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40 Stylish Long Top, Short Sides Haircuts for Boys

It is always a lot of fun trying to play around with boy’s hairstyle. Today there are plenty of options that you can try, but the challenge often is about how to balance comfort with styling.

This is exactly why long on top and short on sides haircuts for boys come into consideration. These haircuts instantly introduce a stylish and cute quotient. The variation in length also goes a long way in making it a manageable style for boys.

Best Long on Top and Short on Sides Hairstyles for Boys

Here is a quick lowdown of some of the most stunning variations of boy haircuts that are short on sides and long on top.

1. Long Top with Highlights

boys long top with short sides haircut and blonde highlights

This long top with short sides haircut is a great option for boys who love to express their personality and don’t want to settle on something dull.

Highlights are gorgeous, but seeing your son ruin his hair while bleaching, that’s a big no-no. So do those blonde pieces only for the lifted bangs, to reduce such early hair damage.

2. Layered Top with Bangs

wavy long top with short side haircut for blonde boy

Layering the top is a marvelous idea especially when you want to gain a hairstyle that only needs a tousle.

For the sides, go for a medium fade that beautifully connects with the layered top and comb the bangs on the forehead.

3. High Spikey Top

messy long spiky top with short sides for boys

This spikey mohawk will work like magic if your son has a themed party planned and wants a unique look. All you have to do is transform that long top with short sides haircut into this crazy hairstyle.

Leave the sides as they are and add some hair gel to keep the top up and spikey.

4. Side Swooped Pomp

boys long pompadour with short sides

Pompadour hairstyles have a certain grandeur that you can usually gain by building height and a smooth wave. Instead of only combing the hair back, do it more on the side, then to the back.

To make it last all day, use styling products that have great quality and long-lasting effects.

5. Back High Bun

long hair topknot with short sides for boys

Such a long top with short sides haircut works like a charm for boys who ask their mother for a statement look. First, trim the sides, back, and a large section from the front.

Keep the hair long on a large section from the top of the head and secure it with an elastic, creating a bun.

6. Dark Red Mohawk

boys colored mohawk with long top and short sides

A wide mohawk like this one can be easily achieved by shortly trimming the sides and creating a wide section that goes from the top to the nape.

First, dye this long hair in a dark red color, then lift it to build your mohawk.

7. Top Braid with Razored Design

black boy long braided top with short sides

As a mother of a boy with curly black hair, you might discover that your young gentleman doesn’t like having his hair all over his face.

A cute and practical hairstyle like this one will certainly win his heart. So trim the sides, do a line design, and braid the top.

8. Messy Waves for Chubby Face

long top short haircut for boy with round face

When your son has a swirl in the forehead area, you need to find a messy long-top haircut with short sides. Once you’ve found the trim, it’s all about styling the hair.

Create waves, tousle the hair, and make it look messy so the swirl is no longer a problem.

9. Side Comb

boys long side swept hairstyle with short sides

A side-swooped hairstyle with an undercut can be styled with waves. If you want to cover the forehead with those long locks, it’s completely your son’s choice.

It is a low-maintenance hairstyle, as you can grow the top as long as you like and just trim the side with a machine.

10. Ginger Short Sides with Longer Top

redhead boy long top hair with short sides

This hairstyle might look difficult to achieve but if you are skilled enough you can do it easily with a trimmer. It’s a hairstyle that will focus on the long top.

To get this haircut, trim the sides and the back of your hair with a no. 3 clipper and the top with a no. 8 clipper. Then trim the front edge with a number 3 clipper to provide the top hair a rectangular shape.

11. Faux Hawk

 boy haircuts long on top short on sides

One of the most adorable long on top hairstyles for boys is faux hawk, it is quintessentially stylish and drop down gorgeous.

Doing up the little punk is always so much fun and invariably becomes hot with kids and adults alike. The fade on the sides gives the much-needed relief and comfort element you are looking for.

12. Boys Undercut + Long Bangs

boys long undercut with short sides

This is another interesting option when you are scouting for little boy haircuts which have longer top with undercut sides.

