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What to Do If My Over-Processed Hair Is Falling Out?

Over-processing can damage your hair and can cause many issues including hair fall. If you have over-processed hair that’s falling out, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways that you can get your beautiful locks back.


6 Things to Do If Your Over-Processed Hair Is Falling Out

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy mane of hair again.

1. Go Gentle on Your Scalp

Rubbing your hair too vigorously in the shower can cause breakage and additional problems. Instead, be gentle. Wash your hair thoroughly, but kindly, and then wrap it in a towel to dry. Don’t rub damp hair with your towel either, and certainly never blow-dry wet hair.


2. Lay Off The Heat Products

use heat protectant spray to prevent damage

There’s no denying how amazing sleek, flat-ironed hair or beautiful bouncy curls look, but if your hair is over-processed, you need to lay off the heat products for a while. If you can’t live without your blow dryer or flat iron, at least use a heat protectant spray before styling.

Heat zaps moisture from your hair, leading to breakage. So it’s essential to coax your hair back to health before putting it through the paces with more heat products.


3. Hold Off on Dyeing Your Hair

Resist the urge to dye your hair, especially if you do the job yourself at home. For example, many light blondes have problems with hair breakage and damage thanks to the copious amount of bleach needed to achieve that golden hue. Give yourself a break from the dye for at least a few weeks.

Although it might be uncomfortable to have your roots growing out, you will reap the benefits of giving your hair a breather. Ultimately, if you keep bleaching your hair when it’s already damaged, you’ll just wreak more havoc and might lose several inches.


4. Embrace Masks and Hair Treatments

use hair masks and treatments to reduce breakage and hair loss

Conditioning your hair is a great way to add moisture to your locks, but when over-processed hair is falling out, you need to break out the bigger guns. Hair masks infuse your strands with moisture and add protectants and nutrients.

You can also use hot oil treatments, bonding treatments, and DIY masks like coconut oil. You should leave treatments in for at least 20 minutes before rinsing out. Try to do two treatments per week if your hair is breaking and falling out. It will strengthen what you have and prevent further breakage.


5. Style Your Hair Gently

Just as you should shampoo and dry your hair gently, you need to be extra careful when you brush it. Don’t make the mistake of just running your fingers through your hair because you don’t want it to catch in your brush. It’s essential to stimulate the hair follicles on your scalp daily; just do it carefully.

Don’t brush wet hair. Wet hair is prone to breakage. Gently comb through your damp hair with a wide-toothed comb and let it fully dry before brushing. Go slowly and make sure that you brush through each piece of hair. Listen for any sounds of tearing, and notice if the brush gets caught in your strands. Never try to yank the brush out. Instead, gently coax it to get it detangled.


6. Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims

Regularly trimming your hair can help it stay as healthy as possible. You’ll diminish the look of split ends and broken pieces. Regular trims also encourage hair growth. When you’re in the salon, talk to your stylist about what you can do to maintain your hair better.

If you can swing it, you might even want to get deep conditioning or bonding treatment right at the salon. This treatment could jump-start your hair’s recovery and help you to see results right away. If your hair is bleached, your stylist could even gently tint it back to your natural shade so it won’t be as dramatic when it grows in.

They’re the experts, so don’t worry about asking for advice. If your breakage is severe, and you really trust your stylist, you can always let them go as short as they need to. If the two of you have a good relationship, there’s a great chance that your stylist will know what look frames your face.

If you have over-processed hair that’s falling out, you can correct it by following these steps!