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25 Trendsetting Hairstyles for Older Men With Glasses

If you are an older man with a pair of glasses on your face, it may make you look older than you are. However, this can be easily addressed by choosing the right hairstyle and eyewear.

The choice of glasses and a suitable hairstyle can greatly impact your look. We’ve put together a list of hairstyles for older men with glasses to guide you in this style transformation.

Ideal Hairstyles for Older Men Who Wear Glasses

Hair and spectacles work together to give a fresh, updated feel. Glasses are not only stylish but can be a key part of a great look for older men. The below hairstyles are perfect for older men who wear eyeglasses and are designed to help you pick the best combination.

1. Comb Over with Horned Rectangular Glasses

haircut for old men with glasses

Comb-over hairstyle has always remained a favorite of men who are experiencing a receding hairline. It covers one side of the head and makes the other side a part of the style.

A heavy gray stubble makes this look quite classy and suits those who actually own businesses or are in C-suite positions. Of course, a contrasting black pair of glasses is always a welcome addition.

2. Blonde and Long Wavy Bangs with Cat-eye Glasses

medium length hairstyle for old blond men with glasses

If you’re blessed with long hair even when you’re older, this long hairstyle with glasses will give you a fresh look.

It’s always a great pick when you go for glasses that contrast with your natural hair color, like the black cat-eye glasses in this case. The blonde hair is quite wavy, with prominent curls toward the ends.

They fall to the sides, turning them into a proper bob cut. The classic chevron mustache is a cool choice for anyone who was a young man in the 80s.

3. Layered Curtains with Metal Round Glasses

layered hairstyle for old men with glasses

The Verdi beard is trendy and looks fabulous. This beautifully trimmed grey beard is perfectly rounded and accompanied by a beautiful handlebar mustache.

What could be said about the layered curtains that are not only thick but impeccably parted in the middle? With thin-rimmed round glasses, the attention remains on your beard and hairstyle.

4. Spiky Quiff Hairstyle with Thick-rimmed Square Glasses

quiff hairstyle for old men with glasses

Here’s another case of contrasting hair and eyeglasses colors. The thick-rimmed square glasses look like goggles and have a pronounced presence on the face contrasted with a spiky quiff that looks almost like a crown.

The tapered sides make the spikes in the middle appear more noticeable. As for the beard, it’s a grey goatee beard with a regular mustache.

5. Messy Hairstyle with Pantos Glasses

hairstyle for old men with fine hair and glasses

The messy hairstyle can provide good coverage to the receding hairline of old men who wear glasses. Combing them to any side might expose the receding hairline too much, so the messy look just works.

The full beard is completely grey but well-rounded due to the trimming of the outer edges. Don a pair of horned round glasses to complete this look.

6. White Short Hair with Semi-rimless Glasses

hairstyle for old black men with glasses

If you are a black man whose hair has gone completely white, it’s best you go for semi-rimless glasses. For a rounded face, a pair of rectangular glasses would work best.

Completely white short hair is a natural choice, but you can make the overall look more interesting with a circle beard.

7. Textured Micro Fringe with Oversized Horned Glasses

short hairstyle for old men with glasses

This hairstyle for old men with glasses is perfect for you if you want something that requires little to no maintenance. The hair micro fringe lines the top of your forehead but the textured appearance makes them very noticeable.

The peace fuzz on the face will grow naturally when you haven’t shaved for a day. Oversized horned glasses are a good pick for a rectangular or oblong face.

8. Side-parted Crew Cut with Multi-color Wayfarer Glasses

side part hairstyle for old men with glasses

Has your hair gone completely silver? If yes, you can make it count by growing a full Santa beard on the face. No, you won’t look old when your hair is as trendy as it can get with side-parted crew cut with tapered sides and back.

As for the glasses, it makes sense to go for something thick-rimmed and contrasting with your hair.

9. Mid-length Curtains with Granny Glasses

medium hairstyle for old men with glasses

Consider yourself lucky if you can grow your hair into curtains even at an old age, and if that’s true, you might as well go for it. The white curtains look classic and give you a businessman look, especially when you choose to keep your face clear of any facial hair.

An oversized pair of square glasses complements this look like no other.

10. Textured Brushed-back Hair with Polarized Glasses

slick back hairstyle for old men with glasses

A beard and eyeglass combo can give your desired manly look instantly. This brushed-back hair looks great on this aging man. With some blowout and brushing, you can make them look textured, which is quite a look when you have predominantly grey hair on top with some dark hair peeking from within.

A short-boxed beard will take some years off your age compared to a long beard and the polarized glasses will do the job.

11. Regular Haircut with Transparent Glasses

thin hairstyle for old men with glasses

If your hair is still predominantly dark, you can get rid of the beard, which might make you look older. Keep the face clean and go for a regular haircut, which is slightly tapered on the sides with longer hair on top.

Let your glasses make a statement here by going with transparent glasses with a rounded square frame and slightly tinted lenses.

12. Mid-length Wavy Bangs with Oversized Rectangular Glasses

salt and pepper hairstyle for old men with glasses

Having thick hair on the head is a dream come true for many older men, and having this hairstyle for old men with glasses cherry on top. Grow your hair long and comb it backward letting the mid-length bangs fall on your ears.