The versatility and the contrasts that it offers make it a top favorite. It is stylish and functional at the same time and a relatively easy to maintain too.

13. Comb Over with Undercut

boys haircut long on top short on sides

The long hair on top combed neatly in this boy hairstyle and stayed beautifully in sync with the undercut sides.

This comb over for boys is a neat and extremely low maintenance style and can be easily combed in proper shape any type. You do not need a styling product either; this effect can be achieved even with wet hair or well-oiled hair.

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14. Slick Back Fade

boy's slick back long hair with short sides

The faded sides bring out the contrast of the pomade quite prominently. The long top with short sides in this haircut work together to offer a striking impact.

It is both a stylish and efficient way to fashion and style long hair for boys. Even if they spend long hours in the sun or get wet in the rain, it is not a problem with this hair.

15. Angular Fringes on Top

boy haircuts short on sides long on top

This type of hipster boy haircuts that are long on top is ideal for those with thin hair. The angular fringes work beautifully to give you the illusion of volume.

It is a quintessentially adorable style that brings to light both the cute quotient as well as the styling genius in a creative short side combination.

16. Boys Curly Quiff

boys long curly top with short sides haircut

The quiff style looks perfect if your boy has natural medium curls. This style requires tapering the sides while the top remains longer. Use gel or wax on top to achieve a smooth finish, and make some curls using your finger.

17. Shaved Sides + Short Dreads

boys long dreads on top short sides

Shaving the sides of dreadlocks can give them a cleaner appearance and make styling them more manageable. To get this look, just shave the parietal ridge to the down while the long top dreads remain messy and hang down.

18. Undercut + Braided Pony

boys long top short sides undercut hair

This style can add some definition to the curls. It involves making some braids on the top and trimming down the sides. Next, pull all the braids into a ponytail and secure them with a hair tie. It looks great on teenage boys.

19. Slick Back Top Ponytail

long top ponytail short sides for boys

It will look your boy funky and polished. Start with wet hair and towel dry it. Next slick back the hair and make a ponytail on the crown of your son’s head. However, make sure to cut the sides and back short using a scissor. 

20. Curly Top

long top short sides haircut for afro boys

This style is low-maintenance and still manages to look great on afro hair. Let the hair grow for a few months and regularly comb to loosen the curls. Cut the sides short to focus on the top. Hence, your boy will get long-lasting curls on the top that are more bouncy than any other haircut.

21. Short Forward Sweep + Undercut

long top short sides haircut for asian boys

If you love the look of a modern, edgy hairstyle but are looking for something simple and chic for your little one, try out a short forward sweep with an undercut hairstyle. This look features short hair on the top of the head that is swept forward, combined with a disconnection or undercut on the sides and back.

22. Curly Frosted Tips

long top short sides haircut for boys

It is a great choice for boys with naturally curly hair. The top is left long and curly, while the sides are trimmed short. For a casual look, the hair can be allowed to air dry or tousled with fingers. This hairstyle is versatile and works well with a variety of face shapes and hair types.

23. Swept Crew Cut

long top short sides haircut for blonde boys

The hair is first cut short on the sides and back to achieve the look, using clippers or scissors. The top is then combed forward and swept to the side, creating a soft fringe. For a more formal look, the fringe can be combed straight, and for a more casual look, it can be tousled.

24. Undercut Cornrow

long top braids with short sides for boys

One popular way to wear the undercut cornrow is to finish it off in a ponytail. This can be done by braiding the hair down the back of the head and then securing it with a rubber band or hair tie. The result is a sleek and stylish ponytail that looks great on both boys and men.

25. Angled Sweep Over

long top short sides haircut for boys

This look is achieved by cutting the hair on the sides short and keeping it long on top. The hair on top is then swept over to one side, giving the appearance of an angled fauxhawk. To maintain this style, boys will need to use a bit of pomade or gel will help to hold the hair in place and give it a bit of shine.

26. Curly Mohawk

long top short sides haircut for black boys

To style a Mohawk for boys with curly hair, start by trimming the sides of the head short, leaving a bush on top. The hair on the top of the head should then be brushed up.

