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Latina Braids – 7 Best Mexican Braids That Look Totally Stunning

If you’re a Latina woman wanting to accentuate your beauty, braided hairstyles are the way to go. No matter your face shape, braids can be altered to flatter your unique angles. From crown braids and braided buns to two traditional low braids or an edgy side braid look, all of the below Latina braid hairstyles are relatively quick to pull together and will complement your every feature, whether it’s skin, face shape or hair texture.

These seven Mexican braids are elegant, chic, and easy – the dream combination you want in a hairstyle!

1. Latina Box Braids

Sectioning out multiple areas of your hair to form long thick braids is a beautiful option for women with thin or thick hair. If you have thin hair, locks will look thicker and for thick hair, it’ll help contain your locks in a stylish look.


2. Crown Braid

Crown braids with face-framing tendrils are a popular hairstyle option for the romantic, soft vibes they present. Wear one for that wedding you’re attending or for date night!


3. Side Braid

Four medium braids with hot pink highlights make up this side braided hairstyle. Start the first braid at temple level on one side and leave the other side’s hair loose for an edgy look. Mexican redheads will look stunning with this hairdo.


4. Braids with Beads

Load up the ends of your micro-braided hairstyle with colorful beads for easy addition of flair. Leave hair down to show off the length or pull back the top half for a cute updo.


5. Mexican Braids with Ribbon

Two low braids are a traditional yet classic favorite. Colorful ribbons tie up ends and match whatever color highlights you brighten up your locks with. You can also try this hairstyle with curly hair.


6. Latina Braid for Long Hair

Tired of wearing your long hair down? Wind it up in a thick, loose Mexican crown braid topped with faux flowers. This hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions or those relaxed weekends by the beach.


7. Braid with Bun

A loose low bun with a braid on either side to decorate it is perfect for all face shapes. Leave hair close to the face loose for a soft feel. Your favorite barrette or flower hair clips can easily bring this daytime look into nighttime.


These Latina braids will never go out of style so you can feel confident you’ll always be in fashion. Try a new one each week to find your favorite; you’ll never be at a loss for a new braided look ever again!