70 Incredible Blowout Haircuts for Men

11. Cowlick blowout

20 Blowout Haircuts for Men 14

Make sure to get a little creative with the long part of your blowout haircut. Style it upwards as supposed to be in a classical look and curl down the bangs to create a cowlick appearance, which is one of the quite popular unique ways to go about styling the fringe.


12. Wild blowout

Blowout Hairstyle

If your hair is long enough you can create a really wild blowout. Shave the hair the way the blowout style dictates and then get creative with the top part. You can make anything from a wild mess to a textured pompadour.


13. Asymmetrical blowout

long blow out fade

Classical blowouts stayed in the past. The modern times dictate more unique ideas. Go for asymmetrical styling of the upper part of your blowout and you are sure to look amazing. Don’t be afraid to use the hair gel. It is a compulsory part of any blowout style.


14. Low blowout

mens low fade blowout haircut

If you are not big friends with hair gel, you have a chance to go for more subtle blowout hairstyle such as this low example. Keep your hair styled in a sleek way to create less volume. This hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve and keep intact.


15. Side parted blowout

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There is absolutely no need to make the blowout look like the one sported by Pauly-D. You can play around with the top part to create a side-parted blowout which will look even better than the classical one and is sure to turn some heads.


 16. Comb over blowout

hair blowout for young boy

If your hair is not thick enough for a regular blowout haircut, you can go for a comb-over to create some volume. Make sure to keep the lower part of the hair shaved or very short and you can style the top part the way you like best.

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 17. Wispy blowout

Men Blowout Haircut

Leaving your hair long enough for a wispy blowout might be complicated, but everything is possible. Style the top part of your hair with some gel to create a wispy look, which is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.


 18. Levels

best hair blow out for men

When you are styling the top part of your blowout you don’t have to make it all leveled out. A great idea would be to make the hair higher in front and lower in the back. This is a wonderful blowout variation, which is quite popular among men nowadays.


 19. Highlights

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If you decided to go for a classical blowout hairstyle but still want to add some zest to it, go for highlights. There is no reason to color most of your hair. One or two subtle strands will look great if they are dyed with a lighter color than the rest of your mane.


20. Spiky mess

Blowout Haircuts for Men 26

If you don’t follow the classics and are not leaving the sides shaved, you can go a little wild with the top part as well. Leave the hair about 4 -5 inches long and style it to be upright and a little messy.