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20 Timeless Grunge Styles for Men to Relive 90’s Fashion

Are you planning on adopting the grunge style in fashion? Do you want to dress in men’s 90’s grunge but don’t know how to start? We’ll tell you how.

History of The 90’s Grunge Fashion

90's grunge fashion for men

The grunge fashion for men is a style that arose out of the 90s in the United States of America. This style of clothing is typically free of assumptions and air. The grunge is a fashion style that represents everyday living in a classy style—by being quiet yet rebellious.

The casual dressing characterizes the grunge outfits. The clothes are bought at vintage or thrift stores, not high-end. These clothes represent everyday living, and though they may seem simple, they are very effective in establishing a style.

The grunge and punk movements are both similar in a way that they rebel against the norms of society. But where punk rebelled with their leather jackets, silver jewelry, and dark clothing, grunge rebelled with their mundane, everyday outfits.

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Elements of 90’s Men’s Grunge Fashion

The main components of grunge fashion used to be loose clothing, white (or plain) shirts, combat boots, snapbacks, and beanies. Today a large number of clothing items are used too. Today, many different types of grunge fashion exist. They can be achieved through clashes and contrasts of shapes, designs, and color.

Like this, grunge is agreeable, yet a disruptor. They do not attract attention, but they stand out amongst the crowd. In this post, we’ll tell you the best way to dress grunge.

1. Fedora with Skinny Jeans

grunge style for men

From the black combat boots and tight skinny jeans, to the tank top, scruffy beard and classy fedora, this look screams grunge. This look says you just rolled out of bed.. but in a hot way.

2. 80s Jacket and Jeans

90s grunge fashion for men

The classy color-block style of this 80s windbreaker paired with some light blue jeans are the perfect match for a long blonde surfer haircut. 

3. Scarf and Patterned Hat

grunge fashion for men

Scarves aren’t just for women! Rock a black printed scarf with a black jacket and pair it with a patterned fedora to top off your medium length hair.

4. The Simple Arabic Look

men's grunge fashion with arabic look

This outfit is a simple, yet a layered style that stands out in the crowd. It looks intimidating with its dark tones, but there’s a level of effortlessness that attracts the eye.

Ideal for: Average to tall heights; broad and stocky buts

How to Wear: The outfit is a simple overcoat thrown over a black tee and black denim. It also features a cowl over the beanie, which makes it intriguing. Every piece of clothing is dark. The boots are fashionably worn down by wear.

5. The Modern but Fancy Look

modern grunge fashion for men

This grunge fashion outfit for men is a loud and obvious statement. It brings with it both grunge and industrial styles. The plain clothing contrasts with patterns and designs.  But the boldness is toned down suitably by the dark colors.

Ideal for: Narrow builts and tall height

How to wear:  A jacket word on a plain collared t-shirt, over black trousers, and features a men’s skirt. This one is patterned, which gives a nice contrast to the eye. The snapback and thick combat boots add to the grunge look.

6. The Semi-Formal Style

grunge style for men

This outfit looks smart with casually tousled hair, but once you dissect it, it’s a lot plainer than it seems.

Ideal for: Tall height and average builds

How to wear:  Add a pair of jeans to a neat thrifted jacket, shirt, and scarf. The jeans tone down the formality of the look.

7. The Hoodie and Shades

grunge fashion for men
Instagram / seffinisto

Hoodies with designs are everyday attire that make a grunge statement while remaining subtle.

Ideal for: Narrow builds on tall heights

How to wear:  Wear an oversized hoodie with a design and pants with stripes. Accessorize with sunglasses even on cloudy days.

8. The Badges

90s grunge fashion for men
Instagram / ken_dolljr

Badges help you make get across aspects of your identity. There’s no better way to show off your personality and your long curls.

Ideal for: Lean, tall guys

How to wear:  Wear dark pants, a light t-shirt, and a denim jacket. Add dozens of badges that represent what you stand for.

9. The All in Black

men's grunge style
Instagram / kezian_dlhye

If you want to stand out in the crowd by being monochrome, then this 90s curtain hairstyle and the outfit are for you.

Ideal for: Average to broad builds

How to wear:  Make sure your outfit is all the same color. A t-shirt, dark pants, and a smart jacket make a bold statement.

10. The Tattoo Show-Off

90s grunge style for men
Instagram / electric_endgame

Many older people find tattoos distasteful, so showing them off is a great way to rebel in the grunge style.

Ideal for: Tattooed guys

How to wear:  Go super plain with black jeans and a T-shirt. Wear short sleeves to emphasize your tats.

11. The Casual Home Look

casual grunge fashion for men

This is a simple yet fashionable look. It’s no less homely than comfortable home wear but looks novel on the streets.

Ideal for: People with broad shoulders and tall height and long hair.

How to wear: This grunge style in fashion for men is best with thin, loose sweaters over a plain white shirt. Pair it with a different color on half-trousers, and plain socks in sandals for more casual dressing.

12. The Messy Painted Outfit

messy grunge outfit for men

This messy, paint-splattered outfit is very close to what you would call 90s men’s grunge fashion. It’s simple and perfect for those who don’t mind the side eye, especially because you dig the comfortable clothing.

Ideal for: Average height will suit most except a stocky figure

How to wear: This look can be created by wearing a pristine white shirt over battered jeans. It’s a plus if the jeans look like they’ve been splattered with paint and mud. Rips at the knees look great too. A beanie and a pair of beat-down Converse shoes will complete the look.

