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15 Trendiest Middle School Haircuts for Boys  in 2024

Boys start to develop their fashion sense in middle school. And hairstyle is the first thing they want to change. It is a crucial age when they are in between kids and teenagers. So, their styles and appearance become highly important to overcome the transition period.

There are many hairstyles for school boys which are good enough to make them confused. That’s why we have short-listed the most popular haircuts for middle school boys that you can try for your son.

Best Haircuts for Middle School Boys

Let’s explore some of the most popular and stylish haircuts for boys attending middle school.

1. Side Part + Under Cut

side part hair for middle school boys

This glossy undercut hairstyle suits perfectly on middle school boys with oval-shaped faces.

You can get this hairdo by parting the hair on one side while creating an undercut on the sides. For a shiny look, apply some hair gel to make the hair sticky.

2. Afro Fades

middle school hairstyles for black boys

Does your boy have curly hair? If so, he can rock this afro hairstyle with ease.

Keep his hair slightly longer on the top and give it a round shape while making the transition to the shortest on the side. Cut the sides and back to a low fade using a trimmer.

3. Sweep Over Bangs

medium hairstyle for middle school boys

Here is a medium-length haircut for your boy in case he doesn’t prefer short hair.

It features a side parted hair that is slightly longer than regular straight across bangs. You must use some gel and comb the hair to the side. The hair should cover the forehead but not cross the eyebrows.

4. Short Curly Mohawk

mohawk haircut for middle school boys

Another cool hairstyle for black boys. As you can see this is not the actual Mohawk, but gives a Mohawk-like shape. The upper part of the hair is trimmed short and the sides are faded while creating a smooth transition starting from the top.

5. Medium Crew

hairstyle for middle school boys

Many people think crew cut is for adults only. But middle school boys can also look flattering with this hairstyle. The sides and back are clipped short while the top remains long and styled in an upward sweep.

6. Short Afro

middle school hairstyle for afro boys

Sometimes boys need to keep their afro hair short to save themselves from the summer heat. You can copy this style by cutting the hair short all around and the sides even shorter.

7. Razor Fade with Design

fade haircut for middle school boys

The shave starts in the lower and cleans up the hair around the ears. For a distinguished appearance, add a thick sharp line on the hairline on the left. Ultimately, this will give a simple yet styling look.

8. Braided Updo

braids for middle school boys

It’s a bold haircut for middle school boys, so make sure it meets the hair regulations of the school.

Make several braids and combine them into a high ponytail. After that wrap the elastic band around the base of the ponytail and secure it. However, make sure you keep the sides shorter.

9. Curly Undercut

undercut hair for middle school boys

This undercut hairstyle is a great choice for Hispanic middle school boys with curly hair.

Create a high-top fade on the sides and keep the upper portion of the hair a bit longer. Use a light hair spray to keep the curls in place.

10. Forward Sweep Bangs

straight haircut for middle school boys

This hairstyle for middle school boys works well on straight and silky hair. Comb the hair from the crown to the forehead. However, the sides remain longer and the bangs are cut up to the eyebrows.

11. Side Part + Comb Over

comb over haircut for middle school boys

You can refer to this style as a long top and short sides. Put shiny hair gel on the long top and comb the hair to the side.

Over time, this method will create the comb-over hairstyle for your boy.

12. Afro Bushy Hair

curly hairstyle for middle school boys

This style requires growing the hair for more than a year. While growing occasionally comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb so that it doesn’t get dreaded.

Slowly the hair will turn bushy. However, you may also use a blow dryer for a more fluffy look.

13. Upward Unkempt Waves

hairstyle for middle school boys with thick hair

The top of the hair remains a bit longer while the sides are cut in a way that looks similar to the undercut. To get the unkempt waves brush the hair back and tap horizontally on the middle of your head.

14. Uneven Sweep

short haircut for middle school boys

While everyone wants to keep the hair even with a smooth layer cut, this style has uneven short hair on the top. However, the hair on the front remains a bit longer than the top and swept forward.

15. Long Dreadlocks

dreadlocks for middle school boys

To get this appearance, any middle school boy can start with wavy, loose hair, which needs to be grown for a long time.

While growing, the hair needs to be twisted regularly to get the deadlocks. And the end result is long, stylish dreadlocks that will last throughout the school years.

So, middle school boys can try any of these haircuts to express their uniqueness and show off their appearance.