The salt and pepper beard adds to the overall look. The rectangular glasses with pointy corners are perfect for a long face, like in this scenario.

13. Vintage Haircut with Modified Aviator Glasses

vintage hairstyle for old men with glasses

This vintage hairstyle involves brushing your hair back and then letting the fall back on your forehead. The fringes cover the forehead whereas a full beard covers the lower jaw completely.

What stands out here is the modified aviator glasses with squared lenses compared to the original rounded ones.

14. Blown Out Short Hair with Rimless Glasses

hairstyle for old men with thick hair and glasses

If you want to keep your look subdued and don’t want to attract a lot of attention, it’s best to go with rimless glasses like these. Even the temple tips are very thin, so the glasses aren’t too in the face.

As for the hair, you can simply brush them back and use a blower to keep them there. Lastly, keep a fully shaved face for that subdued look.

15. Messy Long Hair with Horned Oval Glasses

hairstyle for balding old men with glasses

If your aim is to look like a professor or scientist, this is the look to achieve. The hair is long and messy, probably due to never having enough time to maintain it.

The French beard nails the look, which wouldn’t so scientist-like if there was no beard at all. The horned glasses are rectangular but rounded to the point of being oval.

16. Long Dreadlocks with Oversized Wraparounds

dreadlocks for for older black men with glasses

Long dreadlocks, if they are dark, will certainly make you look younger, but if you wish to show your maturity and experience, let that grey stubble grow out.

The oversized wraparounds are going to seal the fact that you are a lively personality who means business.

17. Edgar Cut with Multicolor Pilot Glasses

edgar cut for old men with glasses

Look at those fancy pilot glasses with golden temple tips and bridge. They say a lot about the personality of the wearer, and so a blonde boxed beard will be a great addition to the mix.

As for the hair, an Edgar cut is the go-to choice for older men who have an M-shaped hairline with long hair on top.

18. Grey Curtains with Rectangular Glossy Frame Glasses

grey hairstyle for old men with glasses

This one’s surely one of the most notable hairstyles for old men with glasses. The curtains are thick, long, and grey. The length on the back is enough to cover the nape completely.

A pyramidal mustache makes this look symmetrical as the mustache is shaped along the curtains. Make your presence known with a rectangular pair of glasses with a particularly shiny frame.

19. Cow-lick Quiff Hairstyle with Mildly Tinted Glasses

celebrity inspired hairstyle for old men with glasses

If you have a broad forehead, the cowlicked quiff might make it look even bigger. How do you deal with this problem? Well, you add thick-rimmed rectangular glasses with horns to add to the horizontal dimension a bit.

Also, the slightly tinted lenses will bring more attention to your eyes and remove it from the forehead. The bristly stubble is noticeable but not the point of people ignoring your glasses.

20. Buzz Cut Hairstyle with Rectangular Glasses with Rivets

buzz cut for old men with glasses

Some people don’t like growing any facial hair and they aren’t left with many options if they aren’t a fan of their face shape. In this case, you have a rounded face with a buzz cut, making the face look even rounder.

It’s quite a clever move to go with a black pair of oversized glasses with properly rectangular lenses.

21. Grey Man Bun with Black Glasses

older man bun with glasses

A long beard with long hair shows what your interests must have been when you were young. You can keep that spirit alive, but use a man bun if you don’t want to look like a rock star due to your profession or field.

The overall look is quite casual and easy here, as you can see quite a few flyaway hairs in the beard.

22. Blue Hair with Round Metal Glasses

old man with blue hair with glasses

This hairstyle is an inspiration for old men with eyeglasses who don’t have a lot of hair. The gentleman in the picture has a U-shaped hairline, but they have colored the hair to stand out.

Moreover, they have a classic goatee, which has also been colored blue. Wear your metal-framed round glasses and no one would even make the mistake of thinking of you as an old man.

23. Ivy League Hairstyle with Lexington Glasses

haircut for older men with glasses

Even a glimpse of the style can tell you it’s for professionals. The Ivy League haircut has the quality of looking great on young, adult, and older men. In fact, the grey hair makes the style even more good looking.

The full yet short beard is slightly thicker on the chin and tapered on the sides. The wayfarer glasses might look traditional, but not with the slight golden hue in there.

24. Textured Short Curly Hair with Rimless Geometric Glasses

curly hairstyle for old men with glasses

Your hair will immediately catch attention when it is not only curly but also textured. The salt and pepper effect adds to the attention-grabbing details. Now, if you grow a thick handlebar mustache, you know you have nailed a unique look.

In that case, you don’t want your glasses to be a distraction, so a pair of rimless glasses is as close as you can get to making them invisible on the face.

25. Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle with Hexagonal Glasses

hairstyle for Asian old men with glasses

The glasses, in this case, have to be mentioned separately. Hexagonal glasses are not common and very few can dare to wear them. You can tell the wearer is a brave person for picking a hairstyle that’s just as unique.

It’s a faux hawk with short sides and longer hair on top that looks like a shark’s head. Of course, you don’t need any facial hair to take a person’s attention away from these two cool fashion statements.

The above hairstyles are great options for older men with glasses, irrespective of the type of frame or lenses you prefer. It’s totally up to you to either wear the grey or silver color of your hair or play around with it to attain a look that makes your personality shine.