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Top 23 Long Blonde Hairstyles for Men

Calling all men with long hair: are you looking for a handsome way to style those charming locks? Want some great hair tips to achieve a really classy look? Read on for a number of trendy styles to rock your long blonde hair this season.


Men’s Long Blonde Hairstyles

We’ve gathered the trendiest long blonde hairstyles for men to rock with pride. Start scrolling for hair inspiration.

1. Messy Long Hair + Beard

guy with long blonde hair

One edge of having long hair is to have them fall off naturally without the hassle to style them. Leaving your locks down till shoulder will give off a cool aura and a rugged look if combined with a beard.

To get the desired look blow dry your blonde hair and run some hair product through them to let them set and complete the look.


2. Long Top Short Side Cut

long blonde hairstyles for men

One good way to style blonde long hair for men is to have a long fringe cut and have it fall over the side covering half of the face. This style is especially recommended for teen boys looking for some funky style to try.

It is cool and requires some effort to put it together. Nevertheless, the outcome is worth the effort.


3. Chord Overstreet’s Hairstyle

men with long blonde hair

If you don’t want the length to touch your shoulders, you can have them cropped till the ear lobe, just like Chord Overstreet has them.

This actor’s blonde hairdo has its own charm and is unique. If you are up for covering your temples including the forehead, there isn’t a better option than this long hairstyle and that too for blonde men.


4. Surfer Boy Hairstyle

guy with long blonde hair

This style is our favorite on the list. This look for guys with long blonde hair is cute and brings out the youthful side of the person having it.

In order to achieve the true surfer look, you don’t necessarily need to surf. All you need is to blow dry your hair them then spray it with some saltwater solution. Run your fingers through your hair and your surfer look is ready.


5. Blonde Beard

older man with long blonde hair

This look is one hot style on the list. Long blonde hair coupled with a rich beard gives off a charismatic outlook. The style requires minimum effort on your part.

Though it is recommended to only men with thick dense hair. A wild yet sexy outlook can be achieved by simply having your blonde hair parted in the center and falling off till the shoulders with a rich beard to finish it off!


6. Messy Low Ponytail

long blonde ponytail for men

On casual days or when you’re heading to the gym, the easiest style for your long hair is using your fingers to comb it back into a low ponytail. To get it more off your shoulders, make a man bun.


7. Off Center Part

long curly blonde hair for men

Men with shoulder-length or longer blonde hair with a wave or curl to it will like how their face looks when hair is parted off center. Combed neatly, it’s an ideal look for professional environments.


8. Faux Hawk Braid

men's long blonde braids with shaved sides

This long blonde hairstyle gets a Viking vibe from its braid. Sides are buzzed to help the detailed faux hawk stand out. If you’re looking for a rugged style, try it!


9. Straight and Layered

man with long straight blonde hair

It’s no secret that many men prefer a low maintenance hairstyle. If your hair is mostly straight, ask your barber for long layers. As you’ll see above, it’s clear they give hair built-in style, making it easier to get up and go!


10. Blonde Braid Extensions

long blonde braids for men

Instagram / blaxicanboy

Black men who are curious about trying a long hairstyle should definitely give these blonde braid extensions a try. They’ll give you the length to pull off various styles and bring light to your face.


11. Thin and Curly

long blonde hair for men over 50

Whether your hair is naturally thin or fine or you’re an older man experiencing hair loss, your blonde locks still have life to them! Opt for a short trim and work in a little product to thicken the hair up and emphasize curls or waves.


12. Man Bun with Partial Fade

man bun for long blonde hair

If you often wear your hair up in a man bun, put a new twist on your look by having your barber add a partial fade. A small shaved area at temples is quite flattering no matter your face shape.


13. Short Layers

man with long blonde layered hair

This short layered haircut will work wonders on blonde men with curly or wavy texture. Part your hair down the middle and work in mousse with your fingers for handsome style in no time.


14. Blonde Mullet

long blonde mullet for men

Instagram / alchemy13lbny

Looking for a bold haircut you can wear proudly? A spiky mullet will satisfy your punk craving. We love the contrast between long blonde hair and dark facial hair.


15. Platinum Blonde Hair

long light blonde hair for men

If you’re not afraid of going really light in your hair color, consider platinum blonde. This bluntly cut men’s hairstyle has minimal texture and is parted off center, a look you can pull together in minutes. 


16. Low Man Bun

long blonde hairstyle for men

When you’re in a hurry or just need quick style, the man bun is a classic choice. The key is using your fingers to gather your hair into the bun. Don’t worry about combing it perfectly.


17. Braided Faux Hawk

long blonde braided ponytail for men

Instagram / oriahmirza

If rough and rugged is your hairstyle preference, this blonde braided faux hawk with a Viking vibe is a must try. Whether your sides are buzzed or bald, both will help the long braids and half bun up top stand out.


18. Rainbow Mullet

men's long blonde hair with undercut

Instagram / sip_snips

Platinum blonde is the perfect color for displaying rainbow hair colors. Men who like colorful punk-rock hairstyles need to try this edgy mullet.


19. Blonde Shag

long blonde shag haircut

To many, the mens shag hairstyle may be long forgotten, but when it comes to long haircuts you can’t really keep it off the list. Similar to the mop crop, the shag has a bit of a wave in the blonde locks too.

It covers the temples and the forehead and an overall outlook of a carefree person. Teenagers and Scooby-Doo fans should definitely try this lookout.


20. Platinum Blonde Hair for Guys

While the regular blond is charming in its own way, there is something about the platinum blonde that appeals to the senses.

Another way of styling mens long hair is to have them dyed platinum blonde. As the name suggests the color gives off a vibrant and cool look and a mysterious vibe that excites.


21. Blonde Man Bun

This one of  a kind long blonde hairstyle for men on the list holds its own charm and allure.

Whether your hair is stark blonde, platinum blonde or has blonde highlights, as long as it is long, wearing it in a bun will definitely attract attention from crowds.


22. Blonde Undercut

long blonde hair with undercut

Upgrade your blonde look by adding a touch of undercut to it. The style is trendy and gives your hair a full and voluminous look. You can also try this long hairstyle if you are having blonde curls.

In that case, you will give height to the mop of curls on the top and carry a haircut that is cool and unique.


23. Blonde Dreads

long blonde dreadlocks for men

Last but not least, blonde dreads is another bold hairstyle for guys on the list. This long hairstyle screams adventure and fun. It is suitable for anyone wanting to pull off a wild look and at the same time want to have an adventure time exploring waves.


Whether you are up for a day on the beach or some dancing around a bonfire, these styles are perfect to complement your look. Plus, these are low on maintenance, requiring minimum effort on your part.

So all those men with long blonde hair on the go, these are must-try looks for you guys to hit the roads in style!