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15 Best Flat Iron Hairstyles Trending in 2024

If you’re not familiar with the many hairstyles a flat iron can help you achieve, then we have a secret for you: you can create beach waves, tight curls, and sleek straight styles all with one hair tool. No matter your hair type or texture, flat iron hairstyles are a must, from those important meetings to a casual weekend outings.

Gorgeous Flat Iron Hairstyles

The 15 flat iron hairstyles below will show you how to use your flat iron to its best ability!

1. Natural Flat Iron Hairstyle

To give your haircut a natural look, avoid pin straight locks when flat ironing. This style has a bit of wave in the side bangs and the ends have some curl so it looks natural and casual.

2. Short Flat Iron Hairstyle

Flat iron your shoulder-length hairstyle and curtain bangs to get this cute chic look. It’s office-ready but is daytime friendly when you’re hanging out with friends.

3. Flat Ironed Medium Hair

The secret to getting that bohemian look you love so much is giving your hair wavy body with sea salt spray and scrunching or flat iron, then smoothing ends straight.

4. Long Flat Iron Hair

Look commercial ready with a long lustrous hairstyle that’s smooth and straight from roots to the middle, then filled with large waves at the ends.

5. Black Flat Iron Hairstyle

This black bob is cut neatly at ends and finished off with a soft side bang. A flat-ironed style like this is great for an interview or date night!

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6. Flat Iron Hairstyle for Kids

Little girls love feeling fancy and that’s exactly what your daughter or niece will feel with a long flat-ironed hairstyle parted in the middle.

7. Flat Iron Curls

You can use a flat iron to get curls too. Wind strands around the flat iron, hold for a few seconds, and release. The result will be beautiful waves or tight curls.

8. Flat Ironed Weave

Black women who get a weave can flat iron their hair to this sleek look without any worries. However, remember that the less you flat iron it, the longer it’ll last.

9. Flat Iron Ponytail

Get a gorgeous dramatic look by straightening all your hair and pulling it up into a ponytail. Smooth frizz and use a section of hair to disguise an elastic.

10. Wavy Hairstyle with Flat Iron

By holding your flat iron at an angle, soft waves like this are easily achievable. To get a natural look, brush out waves afterward.

11. Straight Flat Iron Hair

Straight hairstyles with a blunt cut and a side bang are very popular these days. Hair looks longer and the style flatters all face shapes.

12. Flat Iron Bob

Use a flat iron to get these enviable waves on a lob or bob haircut. The extra body is a nice dressed-up touch to a casual or formal hairstyle.

13. Flat Iron Hairstyle with Bangs

A flat iron creates beautiful waves but also straightens and smooths the blunt super-short fringe on this medium length hairstyle.

14. Flat Iron Hair with Braid

When a straight style isn’t enough, add this beautiful side braid for detail. Whether it’s a fishtail braid or just a traditional one, it’s simple and so stylish.

15. Flat Iron Layered Hair

Trying to thin out your thick hair? Adding layers and flat ironing the hair will help you achieve a neat look without a lot of work.

Try them all, or pick one favorite to stick to – all the gorgeous flat iron hairstyles above will have you feeling like the confident and gorgeous woman you are.