyle combines wavy locks with the mullet style. While the sides are neatly trimmed, the top and back have longer waves, making it perfect for teenage guys.

18. Red Spiky Mullet

male mullet for red hair

This unique hairstyle has a special front part that is brushed up and gives a spiky look. However, the back of the hair is kept longer like a regular mullet. And it completes a hipster look for a bearded man.

19. Forward Sweep + Shaved Design

edgy mullet for men

It resembles the creativity and artistry of the person, and you can adorn the shaved sides with various patterns. Further, the forward sweep is neatly styled to gently fall forward on the forehead.

20. Permed Mullet

perm mullet for men

Overall, this style gives a voluminous look, while the perms give bouncy and defined curls. It is a great choice for men who wants to embrace an eccentric and attention-grabbing hairstyle.

21. Party on the Sides

side cut Mullet Haircut

Instead of the business in the front, party in the back layout of most mullet haircuts, this one’s throwing a party along the sides. As you can see, there’s a gap, almost like the style of a traditional undercut, but the back and sides boast intricately shaved designs.

22. Short Spikes

Short Spike with Mullet Haircut

Mullets don’t have to be long, either on the top or the bottom. Basically, as long as the hair in the back is longer than the top, you’ve got yourself a mullet. Add a few spikes and keep everything else sleek and slick for a hipster take on the classic ‘do.

23. Wet Mullet Haircut

Formal look Mullet Haircut for men

When done right, there’s something almost avant-garde about the mullet—and, as you can see, you can even fake the look. Slicking back the front of your hair blends it into the longer strands in the back.

24. Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet Hairstyle your favorite

A whole lot is going on with this mullet haircut, but it’s all phenomenal. The curls are the centerpiece—curls lend themselves well to this cut. The pompadour up front is the defining detail—that’s what sets this apart from a traditional mullet and makes it more modern.

25. Spikes and Curls

Spike and curly Mullet Haircut

Here’s another way to make curly or wavy hair work with your mullet. The curls at the ends of the long hair in the back are evocative of the traditional cut. The spikes on top are arranged like a faux hawk, and they add a much-needed modern edge to the ‘do.

26. The Swanky Mullet

Becks always knows what he’s doing with his hair, even if it’s unconventional and out of the box. He’s kind of faking his mullet, but unlike Jared Leto, David Beckham steps out with a more sophisticated mullet, all thanks to that flawless side part.

27. Sharp Lines

To make your mullet haircut fresher and more stylish, ask the barber for flourishes and unexpected touches. Buzz the sides request a fade and, if you’re bold, get a few lines etched in to make yourself stand out from all the other mullet-wearing men.

28. The Dad Mullet

Normal Mullet Haircut for men

How many dads wear a variation of this haircut? Zac Efron knows the deal. His hair features a slight side part, as well, resulting in a mullet that actually looks a bit chic. You go, Zac.

29. Mullet Mohawk

There are so many ways to shape a mullet haircut that you can easily get inventive and show off your signature style—like this dude. Check out the height on those spiked curls. The shaved sides contrast with the long curls in the back, which he clearly takes care of because they are kind of amazing.

30. Long and Lush

Long Mullet Haircut for men

You’re looking at what might be the most beautiful mullet ever to see the light of day. It’s not as short on top as it looks—some of the hair is brushed back to blend in with the longer curls—and, if you notice, the sides and part of the back are still somewhat short. The whole haircut is like a unicorn tail.

They say that everything old is new again, and that’s even true for mullet haircuts, which are currently making a rather unlikely comeback. Do you think you’d wear a mullet—even an updated one?

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