15 Super Trendy Mexican Hairstyles for Women to Try

Mexican women are famous for having the hottest hairstyles. Their hair is thick, long and dark, and they use this advantage to create some of the most amazing haircuts in the world. No matter whether you are Mexican or not, if your hair is long and thick, you can easily go for the sexiest and the most incredible hairstyles. Browse some options to understand which Mexican haircut and hairstyle will fit you best.


Awesome Mexican Haircuts for Women

Women with long and thick hair often have trouble managing it. Mexican women know everything about this problem, but are still producing the most amazing hairstyles. If your hair has the same qualities, then you are ready for some time in front of the mirror. Tired of dull ponytails and braids? Choose a Mexican hairstyle that will make you look amazing! Here are some options for you to consider.


1. Highlighted perm

perm mexican hairstyle for teenage girls

Highlights will look great on any dark hair. If your hair is not naturally curly, this Mexican haircut will require a perm. The result will be amazing, since the hair will instantly become easy to manage. Give this one a try and experiment with colors!


2. Romantic highlighted waves

Mexican with blonde hairstyle for women

Tired of your dark hair? Go for highlights. A great way to highlight your hair is to dye just the top part. Choose the right color and go for it. The rest of the hair can be styled to have long romantic waves. This is sure to be a hit!


3. Waves and side swept bangs

women haircuts for mexican girls

If your hair is long, there is no reason to forget about bangs. Side swept long bangs look very sexy, especially if the rest of the hair is neatly styled into waves. This Mexican hairstyle will fit any woman with long hair.


4. Go straight

Mexican curly haircut for cute women

Even if your hair is naturally wavy, try this Mexican hairstyle and you won’t regret it. Straighten your hair, so it freely flows down your shoulders. This is a very sexy look. Just make sure to keep it neat, otherwise it will turn into a disaster.


5. Thick curls

Curly Mexican Haircut for Women

This is a classical Mexican haircut for girls with thick hair. Make neat and thick curls and you are sure to keep some heads turning your way. Take some time to consider highlights. Thin light strands look great on a dark hairstyle.












All we can recommend you  is experiment, experiment and experiment. Long and thick hair will look great whatever you decide to do with it. Try the options we showed here to create an amazing and sexy look you always wanted.