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35 Super Trendy Mexican Hairstyles for Women to Try

Mexican women are famous for having the hottest hairstyles. Their hair is thick, long and dark, and they use this advantage to create some of the most amazing haircuts in the world.

No matter whether you are Mexican or not, if your hair is long and thick, you can easily go for the sexiest and the most incredible hairstyles. Browse some options to understand which Mexican haircut and hairstyle will fit you best.

Awesome Mexican Haircuts for Women

Women with long and thick hair often have trouble managing it. Mexican women know everything about this problem, but are still producing the most amazing hairstyles.

If your hair has the same qualities, then you are ready for some time in front of the mirror. Tired of dull ponytails and braids? Choose a Mexican hairstyle that will make you look amazing! Here are some options for you to consider.

1. Highlighted perm

perm mexican hairstyle for teenage girls

Highlights will look great on any dark hair. If your hair is not naturally curly, this Mexican haircut will require a perm. The result will be amazing since the curly hair will instantly become easy to manage. Give this one a try and experiment with colors!

2. Romantic highlighted waves

Mexican with blonde hairstyle for women

Tired of your dark hair? Go for highlights. A great way to highlight your hair is to dye just the top part. Choose the right color and go for it. The rest of the hair can be styled to have long romantic waves. This is sure to be a hit!

3. Waves and side swept bangs

women haircuts for mexican girls

If your hair is long, there is no reason to forget about bangs. Side swept long bangs look very sexy, especially if the rest of the hair is neatly styled into waves. This Mexican hairstyle will fit any woman with long hair.

4. Go straight

Mexican curly haircut for cute women

Even if your hair is naturally wavy, try this Mexican hairstyle and you won’t regret it. Straighten your hair, so it freely flows down your shoulders. This is a very sexy look. Just make sure to keep it neat, otherwise, it will turn into a disaster.

5. Thick curls

Curly Mexican Haircut for Women

This is a classical Mexican haircut for girls with thick hair. Make neat and thick curls and you are sure to keep some heads turning your way. Take some time to consider highlights. Thin light strands look great on a dark hairstyle.

6. Colored Headband

mexican hairstyle for women

A headband can tremendously transform any hairstyle, even if the hairdo is simple and dull. It can give it style and class, especially if you use a piece with multiple colors. This allows you to rely on jewelry and emphasize your look with amazing golden pieces. 

7. Mexican Flag with Ribbons

When you are a true patriot, you can’t miss an occasion to be proud of your Mexican heritage. So use loads of colored ribbons and attach them to your ponytail. Choose green, white, and red decorations.

8. Floral Pony

Mexican women’s hairstyles are well known for their floral insertions and extravagance. And this hairdo makes no exception! It uses a fluffy long hair ponytail that is simply braided and decorated at the base with roses.

9. Boho Look

half up mexican hairstyle
Instagram / cris_holisticaa

Colored textile wraps give you that cool boho vibe. When mixed with long creamy wavy blonde hair, they will add a pop of color, that looks truly remarkable. Use pieces from the sides and cross them over in the back, resembling a braid.

10. Bandana Look

mexican hairstyle with bandana

If you are a bandana fan, then you will fall in love with this simple casual look. This Mexican hairstyle keeps your hair wavy and pinned in the back, with two forehead strands falling and framing the face.

11. Braids with Ribbons

Spare your bangs and section your mane in two pieces. Create tight Dutch braids and tie them up with a textile floral hair elastic. For each braid, use hair rings and connect the knits with red, white, and green ribbons. 

12. Extravagant Top Decorations

mexican hairstyle with bangs
Instagram / prolissusa

This traditional Mexican hairstyle for women keeps the whole mane pinned in a bun decorated with extravagant flowers and a piece of folded organza material. To make it look even more expensive, use a wand, curl those bangs and pin them to the side. 

13. Sleek Glittery Bun

mexican updo for women
Instagram / beautystudiocandy

For this hairdo, you must flawlessly comb the hair and remove all bumps. Go for a side part and comb it to the low back. Then lift the hair and use a sponge bump-up clip. Slightly tease the hair and cover the sponge. Secure the hairstyle with bobby pins. 