13. The Casual But Party Wear Look

This is a great and easily achievable grunge fashion for men. The dark colors and close fit leave a distinct impression upon an observer in the crowd.

Ideal for: Average to tall height; lean and well-muscled built.

How to wear: This outfit can be recreated using a graphic tee, a biker jacket, ripped denim jeans, and a hoodie along with simple sneakers. A black beanie will emphasize the grunge feel of the entire outfit. Using a set of lighter and well-coordinated tones will also leave a good impression.

14. The Simple Yet Drooling Look

This is a bold, summery men’s grunge style in fashion. It is more comfortable in warm climates, but it can be used on colder days by the men not afraid to show some skin.

Ideal for: Average to tall height; lean and broad built.

How to wear: This look can be recreated by wearing simple and denim shorts in complementary colors. Wearing an unbuttoned plaid in a contrasting color will emphasize the boldness of the outfit. It’s simple and thrown together but very cohesive.

15. The Casual Wintery Look

This is a simple outfit that leans toward the original, 90’s men’s grunge fashion.

Ideal for: Average to tall height; broad, muscled built

How to wear: This outfit can be thrown together with anything you have. A leather jacket thrown over a white shirt is the basic grunge look. Add to that another grunge classic, the baggy jeans, and a brightly colored plaid tied around the waist.

16. The Sophisticated One

This is an outfit that may seem pretty common but is a fantastic way to catch eyes without being too obvious about it. It’s simple and can be easily recreated. To add spark try short undercut hairstyle to complete this retro look.

Ideal for: Shirt and average height; lean or stocky built.

How to wear: Throw a leather jacket over a pristine white shirt and a pair of black denim. The tight fit is simple but balances the loose jacket very well. Wear them over a pair of Converse for the best grunge fashion that guys can pull.

17. The Fashionable Classic

classic grunge fashion for men

These layered outfits are similar in how they are loose, which is important to grunge, yet very classy. This carelessly fashionable look is very attractive and eye-catching.

Ideal to: Tall height, lean-built, narrow/broad shoulders.

How to wear: Pull a leather jacket over a white shirt and fake cargo pants. Pair it with a beanie and combat boots for good measure. Or, for a classier look, pull an overcoat on a woolen shirt and end with a scarf in a dark color. Along with loose-fit trousers or chinos, they’d look great.

18. Comfortable Wintery Yet Funky

This look is great for winter settings and extremely comfortable. The buzz cut makes it more exotic.

Ideal for: All heights; both broad and narrow built.

How to wear: Use an oversized sweater in stripes and loose denim jeans in a similar shade. Pick jeans that are washed out and roll them high on top of ankle-high boots. This makes the jeans seem baggier than it is—the classic grunge style in fashion.

19. Dude Look That Girls Are Crazy For

popular grunge outfits for men

This grunge style look is another great way to go it simple but impressive for men.

Ideal for: Tall height; lean and broad-shouldered men.

How to wear: A black cotton shirt with rolled up sleeves over tight-fit denim jeans. The colors don’t have to be only dark—but make sure you coordinate the colors well. Sling a bomber jacket over a shoulder for good measure, and sharp looking combat boots. Top it all off with a dark hat or snapback if it suits you better.

20. The Trend Setter

This is a daring outfit. It’s best with dark clothes and tight fit jeans and can be paired with simple accessories that you would always need on you.

Ideal for: Average height; both narrow and broad and muscled built.

How to wear: Pick a deep neck vest or tee, and pair it with a loose cardigan or jacket. Wear a pair of skinny or tight fit jeans over a pair of Doc Martens or any battered pair of boots. Top it off with a crisp hat.

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Styling Tips for Men’s Grunge Hair

grunge hairstyling tips for men

Part of the grunge look is to look like you didn’t put any effort into cleaning your hair or clothes. A mistake many guys make is trying to get the look by simply not washing their hair.

You can have the grunge look without having the grunge smell as long as you style your hair correctly.

To best take care of your grunge hair, consider the following tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with products. The best way to get the careless grunge look while still having clean hair is to use products like wax, mousse, or gels. Depending on your hair type, different products will work for you differently.
  • Style your hair when it’s still damp. This will help the look stay in place.
  • Brush your hair before you put any product in it, but not after.
  • Work any product you place into your hair out from the roots, working the hair at the scalp for maximum volume.
  • Scrunch your hair into your fists as needed to add texture and volume.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding men’s grunge fashion.

What does grunge hair mean?

Grunge hair is a 1980s rockband-inspired look in which men have longer, layered hair with tons of volume. Frequently, grunge hair uses many products to give it an unkempt or greasy look. The goal of grunge hair is to look like you didn’t spend time doing your hair.

Are punk and grunge hairstyles similar?

No. Punk and grunge hairstyles formed from the same type of counterculture music movements, and there is a lot of overlap. However, they come from very different principles.

Grunge hair is supposed to look unconcerned and “every day.” Punk is supposed to be purposefully divergent from the norm. Grunge hair is long and wild. Punk hair might have intense colors or layers.

Is grunge style making a comeback?

Yes! Grunge style had a mini-revival in 2016, but it is coming back in full force in 2024. The look is popular amongst both genders in teens and those in their early 20s.

The trendiness of the look might be growing because of the number of young people who didn’t put much effort into their appearance during the pandemic. What probably started as convenience has become a fashion statement.

The grunge style in men’s fashion is based on being simplistic, mundane, yet completely you. To be truthful to grunge, all you need to do is find something comfortable and classic that also represents your style. Stay confident!