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Majid Khalid

Majid Khalid, Hair Grooming and Style Content Specialist

Lives in: Karachi, Pakistan

Expertise: Hair And Beard Grooming, Hairstyle Trend Analysis

Education: University of the Punjab

Experience: 10 years

Majid Khalid is a skilled content writer with an emphasis on men’s grooming, especially in the realms of hair and beard styles. Holding a Master’s degree in English from the esteemed University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan.

His strength lies in his ability to simplify the grooming concepts, making them accessible and relatable to his audience. He excels in researching celebrity hair and beard styles, keeping his readers up-to-date with the latest trends, and guiding them on how to replicate these looks.

Outside the world of writing, Majid finds tranquility in nature. He is particularly captivated by the majesty of mountains, the splendor of waterfalls, and the earthy scent of fresh rain.

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