14. Rope Hair Crown

mexican hairstyle for ladies
Instagram / jessicashairchair

If you want a stunning Mexican hairstyle, go for a rope crown. Feed in the braid as you go around the head and insert a red thread. Wave the remaining hair and encapture that romantic vibe with a white rose decoration. 

15. Mexican Wedding Hairstyle

Planning a wedding is stressful for both bride and groom, but one thing you’ll know for sure: you’ve just found the hairstyle you’re going to wear at the big event. The cool part is that you can even do this amazing hairdo at home! All you need is a curler and a proper hair decoration matching the outfit. 

16. Multicolored Half Up Half Down Hairdo

mexican dyed hairstyle

If you are not afraid of transforming your hairstyle into a real statement, then you can mix up multiple colors. Choose one nuance that is prevailing and add pale yellow and pink hues. Pin the top into a messy ponytail and slightly wave those tresses. 

17. Thick Box Braids

Box braids are incredibly versatile, and they can vary from incredibly thin knits to chunky braids like the ones in the image above. Choose hair extensions that match your natural hair and part your mane into 14 sections. 

18. 4 Strand Crown

side braided bun for mexican women
Instagram / hairbyjackie.f

Hair crowns are highly appreciated by Mexican women who want their look to gain all the attention. So start from the forehead and create two four-strand feed-in braids that meet in the back. Use flowers and ribbons to decorate this sublime hairdo. 

19. Rainbow Hair

This hairstyle is on fire, don’t you think? When dyeing the hair, ensure the sections are well defined and do not interfere with each other. Place the paint on clean and dried hair to enhance the pigment. Wash each section at once and wave the hair. Create two space buns to make it look more childish and playful.

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20. Mexican Short Hairstyle

mexican short hairstyle
Instagram / nancydoeshair

Every time you crave for a modern hairstyle, a silver ombre can save the day! Opt for a layered bob haircut with bangs swept on one side and make a few easy waves to complete the look. Such a hot mamacita!

21. Long Hairstyle

mexican long hairstyle
Instagram / hair.mexico

Mexican girls love hairstyles that add value to their hair and this beautiful hairdo is one of the best examples. Split the crown hair into three sections that follow the hairline and make three twisted braids. Secure them all in a low ponytail and gorgeously curl the ends of the hairdo.

22. Braided Hair

mexican braided hairstyle
Instagram / gabrielleruddick

If you adore relaxed looks that show your romantic side and at the same time want a stylish appearance, a halo loose braid that forms a twisted hair crown is a perfect idea for you. Spare your bangs and some longer strands to make the look seem messy.

23. Mexican Hairstyle with Flower

mexican hairstyle with flower
Instagram / makeupbyemilydimant

Mexican girls love flowers, so ladies wear them in their hair all the time, even at weddings. If you want to be the queen of the night, build a halo braid and attach your favorite blooms on it.

24. Bun Style

mexican bun hairstyle

That gorgeous olive skin perfectly suits a stunning brown ombre that has beautiful blonde hair tips. To recreate this mesmerizing hairdo which you can wear at a wedding or anniversary, knit a braid from the top of your hair a build a stylish low big bun.

25. Mexican Hairstyle for Little Girl

mexican hairstyle for little girl

If you little girl has a school themed party that celebrates Mexico, this halo braid made of scarfs will win everybody’s heart. Use the three colors that compose the Mexican flag, green, white and red, and she will be so proud to show off her look.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting braids Mexican culture?

No. Getting braids is not inherently infringing on Mexican culture. Depending on the type of braid, you might be more closely aligned with African cultures, where intricate braids are more common. However, no single culture owns braids. Braids have been a part of hairstyling in many cultures for hundreds of years.

How is Mexican hair texture different from others?

Most Mexican people possess hair texture that is more coarse and curly. Curls can range from 2A to 2B curls in people with Mexican heritage. It is different from African hair, which is much more coiled and coarse. It is different from Caucasian hair because it is more coarse, thick, and curled than that.

Is Mexican hair hard to maintain?

Not really. As long as you have the right products to maintain your hair, any hair type is easy to maintain. If you have Mexican heritage, your hair might require detangling and curl taming products to keep your curls healthy and intact.

All we can recommend you is experiment, experiment and experiment. Long and thick hair will look great whatever you decide to do with it. Try the options we showed here to create an amazing and sexy look you always wanted.