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7 Best Comb Over Hairstyles for Boys

Combing over boys hair makes them look just handsome and stunning. We all have some patches in our head where the hair have started to recede or have less hair? So, what do we do? Let it remain like that? Of course not! All you have to do is to follow these 7 boy’s comb over hairstyles and come out all handsome.


Best Boy’s Comb over Hairstyles

Let’s find out about the 7 best comb over haircuts for boys.

1. Taper Fade Comb Over

tapered comb over for boys

Worried that you are in your early 30s and you can’t go for hairstyles like you had in your hay days? We’ll all your tensions are over. This taper fade comb over hairstyle is going to blow your and others’ mind off as they see it.

Before you go for this boy’s comb over hairstyle, just see that you have thick and dense hair, because only then the style will come out good! Use of gels and serum make it a cherry on the top!


2. Slick Back Comb Over

Slick Back Comb Over for Boys

Celebrities like Elvis and James Dean are famous for this kind of hairstyle! Brush up your hair and blow up your hair dry and gently apply hair gel; do all these while your hair is still wet. This comb over style for boys marks you out of the crowd.


3. Mid Fade Comb Over

mid fade comb over for boys

You can see this hairstyle in your favorite actor Brad Pitt. Doesn’t he look dead drop gorgeous with this hairstyle? It is easy to do. How? Here it is. Go to a professional barber and ask him to give you a good fading style. You need sharp parting sideways to get to this hairstyle.


4. Comb Over with Pompadour

Boys Comb Over with Pompadour 

Want to head towards a party wearing a suit? Well, this is the best boy’s comb over haircut you can go for. This kind of hairstyle looks good on any kind of hair. Just ask your barber to shave off your beard, before he gives you this hairstyle.


5. Undercut Comb Over

comb over with undercut

Unlike its name the hairstyle is not so boring, instead, this hairstyle is enough to make you look hot and sexy! How is it done? Well, ask your barber to cut the lower and sides, a little more closely than the rest of your hair and voila it’s done! You can sniff off some part if you want from the top.


6. Boys Fresh Comb Over

comb over for little boy

Now, this is a regular boy’s comb over style anyone can go for anywhere. Snick off some hair from the sides and brush up your hair a bit and apply a bit of gel if you want to look good. And you are all set to go.

Comb Over Styles with High Fade and Pompadour


7. Classic Comb Over

classic comb over hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite same as a slick back comb over style for boys except with the exception that the barber who’s doing it needs to keep in mind how to properly blend, section, line in and finish; only then he can give you the perfect boy style you want.


Now here are 7 comb over haircuts for boys that you can definitely go for the next time you hit the saloon. For years combing over have helped men and boys look all more handsome and trendy. So, go ahead and comb!