27. Messy Faux Hawk

boys long on top short on sides haircut

You can get this style to your son by applying a small amount of gel to damp hair. Then, use your fingers to push the hair up in the middle of the head, creating a small peak. Finally, use your fingers to imperfectly tousle the hair, giving it a messier appearance.

28. Wavy Curls

curly long top short sides haircut for boys

This style features curls that are twisted and turned into various shapes. The trimmed sides provide a clean, sharp look that is perfect for any occasion. You can even add some highlights to grab attention.

29. Shaved Sides + Afro Long Top

long top short sides haircut for black boys

A close shave on the sides with a bit of hair left on top is a popular hairstyle for afro hair. To achieve this look, start by shaving the sides of your head close to the scalp. Then, just comb the remaining long hair on top.

30. Sticky Top

messy long top short sides haircut for boys

This wet, sticky, curly, and spiky hairstyle is perfect for boys with short sides. The look is achieved by using a styling gel or pomade to create spikes on the top of the head while the sides are kept dry.

31. Forward Spike + Design

boys long top short sides hair with design
Instagram / sukinara_beauty

The spikes add volume and dimension to the hair, while the short sides help to frame the face. Start by applying hair gel to damp hair. Then, begin to tease the hair at the crown of the head and comb forward. Finally, use a strong-hold hairspray to keep the style in place.

32. Blue Faux Hawk

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be styled to suit any occasion, whether your son is dressing up for a party or just going to school. To style a blue faux hawk, start by spraying your hair with a strong hold hairspray. Then, use your hands to gather hair in the center and make them spiky.

33. High Ponytail

The key to this look is the high ponytail, which creates a dramatic and elegant silhouette. The fades sides help to balance out the look and add a touch of playfulness. To get this look, gather your boy’s hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, and then use a brush to smooth out any bumps or flyaways.

34. Rainbow Brush Over

dyed long top short sides haircut for boys
Instagram / ericaletitiahair

Start with short, trimmed sides and then gradually increase the length as you move up toward the crown of the head. Then create a clean parting on the side of your head and use the brush to sweep the hair upwards and over to the angled side. Finish off by using a comb to give the hair a neat and tidy finish.

35. Cornrow Bun

long top bun with short sides for boys
Instagram / royald_braidz

This hairstyle involves cornrowing the hair into tight, small braids and then securing them into a bun at the back of the head. The result is a sleek, polished look that can be easily dressed up or down. Cornrow buns are also low-maintenance, as they require very little upkeep once they are in place.

36. Modern Mullet + Sharp Fade

This long top short sides is not just adorable and cute but also comes across a subtly stylish option for boys. The designer lines further emphasize the brilliance of this style in a meaningful way. This is essentially a kind of style that is relatively hassle-free despite the complexity of the cut.

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37. High Top Fade

boys haircut short on sides with long layers on top

This tween boy haircut is all about application. It effortlessly introduces an immensely stylish look without inconveniencing your boy. The skin fade on the sides more than compensates for the long hair.

The glow of the blond hair goes rather well with the skin tone, and everything together makes for a stunning impact. It is cool, classy and absolutely attention-grabbing in every way.

38. Slick Back Hair + Hard Part

When you are discussing the different variants of the short sides haircut, this fade haircut for little boys is one of the absolute must include. It is cool, comfortable and terribly easy to maintain. This is a kind of hair that you can maintain in any type of weather and with absolutely all types of activities.

39. Short Pompadour with Blue Highlights

boys hairstyle long on top and short on sides

The moment you talk about haircuts for boys, some fun is a necessity, and this highlighted hairstyle for boys is all about some cool contrasts.

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40. Textured Layers on Top

boys long blonde hair on top with short sides

This is another comfortable and attractive long top haircut boys with shaved hair on the sides.

Whenever you look for long top and short sides boy haircuts, it is important to combine classic cuts with the comfort element.

Typically young boys spend many hours outdoors, and their comfort and impact of the prolonged sun’s exposure on the hair are important considerations. Check our top styles and get a smart look for your boys.