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10 Ponytail Hairstyles That’ll Make Your Big Forehead Look Slimmer

Did you know broad foreheads were a beauty standard in the past? Unbelievable isn’t it? So that means a big forehead is not that much of a problem. All you need is to balance it out with the right hairdo.

There are many options you can consider to hide the upper part of your face like bangs and side-swept updos but today, starting from the basics, we have brought 10 super trendy ponytails for ladies with big foreheads.

Note that not all ponytail hairstyles conceal that semi-baldness some may bring it under the spotlight because the truth is there is nothing to hide!

Ponytails for Big Forehead

Ponytails are often not considered suitable for a wide forehead. This misconception will be proved invalid once you look at the following looks.

1. Curly Puff + Swooped Edges

curly ponytail for women with big forehead

Have you got a fluffy mane? Gather it into a ponytail at the back with or without a parting and leave the rest to your curls. The key lies in swooping down those baby hairs on the forehead using a toothbrush and some hair mousse making it appear smaller than before.

2. Side-Swept

side ponytail for big forehead

Asymmetrical hairdos are ideal to divert attention away from less desirable features. Whether the hair is long or short, gather it behind one ear and secure it with a hair tie. Pull some chunks out to frame the face. Those looking for something funky can try a high side pony instead.

3. Color Pop

red hair ponytail for big forehead

No one is going to notice that broad forehead with such vibrant hair shades. Choose a single bright color or a combination of nuances and incorporate them as peekaboo/earloop highlights on your head. Hide them by keeping the hair loose or flaunt them with a ponytail whenever you want!

4. Sky-High

high ponytail for big forehead

Embrace that wide forehead with utmost pride by going for a high ponytail sitting on the top of the head. Use pomade to slick back the hair or spare the flyaways for a carefree appeal. Put on some chic sunglasses with a vibrant lip color and see heads turn around you.

5. Top Knot Ponytail

ponytail for black women with big forehead

Talking about high ponytails opt for a modern look by wrapping a thick chunk of hair around the base of the pony elevating it a bit further. Use extensions if needed and swoop down the tendrils at the front creating the visual effect of a smaller forehead.

6. Low and Loose

messy ponytail for big forehead

Messy is sexy and this style proves it. Look super chic even on a busy day by coupling a low pony with a simple middle part. Loosen up the hair tugging out random strands along with the front ones to accent the face.

7. Blunt Bangs

ponytail with bangs for big forehead

Another trendy ponytail for a big forehead that is sure to boost your confidence. Bangs are ideal to hide the upper part of the face and if you don’t like that blunt look try wispy bangs or a curtain fringe instead. Your call!

8. Headband Style

ponytail for women with big forehead

Headbands and bandanas never go out of fashion and every woman has rocked them at least once. Create a ruffled pony at medium height and place the hairband an inch or two behind the hairline.

This look is however incomplete with some long loose strands swaying at the front.

9. Sleek Side Part

ponytail for fine hair with big forehead

Consider this low pony with a side parting as an attractive everyday look. While brushing and assembling the tresses keep in mind to swoop the front strands on one side covering a part of the forehead. Try a classic low bun too. Can’t get any easier!

10. Long Face-Framing Fringe

wavy ponytail for big forehead

If you’re reluctant to get bangs can cut their front strands straight across at chin length or at an angle to accompany the face. Part them in the middle and style them using a round brush and hairdryer. Secure the remaining hair in a messy ponytail and voila!

Whatever anyone says big noses, wide foreheads, and chubby cheeks are not something to be disappointed of. God has created you in the best shape. You just have to get hold of a suitable hairstyle and we hope these ponytails for big foreheads will lend you some help.