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7 Best Curly Hairstyles for Mexican Women

Mexican women have a specific face and eye shape. Their natural beauty and curly hair are known world-wide. That is why their hairstyle is among the most beautiful ones.


Curly Hair Ideas for Mexican Women

Short or long, here are 7 curly hair ideas for Mexican women.

1. Long Layered Curls

long layered curly hair for mexican women

Many decide to wear their hair long and curly. This Mexican hairstyle for women presents a sharp layering. The shortest parts start somewhere around the chin and continue to the end of the hair. The shortest layers tend to curl to the outside. The hair is extra-long, almost reaching the waist.

The curls appear in the second part of the hair and create a beautiful and natural look and hairstyle. The direction of the hair comes with the natural growth of the hair.


2. Curly Shag

mexican curly shaggy haircuts

The shag is a perfect hairstyle for Mexican women with natural curls. They look a lot like afro curls and the shag is the hairstyle that keeps them nice and neat.

The curls have a direction towards the outside and they need to be properly cut so the look will be nice and easy to maintain. The layering is essential for this hairstyle.


3. Short Curly Bob

short curly bob hair for mexican women

Mexican women love wearing their curly hair in a bob cut. It is a modern and practical hairstyle. it follows the line of the face and is perfect for a thicker Mexican hair. The length of the bob is equal to all sides and this hairstyle is easy to style and maintain. This hairstyle suits women of all ages.


4. Curly Updo

mexican curly updo styles

Many famous Mexican women with long curly hair have worn their hair pulled up in a messy pony. That style has become popular and lasts for decades.

There is no special styling here – the hair is pulled back without a specific order or way. Some curls are falling out from the pony making the style even more interesting.

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5. Curly Half-Up Bun

half up curly hair for mexican women

A trendy and modern look among the young Mexican girls is the top knot. The curly hair that is medium or shoulder-length looks really good when it is done in a half-up top knot.

The upper part of the hair is pulled back up in a top knot, while the rest of the hair is let down. A more attractive look can be done by adding some color in the form of highlights.


6. Short Asymmetric Curly Bob

short curly haircuts for Mexican Women

The asymmetric bob is another cool and trendy look. Many Hispanic women try out this look when they want to wear their curls short, but at the same time, leave an impression with the hairstyle.

The asymmetric bob creates a look where one side is longer and the other is shorter. The hair is divided and directed by a side part. The shorter part comes in length somewhere above the ear, and the longer part comes in length over the ear.


7.  Curly Hair with Headband

mexican curly hairstyles with bandana

A very fashionable and modern look for a typical Mexican appearance can be pulled with the addition of bandana. The curly hair does not have to be in any special length but is you want to wear it pulled back, it is better to be at least shoulder length.

In this case, the curls are coming from all sides and they are small. Bandana comes as a fashion accessory, it is positioned in the middle of the head. It can hold some shorter parts from falling over the face. Some short curls still manage to fall over the forehead in the form of bangs. However, it is the look is very original and unique.

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The Hispanic women’s exquisite beauty and hair type is something that they nurture and take great care of. The skin tone and the specific texture of their hair make fabulous Mexican curly hairstyles that create rare and unique looks.